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  1. Vicodin can be very upsetting to the stomach, so that may be the problem. Did you previously eat much avocado? My husband gets a bit of the runs from avocado....
  2. BratKat

    Who's made what from Well Fed 2!

    Hmmm.... I've made the ketchup a couple of times and really like it. And the plantain nachos; I didn't find the taco meat overly spicy at all...
  3. BratKat

    Reintro - Chocolate

    I really like the Green and Black 85% dark chocolate. No soy lecithin. Just slightly sweet with a nice smooth texture. Yum.
  4. BratKat

    Canned tuna

    Wild Planet is really good-- it has a little natural tuna oil in it which I much prefer to other added oils. As far as the routine grocery store tuna, virtually every one has pyrophosphate in it. I prefer to avoid that. The Starkist and Bumblebee low sodium albacore doesn't have it (or the soy that is in most tuna, also)-- just tuna, salt and water.
  5. BratKat


    I like the LaCroix sparkling water with a couple of tablespoons of lime juice over ice in a fancy glass-- my "Mocktail".
  6. BratKat


    Our local health food store (Natural Grocer) carries "Mulay" brand sausage with not added sugar, etc. There is a mild italian sausage or a chorizo. We like both! I precook it in a frying pan, breaking it up into bits like you would hamburger and keeping a container in the fridge so it is handy for quick breakfasts.
  7. BratKat

    Homemade Mayo

    I've only had mayo flop once-- that was using my stick blender. Every other time I just use my little cheapo Walmart old-style hand beater ($7.99). I don't worry about the temperature of the ingredients and it has never mattered. The most important thing with this method is to drizzle the oil in very slowly, but it turns out every time.
  8. BratKat

    Who's made what from Well Fed 2!

    Oh, made the coconut cauli-rice, too. It was good-- served with grilled Chicken Satay and pineapple.
  9. BratKat

    Who's made what from Well Fed 2!

    I've made the Kickass Ketchup-- I subbed in a date for the fig, too, and it mixed in fine. Good recipe! Tonight we had the Plantain Nachos-- they were a big hit, served with diced tomato, jalapeno, onion, salsa. The plantain "tortillas" turned out really well, crunchy and sturdy enough to hold the meat and toppings. On the side I served my own version of Mexican slaw, which we ended up piling on top of the little tostada-type things we constructed. Yum.