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  1. Thanks guys, I am looking forward to all the positive changes I will see through this. Notgonnalie, I'm mostly hoping for weightloss. However, entering perimenopause, I hope for hormone balance to ease these transition years. I'm also hoping to hone in on my body's cues since hunger and fullness aren't real easy to recognize at the moment. Schrodinger'sCat wow, you noticed a huge difference with pain, that's awesome! I wish my mom would be willing to be on board with this. She deals with arthritic pain so much and has had surgery on both hands and feet as a result. The pain really is
  2. I'm starting tomorrow! I'm officially in perimenopause which, along with some other things, has caused quite a bit of weight gain. Looking forward to feeling better in my skin and my clothes fitting
  3. Hey, this isn't my first Whole30 however, I am believing it will be the first time I will complete is successfully. Healthy eating isn't new to me but stress and many life changes have caused me to fall into a rut with food. Eating too much and making poor choices, I've gained quite a lot of weight and I'd like to get it all back under control. Looking forward to meeting others along the way!