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    Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    Checking in for three! My husband, mom and I are doing our second W30 this month, after a very successful August 2012 W30 experience. We have a longer story to share and will sometime write up properly- highlights include co-owning and living at a Historic Inn (think hotcakes complete with homemade syrups, warm chocolate chip cookies and homemade whole-wheat toast in your house EVERY DAY). I also have two small children, a daily hour commute to my full-time job, live 30 minutes from a grocery story and have very limited access to a kitchen with a stove or oven. The point is, if we can do it, so can everyone else. Because we've found it is TOTALLY, completely worth it. We each feel and look better than we have in many years (maybe ever). Keep strong, dear people. We look forward to following your journey!