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  1. Well I'll be on the opposite side of the country...if all goes well ...I will be running Mt. Desert Island (Maine)...I bring my dogs...and after the marathon I spend the week hiking Acadia National is a MUST DO...marathon! I ran Big Sur in CA...I bet San Francisco is awesome! At the moment I am recovering from some injuries (dog vs ground hog vs me) oops! Planning on a walk / run re-intro in the morning. I am going to get the Galloway book this weekend...thank you so much for the info! I think a run walk approach is a safer bet...I have to drop my winter coat! LOL!!! Happy & safe running!!! The trail relay sounds like fun...minus the bumps & bruises & cuts...
  2. Well I think a welcome aboard is in order! yay! You motivated me..I am recovering from a dog vs. groundhog vs. me incident. Didn't turn out too well for the groundhog (or me). AND I learned a valuable lesson...don't mess with an American Bulldog and a groundhog!! ANyway...I was JUST getting back into the serious (well MORE serious ) training for my next marathon in October..and will resume tomorrow. I too am carrying a few extra pounds I seem to have found over the I know one thing for matter what the final consensus is on prolonged exercise being good or not so good for your heart...being overweight can't be much better. Good luck with your is an eye opening experience that can lead to life long health...and MORE YEARS of RACING!! yay!!
  3. I completely agree! I prefer trail running over road hands issue is my vision. I don't wear my eye glasses when I run on roads...but trails can be usually never ends well for I hike trails...while wearing my! Much safer that way for me. Happy running have a great day!
  4. Thank you that was very helpful! I'm gearing up for my 8th full marathon...I'm super slow...(like 4:40 time was 3:55...that was a LONG time ago!!!) so I hope that gives my heart a break...I'm pretty good about hydration..I also race in the cooler and NJ humdidty don't get along very well... . I also read that prolonged aerobic exercise causes an increase in cortisol?? I always thought exercise decreased cortisol levels...I'm soooo confused. So yes based on this feed back I will take walk breaks like the Jeff Galloway way (thank you for the resource dipitie ) AND stay hydrated...KEEP on RUNNIN' yay!!
  5. Carolyn

    Trigeminal Neuralgia

    WOW!! I had a friend who had that...he took medication (neurontin) and over time the pain completely went away. What has helped you get into remission in the past? What do you think triggered the current event? Also look at Dr. Ronald Hoffman's website...he is an alternative medicine doc...and has articles posted on TM. I will do a little more research...and keep you posted. I agree that an anti-inflammatory diet may certainly help...have you tried fish oil, tumeric?
  6. I need a little reinforcement here guys...I'm a long distance runner and came across something I have read before (BUT chose to ignore) and that is according to Nora Gedgaudas author of Primal Body Primal mind. "...brief bouts of anerobic exertion" is better for your heart than prolonged aerobic excecise! Am I doing damage to my heart? I know it makes me feel better....but uuuuh I need my heart... Can someone PLEASE SAY it ain't so!!!
  7. OK is official...just signed up for the 2014 October MDI marathon. Soooo I will be taping into all of your suggestions for long distance training 'gu'...for now just getting back into strong base runs. Serious training won't be for a while yet...but getting myself psyched up!!! yay!!! This race means a lot to me...sort of a reward and incentive!!
  8. Carolyn

    Sugar = ANXIETY

    ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Yup been there done that!!! You are singinging the song of my life soooo...sugar is NOT a part of my food plan...BELieve me I crave it on occasion (PMS) !!! I have been sugar free for quite some other trigger is red I no longer drink wine (or any alcohol) it set me up for MAJOR sugar cravings. Sugar and wine make my heart race, anxiety (not panic attack level) but certainly not ZEN!!! Carry on...
  9. Carolyn

    J6 Reintro Thread

    I love oatmeal too!!! BUT it does not feel the same way about me!! Oatmeal is (ahemm was) my comfort food...toss in a slab of butter and a couple scoops of sugar....ahhhhh all is right with the world...FOR a little while...then I'm either still hungry...OR ready for a nap-e-pooh!! hohummm...I DO feel your pain!!! Well if you buy the bulk...and hate can always give it to ???? a horse??? They eat oats right???
  10. Carolyn

    J6 Reintro Thread

    Hey all!! Been awhile BUT all still is going amazingly well!! My runs are getting better and better...sleeping like a babe! Grad school is absolutely nuts...working full time & per-diem...clinical 2 days a week...lecture and megga traveling and megga NJ traffic!!! BUT still taking the time to squeeze in granddaughter time, family time and friends (more like calls and texts these days) I would not be accomplishing what I am accomplishing now if my head was still lost in the YOU NAME IT ??? sauce so to speak! I am exhausted but sleeping well and wake up feeling refreshed to KEEP on GOING!!! In the end I will be an APN with my DNP...and feeling fantastic physically and mentally!!! Keep going strong all!!! Keep in touch!! I've lost count of how many days but W30 since J6!!!! yay me!! Side note: I really thought I would miss the red wine...truth is... it just set me up for craving sugar BIG TIME!!! It also caused me to sleep poorly and made my heart go speedy & filppy. So for JUST isn't worth waking up the sleeping sugar dragon (which NEVER ENDS WELL ).
  11. Carolyn

    J6 Reintro Thread

    Yay to the post celebratory Shamrock Run!!!
  12. I hear you!!! My first W30 I had LEAD for legs...I found it took me about 3 weeks b/f my runs and weigh w/o felt good. I had ABSOLUTELY NO umph!!! It will pass...think about you 2 back to back 12 day may have depleted yourself a bit much...give yourself time to rebuild. Hang in there!!!
  13. Carolyn

    J6 Reintro Thread

    Yeah it is SO not fair how men loose weight so much faster...AND they can EAT MORE!! hmmm what is up with that?? Yay for you MK hammer!!! You rock girl!!!
  14. Carolyn

    J6 Reintro Thread

    I've been there WAY too many times DO NOT feels suckie!!! FOR SURE!! What do you think happened? How are you feeling now? Better?
  15. Carolyn

    J6 Reintro Thread

    WOW that is so awesome!!! I can totally relate...glad you are a believer!!! Congrats!!!!! Sklane!