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  1. ExAstrisScientia

    Heart Rate During Whole 30

    I've been making a double batch of Melissa Joulwan's oven-fried salmon cakes every weekend and having them for lunches all week long. They're fantastic on top of a big green salad with homemade ranch on top!
  2. ExAstrisScientia

    Heart Rate During Whole 30

    Today I did a long run and managed to keep my HR within "threshold" range for almost the entire run. It would increase on hills, so I walked most of them. Still not as low as I'd like it to be, but this is a definite improvement. Hooray!
  3. ExAstrisScientia

    Heart Rate During Whole 30

    I'm having this same issue and just came to the forums to ask. Hopefully someone can chime in. I'm trying to keep mine in aerobic or threshold for my long runs, but this morning's LR had me struggling to keep it below max. I was not running hard at all, but I couldn't get the number down unless I took walk breaks, and then it would jump back up again within 30 seconds of resuming running (at a snail's pace, because I am still in the middle of the "running uphill in the mud" phase)