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  1. crystal511

    Sushi Restaurant

    Oh that sounds so yummy!!! Tuna or salmon is my go to!!!
  2. crystal511

    Sushi Restaurant

    Ok thought so.
  3. crystal511

    Sushi Restaurant

    What about miso soup?
  4. crystal511

    Sushi Restaurant

    Thank you!!!
  5. crystal511

    Sushi Restaurant

    Last night I went to my favorite sushi restaurant. I always eat sashimi so that's not a problem. But I was also eating soy sauce before. I didn't think about bringing my own coconut aminos. I'll do that next time. But I did ask what sauces they had that was compliant that I could use instead. This place made a Katsu sauce with puréed apples and spices. And I also asked for the garlic paste they put on the albacore sashimi. Not sure what they made that with and forgot to ask but I think it was not compliant. Does anyone know?
  6. crystal511

    German restaurant help!

    Just went to Sauvage last weekend it was amzing but very expensive. Germans do not eat paleo friendly at all. They love their breads,pastas, and breaded foods covered in gravyand they do not uderstand when you want to change something or why you don't want to eat potatoes. The best thing you could eat at a German resturant is a steak and a salad
  7. crystal511

    nuts & nut butters!

    I am a nut addict as well and whole coconut chunks have been my fix.
  8. crystal511

    Carb Loading

    I lift weights 5-6 days a week and do 30 mins cardio as well on 2 of those days. I sometimes feel low energy on my big muscle lifting days example legs day. How do you properly carb load? Or should I just always eat sweet potatoes with every meal every day?
  9. crystal511

    Eating too little or too much?

    Yesterday was a better day! Thanks for all your help!
  10. crystal511

    Eating too little or too much?

    Ok thank you! Today I'm adding olives,olive oil and whole coconut chucks as my fats to each meal. I love nuts but I tend to OD on the nuts and nut butters. I used to eat every two to three hours and I'm trying to break that.
  11. crystal511

    Eating too little or too much?

    No dressing on the salad because really I just end up steaming the spinach and tomatoes as I heat the whole meal in the microwave together. I cook my eggs in coconut oil and bake the chicken.
  12. crystal511

    Eating too little or too much?

    Ok would tomatoes or bell peppers be ok with breakfast?
  13. Hello so 2-3 times a week I do split works outs. 1 hour of weights around 6:30 am and 30 mins of cardio around 5pm. I think I need some help with eating because some days I dont have enough energy and some days I'm hungry. This is what my eating looks like. 5am wakeup. 5:15-5:20 am Pre workout meal 2 hard boiled eggs, black coffee with 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil or coconut milk. 7:30am Post workout meal chicken breast with 1/2 cup sweet potato. 9:00 am Breakfast: 4 hardboiled eggs with 1/2 avacado. 12 noon Lunch: chicken or beef with green beans or spinach or spinach salad with tomatoes.4 green olives with garlic. 4pm Mid-day Meal chicken with veggies. 6:30-7pm Dinner: chicken, beef, fish or pork with veggies. 8:30-9pm 4 hard bolied eggs with 1/2 avacado or egg white omlet with spinach. In bed by 9:30-10pm
  14. crystal511

    Gluten/wheat sensitive

    Did the bromelain/quercetin work for you? I suffer from puffy eyes as well.