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  1. I am on day 29 of my Whole30. I honestly didn't think I would make it past the first week. Every time I had to make a meal, I vowed that I was done! It was truly awful. I deal with severe chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. The amount of time I have had to spend in the kitchen just about sent my body into shock. OK, now for the good news... I am SO thankful I am married to a man who wouldn't throw in the towel with me! He let me vent but held fast to his decision to see it through. His determination fueled mine. I can't find the words to express how thrilled it did!! We both had our most dramatic results within the first two weeks. I was about 10 lbs overweight when we started. The shrinking stopped at the end of week two. In fact, I was actually looking bloated this past week and was getting quite discouraged. Then *poof* , I woke up this morning and all the bloating is gone and I look like I have slimmed down even more! I still haven't decided if I want to weigh myself on Sunday. I don't want the scale to dictate my success or perceived failure... but I am curious I deal with ME-CFS and Fibromyalgia. My "invisible" illnesses were no longer invisible. I constantly looked grey and haggard. As I watched myself shrink I also noticed that my face had color! In fact, we saw some friends I hadn't seen in months. As I shared about our Whole30, I said "I think I look healthier". Almost in unison they blurted out "Yeah, you don't look grey and pasty anymore!" They felt so bad, but I laughed! It was true - I WAS looking grey and pasty, but no longer! We have decided to go Paleo starting on Sunday. I purchased Robb Wolf's book Paleo Budget Guide. If the folks at Whole30 recommend Robb as a resource, that is good enough for me! In fact, I really appreciate his no-nonsense approach as I was getting fairly stressed out at our food bill! Many people living on disability pensions can't afford to eat really good food. He puts it all into perspective, which I am very thankful for. My fatigue and pain have not improved. In fact, they got worse because of all the extra activity in the kitchen (my CFS is severe). I have connected with others in the forum who have said that it can take up to 6 months or longer to see dramatic improvement. I just keep looking in the mirror and the person looking back at me looks healthy. I just have to believe my body will catch up . So, if you are just starting out and wondering if it's all worth it - it is! Don't give up. It's only 30 days. You can do anything for 30 days, right? Just take it one day at a time. If you haven't read the book It Starts with Food, please get it! They explain the why behind the how. Once you understand what your food is doing to you, it will change your choices. Don't give up - you can do it!!
  2. cphero

    Reintroduction help

    I am on day 22 and am a bit apprehensive about the whole reintroduction thing. It's like being a kid when dad takes the training wheels off the bike and says GO! Seriously though, I am concerned. Case in point: I hadn't eaten long grain rice in a couple of months. When I did eat it (pre-Whole30) I had horrendous stomach cramps for 3 hours!! The thought of going through that again when I start reintroducing foods is scary stuff! We don't want to deviate too much from the Whole30 as the benefits have been incredible. We are pretty sure we want to go Paleo, but aren't even sure what that means. I do plan on buying a Paleo book, but in the meantime I need guidance. Thanks for your help, Kristina
  3. cphero

    Whole30 bloggers

    I have been blogging about my journey since day 1 - the good, the bad, and the oh so ugly . It keeps me honest and seems to be providing inspiration and entertainment to those who read it. kristinaswhole30.blogspot.ca
  4. I have a question. I deal with severe chronic fatigue syndrome. There are days when I can barely get out of bed I'm so exhausted. My diet has not been great because I stick with very simple things, i.e. cereal for breakfast, a huge salad for dinner, then some sort of munchy thing in front of the TV. Awful, I know, which is why I decided to do the Whole30. But as I draw near the end of Day 1, I'm already feeling overwhelmed at the extra work involved, not to mention that I don't like eating 3 meals a day. I know this eating is going to make me healthier but I need to simplify things somehow. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Kristina
  5. I'm glad to hear your energy is a bit better. I was diagnosed with CFS in 2011, then fibro in 2013. I am on day 1 of my Whole30. I have read amazing stories from people living with chronic diseases who became significantly better on this food plan. I will be extatic if I can keep my house clean and go for walks every day I hope you continue to see improvements.
  6. cphero

    Tea between meals

    So hot water with lemon is OK? I was wondering about the natural sugars in the lemon. I used a real lemon slice - actually I used what was left from the lemon I had squeezed on to my salad and put the remaining pulp into my cup and poured hot water over it. I have opted to give up coffee during my 30 days, but I really enjoy having something warm to drink between meals.
  7. Hi everyone, my hubby and I will be doing our first Whole30 next week. A friend of the family loaned me the book It Starts With Food and I was hooked! I am nervous as I have been battling food addiction issues most of my life. I have also been dealing with chronic pain/fatigue and fibromyalgia for the past six years. I have read testimonials of people who were almost completely healed after following the plan. I don't want to go in with expectations that high. I would be thrilled if I could report that I got back some quality of life and was able to reduce some of my meds! My hubby is on cholesterol and blood pressure meds, even though he is fit and tends to eat healthier than I do. It would be amazing if he could reduce or eliminate his meds! I can't wait to report back to my doctors. Wouldn't it be something if this food plan did what none of them have been able to do! I look forward to reading your stories and encouraging you along the way too. If there are other chronic pain/fatigue sufferers out there, I would certainly enjoy connecting with you. Yours in health, Kristina