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  1. I really appreciate everyone's input ! I am also somewhat comforted with the stories of those who are going thru the same things. I am staying compliant,but have definitely monitored my portions this week. (not measuring, counting,etc) I am using a smaller plate for my meals, filling it up with good, pretty food that fits the template, and eating more slowly. I am finding that I am full -and know it when I am finished. I haven't been eating while preparing meals or packing lunches, which is big for me, and I have been sitting for all my meals. also a big deal for me. Megmac- I also felt like I was eating too much fat, and have cut back this week. I also haven't had any nuts in the house for a few months because I definitely overeat them. I probably eat fruit twice a week at the most. I, too, have revisited several of my old haunts, looking for something, but keep coming back here, where it's real food, filling and delicious, and I truly feel what is best for me. I even have a friend who lost quite a bit of weight recently with a popular protein shake diet set up, and now she sells it. Thank goodness I could never justify (or even have) the money needed to do something so against what I have learned here, but a quick fix sounds so amazing to me right now, and she looks incredible. sigh... Nutmegananne- Hang in there ! I have been running circles in my mind about what to do, but keep landing right back here. I know it is good for me. Hey Karen- Just a thought- Could coconut milk cause me to retain a lot of water ? I have never eliminated it, and it has been the one consistent thing I have consumed every day since last mid- August when I started my first Whole30 . Boy would I LOVE to find something I could just eliminate that is adding to this !!!
  2. Thanks, LadyM. I plan to keep on keepin' on, minding my portions as well as fat, and no mindless eating. It certainly is a different journey for everyone- I just want to stay compliant AND positive !! Thanks for your comments !
  3. GFChris-Yes, I really do not care about the number. I honestly don't . But the fat I can see is what is getting me. I have read the article you linked and have seen the photos-it is incredible. I guess I just want to get rid of all this nasty fat (or at least most of it). YES-I would like to continue eating this way and lose inches. I started this Whole30 on Monday- I did not take measurements (couldn't find the tape measure and was so disgusted by the scale- just blew it off) I am in a much better place now, three days later, so I will measure. Thanks for your thoughts !
  4. I know it's not about weight loss,but that is a happy result for many people. I know I am sleeping great, better moods, more energy, am enjoying food,and am healthy. But I am sure that the weight I carry, on a 5'4" frame, is NOT ideal. I see pockets of fat behind my knees that I did not have a year ago. I KNOW I had a pretty darn sedentary winter, and it shows ,in the dimpling here and there that makes me really disappointed in myself. I KNOW that when I strayed too far off the whole9 wagon about 2 months after my first Whole30,it affected my body composition a whole lot. It took several months to jump back on the bandwagon, and I finally did, and returned to restful nights and more stable moods. I decided to weigh myself prior to the Whole30 I am working at now. I had gotten rid of the scale in our bathroom, certain that the great way I fels last August would supercede the need to ever hop on the silly thing again. Then I see the dimples, and the lack of definition in my arms due to the layer of ew on them, and I know I have to get serious. So I get on the scale, and am too disgusted to even write the weight down. This is NOT about being a tiny fashion model- I am very happily married with 6 awesome kids, am 48 years old, and am not looking to be something I am not. But I am not happy with the fat that is covering what I have worked and continue to work for. I lift weights every week, and have a treadmill & stationary bike that I ride a few times a week. I do not overtrain, get in 3 good meals following the template, including fats. During this Whole30 I have been more attentive to water consumption, and have been seriously keeping mindful of my portions at each meal. In retrospect, I think maybe I have overeaten in the past- all good foods, but possibly too much of them. I am truly hoping that is the reason that I have not lost weight on my challenges previously. I am also committed to sitting for each meal, and not eating while preparing the meals. I have upped my frequency of workouts, to be sure to get more movement in every day. I want to keep it at a level that is sustainable, and something I will be able to do years from now. I am approaching this positively, and weighing myself was an eye-opener. It's almost like I need this to be about weight loss at some point- though I do know the downside to that. I am not sure what else to do in order to continue eating this way, which I truly feel is good for me, but also rid my body of some of this fat, which carries baggage of its own... Any thoughts ?? (or did this even make sense out there ??? Thanks
  5. Bridget

    Photos of my Success!

    wow- and awesome !!!!
  6. Do I take one with every meal as the bottle suggests ? I am primarily dealing with some bloating and pretty persistent constipation- which is also pretty normal for me, but I'd like to change that. If it makes any difference- I had my gall bladder removed 10 years ago. AND this is my 4th Whole30, and resuts in energy, mood, sleep have all been marvelous. No health problems,either. Thanks for any input
  7. Bridget

    8 July Whole30 for two

    Good luck ! This is a great place to be- just thinking- the more you can have prepared ahead of time for breakfast, for example, the more time you will have with the family before everyone needs to get moving. Our FAVORITE breakfast- eggs, mashed sweet potatoes, and either ground turkey or beef prepared with the Italian sausage seasoning from Well Fed, and one or two large handfuls of spinach. I have a container filled with the meat already seasoned and cooked, as well as the mashed sweet potatoes. The spinach cooks very quickly in the skillet (or on the griddle), toss on an egg or two, cook in desired way and just reheat the meat & potatoes. I have a stove top griddle-goes right across the burners, and all the food fits on it at once- all gets heated at the same time-it is a REAL time saver. I have also done the same thing in my big frying pan. I also make a large pyrex tray of compliant quiche almost every week- and just reheat pieces as needed. It's a big help when things get hectic. My 16 year old daughter just started her first job- and had to leave by 5:30 this morning. I had the potatoes & meat ready last night, threw on her eggs and spinach and she was out the door in record time. By the way- this is the girl that would normally skip breakfast or just have a piece of fruit prior to the Whole30. Now she CRAVES this breakfast and is so satisfied till a late lunch ! have fun with it and best wishes !
  8. Bridget

    Fermenting Fun

    I have never fermented anything,either, but with the year round farmers market I go to every two weeks- I have little excuse. Thanks for the instructions with the cabbage. I may definitely look into this... Thanks !
  9. Hi ! I am a mom of 6, and have 4 of them still living at home. I am gradually working toward getting my two youngest (13 & 10) to adopt more of this lifestyle. Thankfully, they are both very healthy and active, but I do think this will benefit them in the long run. My older kids are totally on board. My main suggestion would be to take baby steps with this,so that it doesn't come across that you are upset about her weight. As a matter of fact, my older sons went thru a VERY chubby phase at 9/10/11 yeard old. We started a "one carb a day" little challenge for them and it worked amazingly well. (We coupled it with a connection to doing it as a sacrifice for specific people we were praying for). Anyway, they got really into it, and had to choose every day the one carb (I mean bread, or chips,sandwich,cereal, rice or dessert) that they would have , and have all protein & veggies otherwise. Within 3 months, they had each lost a considerable amount of weight, and have never gone back. They still enjoy the occasional treat, but for the most part, have stuck with it. But baby steps may include having her choose one thing a day, but fill her meals with all the other foods you know to be best. Another thing that has helped engage the kids- they LOVE to cook, and have gotten really helpful with making lots of the paleo/Whole30 meals we have come to enjoy. Maybe if you and she team up to figure out and create recipes that she can help with- let her know she is helping YOU with your program, and the more people that help, the healthier YOU will be. Kids love their moms and I think really want to help her out. I wish you the best of luck with this. It is so hard to see kids upset about this- and to know that they feel bad about themselves. Good luck- and give her an extra hug !!!
  10. No nuts in the house since my first Whole30- too easy to snack on. Same with dries fruit. Just not worth the trouble
  11. Bridget

    w30 is curing my cancer

    That is awesome news !!! Keep us posted
  12. Bridget

    Birth Control Alternatives??

    Natural Family Planning works really well if you are committed to keeping track of yor body's signals.
  13. Bridget

    New Member with Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Best of luck, Deanna. My daughter was diagnosed w/ Lyme disease last November- her joint pain got really bad by the time we finally got a definite diagnosis. She was in pain all the time,healthy otherwise. I know RA and Lyme are separate diseases, with some similar symptoms. She was on antibiotics for 6 weeks, with no relief. She started eating about 90% paleo in March, and did a Whole30 with me in May and feels completely better ! Between the gradual improvement in her food choices (partially paleo starting in January, then full whole30 in may) and the sun and warm weather, she feels fantastic, with no pain. Granted, she's only 16 and is totally healthy otherwise, but we both attribute her relief to the great food and healthy doses of sunshine she has gotten. She is planning to continue eating this way, with only planned off- plan treats now and again. She also hopes to continue spending more time outdoors once the colder weather starts up again. Hopefully, her joint symptoms will not reappear. I hope this great way of eating will help you feel better !! Be patient with it, and enjoy the process !!!
  14. Bridget

    Still Struggling with "Never Again"

    I am in the midst of my 3rd Whole30 and have managed to change my thinking. The "never again" bummed me out for a long time. The more I read the post Whole30 logs here, the more ideas I get,as well as a good dose of healthy attitude about this whole concept. I completed my 2nd Whole30 on May 26th. I planned to celebrate my daughter's 16th birthday on the 31st with a 4 layer chocolate cake with mocha buttercream frosting made by my 13 y/o and me. We really talked this cake up during May while on the Whole30 (16y/o did it with me) Even gave ourselves permission to splurge the whole weekend of her birthday, with the plan to hop back on for another Whole 30 the following Monday. The 26th, day 30, came & went. Party time ? Not exactly. I decided to keep it up four more days till her birthday, when I could eat the cake. Three compliant meals the day of her bday, and the teeniest sliver of cake at the end of the day. it was delicious, pretty to look at, and everyone really enjoyed it. The smile on my daughter's face, as we all enjoyed the cake and a GREAT birthday, was priceless- and truly part of the experience. There was, of course, over half a cake left, which went into the freezer for hubby's bday next month. That was it for me. I had no desire to continue the party- and not in a "aren't I great, all I had was a tiny piece of cake" way, but, truly, that was all I wanted. It is finally starting to click with me that spending a bit of time really trying to consider the worth of the offroad experience is something I want to master. So it's not going to be a "never again" mentality- but an "is it worth it" consideration. A lot more powerful, if you ask me !
  15. Bridget

    Day 30! Done :D

    great job ! I finished my 2nd Whole 30 three days before my husband decided to start his 2nd, so I just jumped on the bandwagon for #3 ! It's great to be doing this together-and makes life a lot simpler !