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    Seattle Whole 30 places

    Hey - did you find any good Whole30 options in Seattle? I would love to hear about them! I checked out that other thread, and it mostly focused on Tacoma/Olympia, which is a bit of a trek for Seattleites…. The only Seattle option is the Metropolitan Grill, which is DELICIOUS, but VERY expensive! I'm thinking about getting some BBQ meat as take-out from Bitterroot: http://www.bitterrootbbq.com They have you add the sauces at the table, so I figure before it gets sauced it would likely be compliant? Was thinking of getting take-out and making my own faux BBQ sauce at home with equal parts tomato paste and balsamic, plus a dash of hot sauce, salt, pepper and smoked paprika (tried it once at home and it was not half bad!) Any other mid-price options? (I saw that there were more than 500 views of this thread, so I know there are other people in Seattle wondering the same thing!)