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  1. ErinL

    Garlic Flu Bombs and Fire Cider???

    That's what I was thinking, but thought I would ask.
  2. I am doing my Whole30 with friends and we were wondering if the no honey deal held when you are talking about preventative care?? As it's Feb., and cold and flu season, some of us take a spoonful of Fire Cider or Garlic Flu Bombs every day to ward off the ickies. Can we still continue that? Both contain honey. The flu bombs are simply loads of garlic and lemon packed in honey. In the cider, it's just one of many ingredients. Probably to keep the ACV from searing off the lining of your esophagus!! Thoughts??
  3. ErinL

    February 6th begins the new "us"

    Can I join?? I started this morning for the 2nd time, but I will finish this time!!! I'm 39, 5' 5", and as of this morning 237.4 lbs. I truly dislike myself and need to change!! I've done a slight clean out, but as I am also cooking for my husband and 2 girls, there are still a lot of off limit items in the pantry and fridge. I think my biggest obstacle will be giving up the stevia and milk in my tea. I like my black tea on the sweet and rather light side, so I've been finding other things to drink. All I've ever drank is tea and water, but growing up in the south gave me a taste for sweet tea, so I find it rather bitter right now. I know that will change, so I'm working through it.
  4. ErinL

    Finger foods for baby?

    I did baby led weaning before I knew what it was! LOL! So finger foods for my girls ended up being what ever part of our dinner I thought they could handle! I wasn't afraid of spices either! We eat a lot of garlic and chili powder in our food, so that's what they are used to now. Check out the book French Kids Eat Everything. It's a great book and has some, to U.S. parents anyhow, revolutionary ideas on how and what kids eat! I don't have picky eaters, but I loved the book.
  5. ErinL

    Homemade Mayo

    Do you think the youtube version would work in a blender? I don't have an immersion blender, just a regular one and a food processor, and a Kitchen Aid stand mixer and a hand held mixer. Although I'm now considering the purchase of a stick blender!
  6. ErinL

    Who's made what from Well Fed 2!

    So far I've made the Turkey Cranberry Meatballs, Old School Italian Meat Sauce (without the sausage), Chocolate Chili, and the Sweet Potato soup. I've tried the mayo, but so far it hasn't turned out. I really want it to, because I really want some tuna salad!! Everything has been very good, but my kids weren't too keen on the soup. It uses the Lebanese 7 Spice Blend so it has a different taste. They like lebanese food, so I thought this wouldn't be too much of a stretch, but it was a no-go. I will be making them the banana pecan ice cream in a little bit.
  7. ErinL

    Oops- Communion. Bread not wafer.

    I'm lucky in that I didn't even notice that I had eaten it. So I won't worry about it later in the month. Depending on the size of your congregation, you could offer to supply the GF option.
  8. ErinL

    Oops- Communion. Bread not wafer.

    The thought of communion didn't even cross my mind until I read this! We had communion on Sunday at church. Just a wafer with a sip of grape juice and the idea that it wasn't compliant never entered my mind. We will have it again before my 30 days are up.
  9. ErinL

    Whole Food eating for dogs - help?

    To the original poster, Maryann, there are some natural things you can give to offset the effects of the phenobarb on the liver. I've had 2 epileptic dogs in the past. Neither one was able to go off their meds as their seizures were still happening regularly WITH them. Do a google search for holistic liver support in epileptic dogs. All of the supplements are easily found at a health food store, with some of them able to be bought from the grocery store. It won't help get your dog medication free, but it will help their liver. Seizures are scary. Our vet told us to think of it this way; every seizure is also a heart attack. It just puts so much stress on their systems. If the meds are helping, I would continue them. We've done both the phenobarbital and the potassium bromide.
  10. ErinL

    Avocado oil mayo

    Thanks Chris! I got my question answered!!
  11. ErinL

    Avocado oil for mayo?

    Glad I found this post! I just bought a bottle of the avo oil at Costco and will be making mayo in the next few days!!
  12. ErinL

    My Children Will Only Eat PB & J

    I'm sorry. I really don't have any good ideas, but I will commiserate with you anyhow. Since you live in LA and have a longer growing season, have you tried planting a garden with them? Maybe a pizza garden? Plant things like tomatoes, basil, peppers, squash, zucchini, garlic...Even if it's not Whole30 compliant, pizza is a great way to get veggies into kids. It's even better when you make it yourself. You could even go as far as to make your own 30 minute mozzerella! We love to make our own pizzas and it's better here b/c everyone likes something different. One girl likes mushrooms, and one like pepperoni. My husband and I like yellow squash and zucchini, onions, peppers, pesto, basically whatever we can find! If they like burgers, make them. Again, compromise where you can. Make a better, cleaner version of what they like. As for daycare, you should have quite a bit of say over what they eat there. You are the parent, not them. Ask. Is your husband on board with any of the changes? Is he following the diet? If he doesn't believe that it's needed, then he will be your biggest roadblock. He's got to understand what food like that does to the bodies and minds of adults, let alone children. Again, I am so sorry that you are going through all this! Keep moving forward and celebrate the baby steps!
  13. ErinL

    Avocado oil mayo

    I am looking to make mayo in the next few days, but I was wondering if anyone has made it with avocado oil rather than olive oil? I have EVOO and I just bought a bottle of avocado oil at Costco. My 4 year old tasted it and told me that she loved it! I would rather not have to buy another bottle of oil if I can use what I have.
  14. ErinL

    Template for kids

    Thanks! I know that what they eat at home will make a huge difference! I will send some snacks with them to my parents just to make things easier on my mom. It's just trying to get it all straight in my head before we start this journey!
  15. ErinL

    Template for kids

    When you are starting this with your children, do you simply scale down the portion sizes to fit them? Since the template is based on hand size, would it make sense to use their hands? I know they can sit and eat a whole jar of olives at one sitting, but that is neither healthy nor feasible! So adding one or 2 large black olives to their meals would count as added fat for them? Do I need to take into account the DHA supplement that they take in the evening? It's a half teaspoon of fish oil each. And how do you handle snacks at school and what they eat when they are not with you? My girls spend most of every weekend with my parents. I know that my mom won't be able to manage cooking separately for them and also having to worry about what else they can eat snackwise. My dad loves his cookies, crackers, and cereal, so there are always lots of all of those there. How much good will it do for them to follow the plan 5 days a week if they are eating crap the other 2?