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  1. Marceeruns

    Feeding baby after formula

    He is on a hypoallergenic formula for dairy intolerance.. Thank you though
  2. Marceeruns

    Feeding baby after formula

    Please help!!! I am in the middle of my 4th Whole 30 and love the program. I have a 9 month old baby and as he approaches the 1 year mark where Dr's recommend switching from formula to whole milk I am debating what to do and find answers. I'm assuming that dairy wouldn't be the best choice for him since it isn't for adults but I don't know what the other best options would be so that he doesn't lack the important things for brain development etc that I'm told.. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I want to have a game plan for when the time comes. Thank you in advance.. Marcee
  3. Marceeruns

    is there something more than water??

  4. Marceeruns

    Starting my Whole30 on January 12. Excited!

    I'm starting tomorrow! Have either of you done one before? Sooo excited!!
  5. Marceeruns

    Starting my Whole30 on January 12. Excited!

    I'm starting on Tuesday and would love to follow along with you guys who are starting this week.. I've done it once before.. You guys will love how you feel, just stay strong.. It's sooo worth it!!
  6. Marceeruns

    Starting January 5th! Who wants to start with me? :)

    Where did you get your kahlua pork recipe?
  7. Marceeruns

    So excited to share this find!

    Which grocery store were you at? Which section of the store?
  8. Marceeruns

    Whole30 Complete - total weigh loss 23.5lbs!

    So inspiring!!! Very proud of you! Keep up the good work
  9. Marceeruns

    My Whole30 - How it's changed my life

    Thank you for posting this.. I just started me 2nd whole 30, immediately after my first but for some reason, reading this brought me to tears.. So poetic.. So inspiring!! I don't know you yet I'm so proud of you and the gift you are giving to yourself and your family by the example you are setting! Please, please keep up the good work!!!
  10. I really hope you won't give up!!! I hurt my back real bad when I was about 2 weeks in and understand your frustration but I can honestly say after completing a Whole 45 and starting a new one that aside from the pain in my back, I've never felt better!!! So worth it.. All my problems aren't gone that's why I'm choosing to continue longer but my back is healing quickly and overall I feel so much better!!! Hang in there, it will get better even if it takes more time than you hoped! Good luck
  11. Marceeruns

    Week 12 to Week 16 Pregnant Whole 30

    I can't seem to find an actual recipe for that avocado basil dressing.. Sounds great! Would you mind posting?
  12. We had tried to conceive for 6 months and I'm almost 41 and figured my hormones were out of balance.. That was one of the things that drew me to the Whole 30.. We just found out we are expecting and really feel it's due to the Whole 30 miracle! This also motivates me greatly to keep eating this way.. I feel great! Best of luck to you
  13. Marceeruns

    Bloated ~ was fine, now poochy!

    Cabbage does this to me almost instantly, also cauliflower or mango, or cashews for some reason.. I cut out the nuts and started taking Digestive Enzymes and it has helped a lot..
  14. Marceeruns


    I think you will be happily surprised if you can do the Whole 30 completely, the way it's designed.. and if you want to be surrounded with supportive, positive people to help you every step, you've come to the right place!! You may try coconut water with a bit of lime or something like that to help you get off the sweetened drinks.. Anyhow, best of luck!
  15. Marceeruns

    Compliant Pre-Natals?

    Where can I purchase these if I'm not a Practitioner?