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  1. Derek`

    The crazy things people say

    Ironic that that the white rice - though not W30 approved - is pretty much innocuous compared to the who-knows-what was in/on her meat and veg.
  2. Derek`

    The crazy things people say

    I love my co-workers. I really do! Another one today, "Are you still on your diet?" Nope! And I never will be on a diet anytime you ask me. I just smiled and replied that I am going to lose about 25-30 more pounds by eating nutritious food and staying active.
  3. Derek`

    The crazy things people say

    A co-worker* asked me, "won't you be glad when you're done losing weight and you can eat normally again?" *Same person who lost some weight eating Nutrisystem pre-made meals, then gained it all back after going back to eating "normally"
  4. Derek`

    The crazy things people say

    The two that really get under my skin are: "You're following a fad diet." or "You're orthorexic" Apparently, those are your only two options when you're filling your plate (and your belly) with meat, poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and nuts - you know, the kind of stuff that humans are suited to eat.
  5. Derek`

    The crazy things people say

    Amy, that made me think of this:
  6. Derek`

    The crazy things people say

    Since the recent U.S. News, and subsequently, article ranking paleo really low among "diets," people keep pointing this out to me. The author of the article gave it bad marks for not being sustainable because it's too restrictive. Better stick to something less restrictive, like Slim Fast. I can't put enough eyeroll emoticons on this post today...