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  1. trigirl

    Overeating ALL THE TIME

    I have found that in the beginning of my Whole30 I overate because I was afraid of being hungry between meals. Before I could have snacks...On Whole30 I haven't. I am currently on day 42. I know my body is recoverying from years of resticted 1200-1500 calories per day and training for Ironmans. After this weekend my pants are tighter than when I started Whole30 and I try to remember that my pants will get looser once my body is healed. And again...for me the over eating was about being afraid to feel hungry.
  2. trigirl

    Canned tuna

    Citric acid is ok. I found it inthe forum
  3. trigirl

    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I love this post. I have not lost any inches (I haven't weighed myself but pretty sure no weight loss) I'm on Day 32. I am sleeping amazing and haven't had a single headache! I'm hoping that my body just hasn't healed yet and that's why I haven't lost inches yet. What do you all think?
  4. trigirl

    My stomach gets/is gianormous

    I haven't added fermented food. Good idea! What are some non curciferous veggies? I get lots of water! But will try more!
  5. I just finished my Whole30 yesterday. I have not gotten on a scale as I know I haven't lost weight and I want to continue for a total of 60 days. I have a question. I have a lot of fat around my stomach and I really would love to see it go away. Also, when I eat my stomach get huge! Especially the top portion. Any suggestions on how to loose belly fat and what to do about my stomach bloating. Ive read a bunch about digestive enzymes but it seems the NOw Super Enzymes are no longer compliant....what to do?
  6. trigirl

    NOW Super Enzymes - read tons of posts and still confused!

    So I looked at the products in this link. One product recommended had Rice bran in wouldnt' that make it noncompliant? And another had vegetable oil powder....isn't that non compliant?
  7. At one point I came across a list that had things that we can't have while on the whole30. It's not the official can I have page. It had random ingredients that might be in products. An example is.... I just finished my first whole30 and on day 29 found out that vegetable glycerine is NOT allowed. It was in 2 vitamins I had been taking. I'm starting again tomorrow and want to make sure I don't do this again with ingredients that are not blatantly evident non-compliant. The list had things on it like citric acid etc And.... How much did I loose by having the veg glycerin? Did it mess up my whole30 slightly? Or a lot?
  8. trigirl

    Oh No! Should I restart?

    I felt much bigger at day17. I looked at my portions and decided to reduce my fat intake from 2-3 portions per meal to 1. It has help me begin to feel and look less big. One thing I'm very deligent about is NO Snacking! We are suppose to only eat 3 meals a day and if we are getting hungry between then look at what was not enough in the previous meal. And also try drinking water instead of a snack. I have found I can go from meal 2 at 12:30 to 7:30-8 for meal 3. (not prefered but happens sometimes.) And remember you don't want fat or fruit post workout. And don't restart...just keep plugging along!
  9. trigirl

    Gaining FAT! UGH!

    If you could post the tests that would be fantastic! I ended up reducing my portion sizes to 1 portion of everything. I feel less heavy now but have developed constipation. I'm wondering if I shoudl increase my fat intake a bit.....
  10. trigirl

    Too much fat?

    I am on Day 26 of my first Whole30. During my 3rd week I began to get bigger. Pants where tighter. I had been consuming about 1.5 portion sizes of protien and veggies and probably (if I'm really honest) about 2-4 portion sizes of fat. I'd end up feeling really full after each meal. I kind of realized I had a fear of being hungry before my next meal. At the beginnig of my 4th week I reduced my portions of veggies and protien to 1 portion and my fat to about 1 portion. I begin to get hungry about 30 mins to an hour before my next meal. I'm just full after may meals. Oh...and I've become constipated this week. (that's how I found this topic) So after reading this thread I am left wondering if I should have stayed with how I was eating in the beginning? Would it be helpful to add more fat back to my meals? Any thoughts. And I follow the Whole30 exactly as it's snack...nothing off track. Thanks
  11. trigirl

    Gaining FAT! UGH!

    To be honest one of the main things I've notice since being on levo is that I eliminate daily. What digestive enzyme did you buy?
  12. trigirl

    Gaining FAT! UGH!

    What are the digestive enzymes you suggest?
  13. trigirl

    Gaining FAT! UGH!

    It's actual fat. My pants are tighter in my butt, thighs and abdomin. And I don't actually weigh or measure's just after years of doing that I apporximate the weight/cup size. I have been using the palm measurement. I tend to eat about 1.5 of the portion sizes . Any other suggestions to help me with troubleshooting????
  14. I'm on Day 19 and have gotten bigger rather than beginning to slim out a bit AND I've gained fat around my abdomin. It's really tough and I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong. My sleep is improving, I don't have headaches, and I have begun to feel Tiger Blood. A bit of history about 2010 I had adrenal fatigue and since then I have had a slight deposit of fat around my abdomin. Since eating W30 there's been an increase in the fat aound my abdomin. I'm 55, 5'2", and on bioidentical hormones and take a very low dose of Levothyroxine. I'm also an Ironman triathlete and have not been able to train since Sept due to an my exercise in minimal. I know when I had AF once I was "healed" the fat just came off. I am wondering if that's the same thing here? I'm posting my food intake for the past threedays.... Tues Day 16: Meal 1- 9:30am Tea w/~1TB coco cream 2 eggs, two handfuls of spinach, 2 small tomatoes cooked in Coco Oil 3/4 cup spaghetti squash w/1 serv of ghee 1 tb coco oil 3/4 c mixed berries 20 min walk Meal 2- 3:00pm 3 oz chicken breast 1 c collards cooked in Coco Oil 3/4 c butternut squash 2 mini tangerines small handful cashews Meal 3- 7:30 5 oz steak 2 cups mixed veggies 2 tb EVOO WED Day 17: Meal 1- 7:15am Tea w/~1TB coco cream 3 eggs, 2 tomatoes cooked in Coco Oil 1/2 Sweet Potatoe w/1 T ghee 3/4 c mixed berries Meal 2- 12:15 2 cups of Beef Spinach Coconut Stew 1 cup Spagh squash 1 TB ghee 1 TB Coco oil Meal 3-7:30 3.5 oz pork 1 cup of Brussel Sprout/sweet pot hash 1TB ghee 2 TB EVOO (maybe more caz pork was dry!) Thurs Day 18- Meal 1- 7:15am Tea w/~1TB coco cream 2 eggs, 2 handfuls spinach, 2 sm tomatoes cooked in Coco Oil 3/4 c spagh squash w/1T Ghee 1Tb coco oil Meal 2- 1:15pm 3 oz chicken breast 1 cup BS/SP Hash (as above) 1/2 Sweet Potato 2 TB ghee 1/4 c kimchee (clean!) 1 mineola Meal 3- 7:45pm 3.5 oz pork 1 cup of Brussel Sprout/sweet pot hash 1TB ghee 2 TB EVOO (maybe more caz pork was dry!) Any ideas on what to do would be great!! I would love to loose this fat! That's one of the things I was hoping for with Whole30..... Thanks!