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  1. I want to add to the post workout snack/meal. I work out at 6am and go straight to work from the gym. There is a great recipe for no fuss salmon cakes in It Starts With Food. My husband makes these on the weekend and we grab and go on our way out the door, and eat after workout. The recipe calls for canned salmon but he kicked in to high gear and bakes filets of wild salmon instead (canned is wild too though). But there is your easily digestible protein and carb (there are sweet potatoes in the recipe). I've been eating these daily for over a year!!
  2. I'm having a disagreement and need the forum to settle it. My feeling is that you should not allow yourself dessert on the Whole30 program. Meals and mini-meals are always the focus. If you have an apple with cinnamon after dinner, that is dessert. You're feeding a sugar demon even if it's not a "problem food" - right? My friend thinks I'm demonizing fruit. I never said you couldn't have fruit, just that you're maybe missing the point of the Whole30 if you're having fruit as a dessert. What says the masses??
  3. The TJ's in my area definitely has a large selection of dried fruit that does not have sugar. You have to read carefully though. One of the dried mango has sugar and another variety of their dried mango does not. It's possible that they just didn't have dried cherries without sugar.
  4. Nancy11son

    Final word on Almond Butter

    So when would it be appropriate to have almond butter? And THANK YOU for a quick reply. So cool.
  5. Nancy11son

    Final word on Almond Butter

    I've been scouring the forums looking for the final word on almond butter. A few girlfriends of mine have started a Whole30 with our own facebook group and somehow I've become the Whole30 expert. One girl had a snack of banana and almond butter yesterday. Whole30 compliant? Not sure. For starters there is no protein in that snack. But is it an actual fail? I doubt it. Thoughts?? When is it appropriate to have almond butter and when is it not, if ever. Thanks!
  6. Nancy11son

    Confused about eating meal one after workout

    My very favorite post workout meal is the "No Fuss" salmon cakes (recipe from ISWF). There is wild salmon (great lean protein) and sweet potatoes IN the recipe. It's perfection. The recipe calls for canned wild salmon, which is fine, but my husband actually makes them with fresh salmon. Double the recipe and it makes about 15 of these suckers. Enough for each of us to take 1 to Crossfit to have post-WOD.