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  1. drtracyb

    Starting January 1, 2018

    Really excited to be here. I've done three whole30s successfully and multiple fails. I am 50 lbs up. But I am in a better place and my life has calmed down, and I believe I am in a place where I will succeed.
  2. drtracyb


    Thanks for the update. I've been mulling this for a while.
  3. MeadowLily - off topic, but as a former lurker member of the original Dirty Thirty, can you perhaps help me find someone from the group who is doing the January Whole30? I'd love to join a forum that has some names I might recognize. Tracy
  4. drtracyb


    My kids had leftover polish sausage and chicken broth for breakfast. DS asked for some scrambled eggs on top of it, then ate some extra applesauce with his ADHD meds. When my friend invited them over for cupcakes for my daughter's birthday, they basically licked the frosting off and had no interest in the cupcakes at all. Good babies. My 8 yr daughter asked for salad in her lunchbox today - I make greek salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and ACV. No lettuce. DS doesn't eat veggies well but I casserole a lot so he gets them that way.
  5. drtracyb

    Filipino Whole30 Eats

    I love this thread.
  6. drtracyb


    Funny, I had my first episode the other day of a pediatrician telling me that my kids don't get enough calcium because they don't eat dairy. And telling me that leafy green veggies, bone broth and almond milk were not going to give them enough calcium because they had poor uptake.
  7. drtracyb


    No, I think dairy triggers my fibromyalgia so I was going to do dairy-free. Why do you guys add the dairy back in? For the fat?
  8. drtracyb


    Anyone continuing on to February? I just discovered your thread and I'd like to try a ketogenic paleo (dairy-free) February 2015 Whole30. I'd love advice on what machine to get, what to monitor, and what to eat.
  9. Parents send their kids to your house for a play date with a lunch and snack bag because "there's no food in your house."
  10. drtracyb

    Filipino Whole30 Eats

    You should find out about posting them on stalkerville. http://stalkerville.net/site/chow/ stalkerville.net/site/chow/
  11. drtracyb


    I had been buying GT "enlightened" kombucha at my local Sprouts. One day I grabbed a "classic" kombucha on my way to work and was buzzed by the time I got there. Careful!
  12. drtracyb

    Filipino Whole30 Eats

    This looks delicious!
  13. I met my husband for lunch today. He chose a barbecue restaurant and I agreed, thinking barbecue meant it would have some sort of compliant grilled meat. It was all pulled pork with sweetened barbecue sauce, rolls, and all the carbohydrate-laden sides. I stood there at the cash register, horrified, telling my husband there was nothing I could eat! The look of horror on my face was classic!
  14. When you go to dump out and defrost the automatic ice container and realize this is a perfect chance to make hard boiled eggs so you have an ice bath to put them in.
  15. When your six-year-old asks for a third serving of sweet potatoes at dinner and you tell him no more "snacks", if he's that hungry, then he can eat some steak.