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  1. ereiam

    My personal manifesto

    Thank you Kirsteen! I love what you had to say. I do need to rethink nourishing my body vs. trying to whip it into some kind of (arbitraty) shape. I have to admit the idea of ditching the scale sounds downright scary. I've lost so much weight and I am terrified that I will gain it back. But I can see how it leads to unhealthy obsession. Pondering ditching the scale...
  2. ereiam

    My personal manifesto

    Day 10 here of my W30 way of life. Doing good. I decided to weigh myself once a week, since this is going to be a way of life for me rather than a 30 day break from the scale. I was disappointed to see that I hadn't budged the scale since last week. Oh, well. My body is going to do what my body is going to do. I'm wondering about fruit and root veggies. I've been having a couple of pieces of fruit a day and usually a sweet potato or turnip, etc. with dinner. I'm not sure but think this might be too many carbs for me. I do know from experience that when I don't eat fruit at all, I feel (mentally) so deprived that I really really want to go off road. I guess it will be a question of balance for me. What is the least amount of carbs I can eat and still feel good about the food plan. Altogether, I had lost 90 pounds. Now I'm 5 pounds up since the major off-roading I did in December. I can't seem to shake that five pounds. I'd like to but maybe my body is settling in at the weight I'm at. I guess the solution is to W30 on and let the pounds fall where they may!
  3. ereiam

    Starting Sunday 2/18/13...Anyone else?

    I'm not an expert but it doesn't look like you are eating enough. one egg and a sausage is not enough for breakfast imo. I know that the quantity of food your body really needs is a little hard to believe at first. Try upping the protein and fat at each meal and see what that does. I like Tom the Mod's post which stated that he tries to eat enough at each meal that he doesn't even think of food for 4-5 hours. I'm shooting for that now and I feel so much better. Not even hungry for snacks last night or today.
  4. ereiam

    Intro- My First Whole30!

    It's cool that you are turning your loss into positive action. I know I would find it easy to wallow. Good for you!
  5. ereiam

    surviving costa rica

    Oh, good, I'm glad to hear that there are healthy choices. And I can't wait for the coffee. I'm not drinking it right now, and while I don't want to go way off with food, I WILL be drinking coffee in CR.
  6. So I'm going to Costa Rica this summer and wonder if anyone else has been there and tried to stay compliant. The hotel we are staying in has a restaurant and buffet breakfast. I'm envisioning a giant enchilada. :-) I really don't want to go off of the rails there. Any suggestions?
  7. Now I know that the W30 is not meant to deal with food addiction, but as a food addict I believe that I have found the solution in the W30. I have always struggled with overeating, but it wasn't until I got married at 27 that I started packing on the pounds. Four pregnancies and then some meds that cause appetite increase did me in. I tried Weight Watchers, Overeaters Anonymous and a thousand other diets. It wasn't until I started eating paleo a year ago that I started to have peace about food. I found the W30 in July and have done 2 1/2 W30s since then. I knew I needed something more because of my addiction, so I went looking around. I found a group on Yahoo of food addicts. I started reading their posts and learned a lot about addiction. However, their food plan, while wheat free, had a lot of grains and involved weighing and measuring (a deal-breaker for me). I've tried to keep eating paleo but found myself cheating here and there, rationalizing to myself that it was an important occasion, etc. (Yeah, the cookie in the office was really a special occasion.) So here's my manifesto: The Whole 30 is my new food plan. It needs to be a Whole Life for me (one day at a time). Anything short of that and I end up cheating. I need a structured plan that I can follow for the rest of my life. Will I do it perfectly? No, but I will keep learning as I go along. The bottom line: the ONLY time I have had peace about food is when doing a W30. The cravings and obsessions just go away. In the spirit of addiction groups, thanks for listening. :-)
  8. ereiam

    W30 for 10 year old?

    We went for a walk last night and discussed it. She says she doesn't want to do it because she will have "nothing to eat". I think I need to do some more education with her before she can make an informed choice. (And remember that she is 10 and may not grasp the big picture.) I'll keep working on her. :-)
  9. ereiam

    W30 for 10 year old?

    Very good points. If it's more than gluten for her, then it would be harder to convince her to eliminate other things later. The thing is, I don't think she is buying in to a strict W30. At this point, she says she is considering trying gluten free. If I added all of the other no-nos I think she would go berserk. It's kind of a quandary: Is it worth doing gluten free if that is all I can get her to do? Or do I wait until she is ready to go 100% compliant. My gut feeling is that she also has issues with sugar and dairy. So gluten wouldn't address all of this. Hmmm, don't know what direction to go...
  10. ereiam

    W30 for 10 year old?

    Ah, Pomme you made me cry. It does suck for her so badly to have to deal with all of the BS of having RA. Thanks for reminding me of that. I talked to her about it and she is willing to give gluten free a try. I know it is a half measure, but if it alleviated pain at all, it would be worth it. I just so want her to be pain free and I don't think medication is going to get her there. I think we will give the rice noodles a try and see how it goes.
  11. ereiam

    W30 for 10 year old?

    I totally think this would change her life. She is tired of being in pain but I don't think she sees the connection between eating ramen and pasta all the time and joint pain. Maybe that is where I need to start: by educating her. And I get what you are saying. She would totally need to be on board or the experiment would fail. My other kids said they are willing to try going completely paleo if she does it, so that's a start.
  12. ereiam

    W30 for 10 year old?

    I posted in the medical forum but thought I would ask for advice here. My 10 year old daughter has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis that is not responding to medicine. I haven't even considered a paleo diet for her, because she lives on ramen. I'm thinking about switching the whole family over to paleo to see if it would help her pain levels and would love any advice. I've been eating paleo for almost a year and I cook paleo dinners and throw in pasta or rice or potatoes for the carb addicts. I honestly don't know how enforcing paleo rules for 3 teenagers and a 10 year old are going to go over. Anyone BTDT?
  13. ereiam

    New here, starting Whole30 on 1/21

    Since starting paleo last February, I haven't had a cold or virus. I'm a teacher so this is an especially hard feat. Here's wishing the same for you!
  14. ereiam

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    I have rediscovered that nuts are a "food with no brakes" for me. I learned this during my first W30 and got off of them altogether. This time, I wanted to indulge and totally overate nuts and fruit. Technically compliant but too much of it. I'm not starting my 30 days over because I look at this as part of healing my relationship with food. Here's to Day 4!
  15. ereiam

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    Hi Marie - Just my two cents, but I think fruit is okay everyday as long as you are not eating it to feed the sugar dragon. Yesterday was day 1 for me and I had a lot of fruit. I know that I was feeding the sugar dragon after all of those holiday treats. But I also knew that through my first W30 It took me some time to cut down on the fruit. This is a learning experience and takes time. Good luck!