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  1. Derek`

    Your 2 Favorite/most used Condiments?

    First is guacamole. Second is my dressing: (equal parts balsamic vinegar and olive oil - plus garlic, basil, and oregano). I use it as a salad dressing, marinade, dip, etc.
  2. Derek`

    Fit Tea

    Your concerns are accurate. No added sugars/sweeteners on whole30. No artificial sweeteners (Stevia). No natural sweeteners (honey). This tea is not compliant
  3. Derek`

    Are hashbrowns ok?

    Yes, the soy would make them a no-go. But that notwithstanding, you may want to read what the Whole30 "Can I have" Guide has to say:
  4. Derek`

    Brussel Sprouts

    I sautee them with garlic, onion and coconut oil until they are soft, then add salt and orange juice before roasting them in the oven. Takes away a lot of their natural bitterness.
  5. Derek`

    Veggies with Breakfast

    Pre-sautee some onions and bell peppers to put in your eggs. Or instead of fried egg, make up and then reheat a fritatta loaded with spinach, mushroom, onion, pepper, tomato, etc. I like to eat baby carrots or grape tomatoes with breakfast.
  6. Derek`

    Questions about Fat-Adaptation

    The length of time to become fat-adapted can vary a lot by person, but generally is a couple of weeks. It's not so much that you should be avoiding certain compliant foods, but that you are timing them correctly. Are you following the meal-planning template for pre-workout and post-workout meals? Pre-workout you should be eating some protein and fat, with little carbohydrate. If you're eating that banana (or potato) before a workout, your body will just want to burn that off first instead of dipping into its fat reserves. Immediately following your workout, eat some lean protein and starchy vegetables, with little to no fat. And your workouts might feel like you're dragging at first while your body adjusts.
  7. Derek`

    Chewing gum, or suggested alternatives?

    That mindless chewing is one of the habits from which the W30 intends to break you. Chewing sends a signal to your brain that your digestive system is about to receive food. When it chews but doesn't receive food it could induce cravings. If you need something minty, you could try water infused with mint leaves, or a compliant tea or coffee? Best wishes to you
  8. Derek`

    Help! First Long Run on the Whole 30

    I've been using this exact thing for a couple of years now for long (or hot) training runs and it works great! Eliminates the dehydration headaches without the chemicals of sports drinks.
  9. Derek`

    The crazy things people say

    Ironic that that the white rice - though not W30 approved - is pretty much innocuous compared to the who-knows-what was in/on her meat and veg.
  10. Derek`

    Post-Workout Snack Examples?

    Some Lean Protein options: Skinless Poultry White meat Tuna (if it's canned make sure it's water-packed - and compliant of course) Whitefish Egg Whites Some Starchy Vegetable options: Potatoes (white or sweet) Butternut Squash Pumpkin Parsnips Beets Taro Cassava So just mix and match one from each list and you are good
  11. The pre-workout meal is recommended to signal to your body that it's about to do some work, not because you need immediate energy to do your workout Your body's fat stores provide ample energy for several hours of activity. Protein and fat are recommended, with little to no carbohydrate. Compliant jerky? Leftover meat with half an avocado? The workouts you mentioned are all short bursts of high-intensity workouts (except the 30 min easy run). During those exercises, you would be blasting through muscle glycogen at a higher rate than you would be during - say, a slow 30 km run. It's important that you replenish glycogen in your post-workout meal. Definitely include some lean protein and starchy vegetable in your post-workout meal to help with the recovery. Fat isn't recommended post-workout because it slows digestion. Normally, that's a good thing because it keeps you satisfied longer! But right after a workout, you want the protein and carbs to get to your muscles as soon as they can. Best wishes to you!
  12. Derek`

    running a race and fueling

    That means you ran a great HM and ran it exactly the right way! Congrats. I eat larabars during races (HMs and longer). My favorites are the apple and blueberry kinds. The cherry one is too sweet for me. Tasted sickeningly sweet in the late miles of a marathon. For training runs, I stick to pitted dates, but I'm going to try to use them less and less during this year's marathon training cycle. Best wishes
  13. Derek`

    Electrolyte supplement

    Don't forget to add salt to your foods too. Conventional wisdom has made us so afraid of added salt. But since you are eating whole foods and not processed crap in boxes or crinkly packages, you don't really need to worry about your salt intake being excessive. Of course, Gatorade is out for a whole30 (and completely unnecessary even when you're not on a whole30), but you could try your own hydration drink of water, sea salt, mineral salt, lemon juice, and lime juice if you're into endurance sports.
  14. Derek`

    Your Whole30 Island

    I didn't include coffee because it would be my island so I wouldn't be on any one else's schedule. If I got tired, I'd just take a nap
  15. Derek`

    Your Whole30 Island

    Chicken Beef Eggs Olives Avocados Potatoes Spinach Tomatoes Broccoli Oranges