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  1. We have been getting piles of amazing looking broccoli with our CSA the past few weeks. However, when I eat broccoli, I get a horribly painful stomachache and nausea (seriously, it's miserable). It's been this way for 10 years+. So my husband has been eating some and I've been giving the rest away. *sigh* I'm curious though, does anyone else experience this or am I the lone freak who can't eat broccoli? I know some say it makes them gassy, but this is much more than that, like curled up in the fetal position to endure stomach cramps that feel like the stomach flu, only worse. I experience this with no other food that I am aware of, including cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables. What's the deal??
  2. TrayS

    Can I have Marijuana

    I agree, that if it's gonna give you uncontrollable munchies it's probably best to avoid it if you can. Otherwise, if you can put it in a W30-compliant food so that you don't have to smoke it, I would think that it would be fine if you are experiencing pain. Or - if post W30 - just because you feel like it (my personal opinion).
  3. TrayS

    5 hour energy

    I remember using EDTA in my college environmental engineering lab. We used it in determining water hardness. It never occured to me that one might drink it voluntarily. Now I've been known to slug a 5HE here and there (before I was Whole-englightened), but pretty sure that knowing what's in it I will never drink it again.
  4. TrayS

    5 hour energy

    My interpretation is that one of the main points of undertaking W30 is that you clear your body of the stuff that makes you need the "fix".... now don't get me wrong, I like my coffee in the morning, so I understand the desire for caffeine. But understand that the more you drink it (especially at times other than the morning) you increase the likelihood of sleep disturbances, and reduce the opportunity for your hormones to self-regulate (and of course your hormonal balance or lack thereof is what is making you tired...) When I get tired at my desk in the afternoon (which doesn't happen as frequently nor severely these days) I've been drinking a cup of herbal tea, where in the past I would've hit the coffee again then twitched myself to an unrestful sleep come bedtime. I don't even think there's much, if any, caffiene in it, but something about hot liquid wakes me up.