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  1. luvinlife

    Starting January 14th.

    Hi Lara, How did you do yesterday? This is my 4th day and not without its temptations. I dont normally eat chocolate and I have been craving it. I wanted to wish you a great day today. One day at a time.
  2. luvinlife

    Starting January 14th.

    Hello, my friend and I are starting today also. I attempted to try last week...but ended up starting again today to be able to start with a buddy. The support helps. I fell off the wagon in December and I am feeling it for sure. I feel my best when I stay whole. The holidays were just tough. This site is great for me because it motivates me and I find new things to eat and drink all the time! So happy journey! Gracie
  3. I am still new on this site...sorry. Thanks for all the great feed back.
  4. luvinlife

    Dear Day 5: Good Morning and What the...Heck?

    I have been gone a while...clarified butter and coconut oil in your coffee? Never have tried that. What is it like? And why this way?
  5. luvinlife

    Dear Day 5: Good Morning and What the...Heck?

    This is great! Great laughs...