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    I’ve changed my diet over the last couple of years to be largely Paleo. To be fair it wanders between something that I call NaMMFP – not a million miles from Paleo! through primal, and back to strict (Whole30 compliant) paleo. I share some paleo recipes at http://FreeRangePaleo.com along with my paleo diet ramblings and bacon related humor.

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  1. IanB

    Breakfast, do I need it?

    Definitely recommended. I too am a 'give me nothing but coffee' person most mornings, and I seem to have reverted to that a couple of months post-whole30. While I was on my whole30, however, I made the effort to eat first thing and found that it worked really well for me - I was much quicker to wake up and feel awesome than I ever am running on coffee! There may be a lesson for me here...!
  2. IanB

    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I'd echo what Tom says here. I'd expect you to get a greater benefit by exercising less - 3 times a week max for the crossfit. And change that post workout meal - get the protein in fast.
  3. missmary has given an excellent explanation of the science behind teaching the body to burn fat. Anyone wanting to go deeper on this or get more ideas on putting it into practice might want to check out The Paleo Athlete, an excellent book from the good folks at stupidEasyPaleo
  4. IanB


    I shall probably get told off for this, but here's my standard breakfast, still enjoying this well after the 30 days. 1 banana 1 cup coconut milk handful raisins/dates/prunes soaked overnight handful sunflower/pumpkin seeds - soaked overnight LOTS of spinach Water to mix And here's the bit that the Whole30 frowns on: I put all that in my blender and make a delicious green smoothie. If I feel the need for extra fat or protein I may add any or all of 1 tbsp ghee, 1 tsp spirulina, 1 egg yolk I get the point about real food, proper meals and chewing, but that isn't ever going to be part of my early morning routine! This smoothie takes me 2 minutes to make and 2 minutes to drink, and it keeps me going for 4-5 hours, sometimes longer. No sugar spike, no carb cravings, just satisfied and fueled for the day.
  5. IanB


    Know that it gets better - it really does! I can't believe that I'm just not bothered about cheese any more - I was SO angry that I couldn't have it in that first week! It took a while for the dairy cravings to subside, but they did, they all did. And it's probably best you don't tell yourself 'never' - just that you'll not have this for 30 days, and after that you'll see. I was convinced I'd be drinking beer and eating cheese the second the 30 days was up. That thought kept me going at times. But now the 30 days is up, and I'm not. No alcohol, no cigarettes, no chocolate - I've been 'free' for 4 days now and I'm just not bothered about that stuff - it's SO worth it! I did try milk and cheese but I'm not sure that I like it any more, or that it likes me - never thought that would happen. So hang in there - it gets better, and it's worth it, honest!
  6. IanB

    Cauliflower Fried "Rice"

    Definitely going to try this. Could have done with it last night to go with my fish curry - there was lots of sauce and nothing to soak it up! Next time I shall make this to go with it! Fully compliant, quick and easy fish curry recipe on my blog here BTW
  7. IanB

    Coffee anyone?

    I've found my tastes have changed quite dramatically in the last three weeks. Things like veggies, and even scrambled eggs, have started tasting really sweet. The coffee I used to drink now tastes really bitter - think I may need a lighter roast than I used to. I generally drink my coffee black and unsweetened,so I'm pretty sensitive to the quality of it, but it definitely tastes different now!
  8. IanB

    How much water should I drink?

    I drank lots, I mean really lots, for the first two weeks, and I recommend that. I believe it helps for flushing out the toxins, and it was certainly going down easily. I didn't drink anything else either, just water. In the third week I found I just wasn't feeling like drinking as much, so I cut back, and also started drinking coffee again. Possibly I've cut back a bit much - need to get the coffee / water balance right! Still, I'd recommend drinking what seems like a great deal of water for as long as it feels right.
  9. IanB

    Mayo WIN!!!

    Yay!! My partner, Cara, made her first mayo the other day - she was most impressed, and so was I, tastes so good! The first one she did in the blender, the second one with a stick blender, both worked fine. Well worth doing. We were just discussing it tonight and saying that homemade mayo is one of the things we'll probably keep doing after the 30 days because it's just so good.
  10. IanB


    aaaaargh - don't talk to me about sausages! I love sausages, proper traditional pork sausages, and I've not found any that don't contain rusk - which makes sense because the texture isn't right without it, but I still had to look. Sausages are pretty high on my list of things I want when the 30 days are up. The list, however, is getting shorter and shorter! Some things I was sure I would want, like chocolate and cheddar cheese, I'm not too worried about now. But sausages....!
  11. IanB

    Turning "pork belly" into "bacon"

    Yep ,needs to be cured to be tasting anything like bacon. I did make my own a few times when I had pigs - takes a bit of work and also some takes practice to get the saltiness right. Also I've not seen a recipe that doesn't involve some kind of sugar, but I guess just salt might work, especially if you smoke it - never smoked mine, though I love smoked bacon, the superior quality of the home bred meat was enough!
  12. IanB


    One of my biggest grumbles with this wholefoods and no junk way of eating has been the lack of sauces. I like my sauce! Chutneys, pickles, jellies, glazes, relishes, dressings, dips and, of course, and perhaps most of all – gravy! I wanted paleo gravy. And today I discovered how to make it - it was rather good! Full story and recipe here: Paleo Gravy Enjoy! IanB
  13. IanB

    tikka masala

    Yes, the coconut milk works really well - many uses. I blogged about Tikka Masala here, among other sauces - I've also used a mix of coconut milk and homemade mayonnaise to make a kind of raita! Don't deprive yourself of curry! Enjoy IanB
  14. Thanks for the input all I'm usually pretty good on veggies - just breakfast I struggle with. As I've said elsewhere I think a couple of smoothies is an improvement over a couple of coffees and cigarettes, but not optimal I guess, even when it's green. This morning: 1 banana 2 dates, small handful raisins handful seeds - sunflower, pumpkin, chia, sesame third of tin coconut milk tablespoon ghee 2 big handfuls spinach water That's very green - more spinach than I'd eat with a meal as I don't really like it! And satisfying, four hours later and I'm not hungry yet. I'm thinking there's enough protein and fat in there to keep me going after the sugars run out - whatever the reason, this helps me to stick to 3 meals without snacks and means I eat a load of green I wouldn't normally get, so I'm pretty happy with it. Wakes me up too - good coffee substitute! Cheers IanB EDIT// and yes, thank you, I have seen the meal template. I get it, I think, and I also know that, for me, there's needs to be a balance between optimal detoxing and not making myself so miserable I quit. Food, the enjoyment of the preparation and eating of it, is very important to me - I'm prepared to give up so much in the name of science and the pursuit of feeling better, but munching veggies for breakfast tips the scale way too far for me! So I blend stuff to make it taste better - and so I might eat more than I need because I'm not chewing. I see the danger there and again I'm not worried - I seem to be losing weight at the moment and that's not a good thing for me, I really don't need to (and no I'm not weighing, just noticing that my jeans are getting loose and the belt needs to go up a notch)
  15. IanB

    Trying to drink coffee

    Aaarrgghh! I hold this post responsible for my serious coffee cravings! And yes, I know coffee is allowed, but I'm detoxing from that too, so not for me, and yet I went and read about the caramel latte style coffee with coconut milk and ghee. And now I can't stop thinking about it! I want it. Now! I've written and talked a lot more about it here Day 9 and examined the sneaky way coffee cravings get to work on you in today's post. When the 30 days are up I'm so trying this! IanB