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  1. mhill0823

    Simply Proud of Myself!!

    I'm so glad that I could help!! Good luck! I've been off since the 20th of November and I've been eating not quite how I should be so I'm getting back on a whole30 again today because I just feel like a completely different person when I eat badly. Good luck with everything!
  2. mhill0823

    Simply Proud of Myself!!

    So true about my friends!! The funny thing is a few of them are now asking for info about what I've done and starting to get interested! I Love it! I promised to do it again after the first of the year with a few of my friends, proud of them so much!!
  3. mhill0823

    Whole 30 - Round 1 - Results

    I'm sorry you didn't quite get your results but 4 pounds lost is better than gained and 11 inches is amazing!! I'm kicking myself for not being smart enough to measure and weight right as I started!!!! I'm still proud of your accomplishments!!!! You did a wonderful job! and this morning I had some peanut butter with my apples, because it's all I have craved since day 1! So enjoy your popcorn!
  4. mhill0823

    Simply Proud of Myself!!

    Thanks so much!!
  5. mhill0823

    Day 1 - October 21st

    Down 30 pounds here but that was since a few weeks before we started so I know a majority of that was Whole30 related but not all of it! I have a ton more to go!! CONGRATS EVERYONE!
  6. mhill0823

    Simply Proud of Myself!!

    Admittedly, when I started this program there was a voice somewhere in the back of my mind that knew that I never stick to a diet and this probably would end the same as all the others! Luckily, I discovered very quickly that it's not a diet, it's a life change and the sooner I realized this, the better!! Today is day 31 and I woke up this morning and packed my breakfast and lunch just like it was any other day for the last 30 days, not even really processing the fact that I could “eat whatever I want†today. I can seriously say that this program has changed my life completely and for the better! I took it a step further, and last night I finally cleaned out my pantry of all the things that I never want to eat and I'm donating them, because at the end of the day I was holding on to them so I could eat them after the Whole 30, and then I woke up one day and was like NO, I will not put these things in my body any longer. I didn't weight myself when the Whole 30 started but I had probably weighed about two weeks prior to starting. So from that weigh in until today, I am 30 pounds lighter and I just literally feel fantastic! My feet have stopped swelling by the end of the day, I have less stomach trouble, I've noticed a drastic change in the fact that I no longer get headaches. Then, probably the biggest accomplishment is that before I started the doctor told me that I was prediabetic, and last week at the doctor I was informed that my blood sugar levels have gone back down to normal. Diabetes runs pretty heavy in my family so that is a success!! So ultimately, my life is changed and I couldn't be happier!! J
  7. mhill0823

    Day 1 - October 21st

    Happy 30 to everyone!!!! You guys have been amazing to go through this process with! Congrats on such a great success to each of us!!
  8. mhill0823

    Day 1 - October 21st

    Also, I really like the idea of doing a whole30 to take other things out of my life, the social media idea is GREAT! I may have to give that a shot next time.
  9. mhill0823

    Day 1 - October 21st

    Seems like overall everyone is having a good time. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one having a few rough days here and there!! Day 29, so here we go! I went grocery shopping yesterday and even knowing that tomorrow is my last day on the whole 30, you wouldn't know it by looking in my cart. All meat, fruit and veggies. I have seriously started to enjoy only shopping the outside of the grocery store and being finished!!! Hope everyone has a great day!
  10. mhill0823

    Day 1 - October 21st

    Hope everyone is having a great day!! Hard to believe this 30 days is coming to a close! I've made it my new mission to not Need food. I guess I used to feel like if I was bored there was always a snack somewhere to kill some time. However, yesterday was a rough day for me, probably worse than any so far. I was literally at home last night after a terrible day at the office and all I wanted to do was EAT. I was struggling. My roommate is a blessing, she shoved an apple in my hand and made me go on a walk with her. Then we popped in a movie and i snuggled up on the couch and just tried to forget that I was craving some serious snacks. Bad days still have the effect in the back of my mind but luckily I came out of it with an apple as a snack and no mishaps! I guess it's going to take a little longer to convince my body that bad days don't need junk to get better. Here comes our last weekend of whole30!
  11. mhill0823

    Carb question?

    Thanks so much for your concern!! I think you're right about them confusing it with a fad diet because even to this point, on day 24, they are still asking me when my diet is over so I can go out and have drinks and such with them. I keep explaining that it's more than a diet, it's a complete lifestyle change and that while I may have a drink on occasion it isn't something I plan to pull back into my life. I feel the same way about the majority of the foods that I have cut out of my life. On the flip side, I have a small group of close friends who are completely supportive. I mean to the point that when they are around each other they eat things that I am allowed to eat so that they show they are supporting me. I am blessed to have those friends, I've gotten to where I pretty much just ignore the others.
  12. mhill0823

    Day 1 - October 21st

    I have been away for way too long! I'm so glad to see that everyone is doing well! Day 24, can you believe it!!!! I'm not sure that I had set goals at the beginning of this journey but so far I have gained so much! The biggest thing I have gained is knowledge of what it takes to make me feel better! It's a wonderful feeling to sit down at dinner and eat too much food but still stand up and not feel bloated and gross. It's all veggies and meat, it's a different full feeling. I've stopped having issues with my feet and ankles swelling and I've lost some weight. My sugar levels were borderline diabetic, and now they are slowly getting back down to normal healthy range. For the first few weeks I was living with a deadline in sight for this journey, now I'm just sitting here thinking that I may occasionally reintroduce things here and there but for the most part I really enjoy the way that I feel and the changes that this is making for my health!! Happy day everyone!
  13. mhill0823

    Day 1 - October 21st

    Good afternoon everyone!! Day 17! We're so close to the end! I'm doing so much better than I ever imagined with all of this, at this point. Being out with friends I catch myself saying "oh, I can't have that" a LOT... but they all know why so no lengthy explanations for me anymore! Otherwise, it's becoming more like second nature. Hope everyone is having a great day!!
  14. mhill0823

    Feel a bit nervous posting

    Congrats!! This is amazing!!!