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  1. sierra

    Not interested in food

    I'm on Day 6 and having the same issue. Like, if I see another egg or sweet potato, I might kill someone. Or throw a mental tantrum. I'm not really a murderer. Can't really go buy any other options until pay day on Friday. Blah.
  2. sierra

    Whole30 bloggers

    My blog used to be just about losing weight, but it eventually turned into a body-positivity blog that I hardly updated, but now I'm talking about my first Whole 30, which starts today!
  3. sierra

    Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Aah! This is my first Whole 30. Or even first attempt to stop eating terribly and actually mean it. I'm terrified and excited and everything in between. I'm trying my hardest not to binge on sugary stuff beforehand so the first couple days don't kill me, but so far, not so good. Ah, well. I can't wait to get this started!