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    swimming, reading, crossword puzzles, being with husband and kids,cooking,walking, homeschooling-not in this particular order,necessarily :)
  1. Bridget

    The crazy things people say

    Not really crazy, but- My husband and I were reminiscing this weekend about how we used to polish off a bottle of wine almost every Saturday night- always a fun, relaxing time. We discussed how we probably won't do that anytime soon. At the same time that he said "yeah, all those calories", I was saying "yeah, I really love being able to sleep and not having a stomach ache". I was so happy that the calorie thing never entered my mind- just the benefits of knowing how I will feel should I overindulge. As a former WW girl- that is PROGRESS !!!!!
  2. Bridget

    The crazy things people say

    My almost 16 year old daughter is along for this Whole 30 with me. She has been an amazing help prepping food,whipping meals together,etc. She was in her bedroom and was about to light a really nice smelling Yankee Candle that she got for herself last month when we visited the outlet store. I walked by her room and saw her standing there, confused. She said " I just for a second thought I could not light this because it wasn't paleo". It was a vanilla cupcake scented candle...