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  1. Hello friends please remind me -- i've gotten sloppy. 3 meals -- what is the deal with snacks? i am supposed to eat breakfast when i first get up? or can i wait til I get hungry? thanks so much
  2. Lizitea

    green drink?

    Yes thanks -- I have eggs at bfast. And pop in half an avacado, and I've got my fat.
  3. Lizitea

    Fermented foods made with whey

    Personally I think it does.....but Tom knows better than me. Anyway when I do it, I only used like 2T of whey in a half gallon of beet kvass. This whole thing is too easy, yummy and insanely healthy for me to avoid.
  4. Lizitea

    green drink?

    Hello Is this a good plan? -- having vegs blended with breakfast. Eggs and a drink with veggies blended? I know smoothies are not recommended. Does this go for veggie drinks as well. Not juice -- blended veggies?
  5. Lizitea

    fruit and nut butter

    ok good, thanks Lizitea
  6. Hello Friends I ate two peaches and some cashews and some almond butter for a snack -- now do I go back to day one? thanks Lizatea
  7. Lizitea

    whoa. white potatoes are APPROVED?

    Wow -- who woulda thunk it? Really? Needing a moderator to confirm this please
  8. Lizitea

    dates after meal?

    ok ok ok ok got it thanks Lizitea
  9. Lizitea

    dates after meal?

    If I eat about 3 dates after my meal and it doesn't go any further than that -- I am not spinning off into fruit or any sweet eating binges-- IS THIS OK? whatever you say I will do.....
  10. Lizitea

    dates after meal

    Dear Friends Is this a "no no" -- I've been having 2-3 dates after lunch and dinner. They don't seem to increase my sweet tooth or make me want to eat more. thanks felicity
  11. Lizitea

    super easy clarified butter

    I simmered the clarified butter again, for 30 mins (on a double boiler) A very very small amount of white foam -- i really would say negligible amount. Try it yourself and see. If you make clarified butter a lot, the test is worth doing, to see if it really is as easy to make clarified butter, as I think it is.
  12. Lizitea

    super easy clarified butter

    I am going to try simmering the clarified butter that I made the above way and see how much needs to be skimmed.
  13. Lizitea

    super easy clarified butter

    I prefer the taste of butter.......very different tastes
  14. Lizitea

    super easy clarified butter

    According to what I am seeing on the internet, the difference between clarified and ghee is clarified is melted, ghee is boiled. I wish someone actually knew, I know I got alot of volume of stuff out of the butter -- I would imagine whatever is left is quite small.
  15. Lizitea

    super easy clarified butter

    Only until it was melted, which took a few minutes. The way you describe is what I have done in the past -- this seems way easier