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  1. I technically never did a whole 30 during my pregnancy, but just ate very whole30-like in my last trimester to keep my blood sugar under control. I found that when I would eat carbs my blood glucose readings would spike, and I also would feel very crappy (fast beating heart, etc.) so my main focus was on not eating grains for that reason. Otherwise, I followed the template pretty closely but was lax about things like trace amounts of sugar, etc.
  2. If you haven't already found this, Melissa wrote a post on it a few years back:
  3. Congrats! I don't have Whole30 experience early pregnancy. When I got pregnant I was not Whole30-ing and my morning sickness appeared pretty much immediately, complete with terrible food aversions, so it was off the table. However, later on when I failed my 1-hr fasting glucose at 26 weeks I opted to control my diet and do my own blood glucose testing at home, so suddenly my diet became very Whole30-like and I can say that for the most part I never felt better during my pregnancy than during those weeks of clean eating. I had no more swelling and my energy was better, I slept better, etc. I don't have experience with HBHM but it sounds like a great idea.
  4. TrayS

    Whole30 in San Diego?

    I lived there until last year. There's a place at the Fashion Valley mall called True Food that I heard of from a former neighbor who had eaten there during a Whole30. I've never eaten there myself but it might be worth checking out. (It's actually right across from the Cheesecake Factory - haha)
  5. TrayS

    food dreams

    So far on this Whole30 I've dreamed: - That I drank champage and ate a big bag of corn nuts. - That I gorged on some sort of junk food (chips?) and it made me feel like total crap. - That I was drinking a beer. Drank one, poured a second, then realized what I was doing and tried to pour it out. Then it turned into pink lemonade. Then I remembered that I had drank lemon lime Gatorade the day before (yuck). - That I was devouring a vanilla cake with frosting - in the dream I realized it was an ice cream cake and it was melting and we were trying to eat it before it melted. - Just last night I dreamed that I was trying to find something to eat at a restaurant and wound up eating carrot soup that I realized had soy sauce in it. And in my dream I was so upset about having to restart on Day 28. It's always a relief to wake up...
  6. We have been getting piles of amazing looking broccoli with our CSA the past few weeks. However, when I eat broccoli, I get a horribly painful stomachache and nausea (seriously, it's miserable). It's been this way for 10 years+. So my husband has been eating some and I've been giving the rest away. *sigh* I'm curious though, does anyone else experience this or am I the lone freak who can't eat broccoli? I know some say it makes them gassy, but this is much more than that, like curled up in the fetal position to endure stomach cramps that feel like the stomach flu, only worse. I experience this with no other food that I am aware of, including cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables. What's the deal??
  7. TrayS

    Coffee Creamer?

    To all who struggle with drinking coffee black, I would encourage you to live outside your coffee comfort zone for long enough to give your tastes some time to change. I used to drink my coffee loaded down with cream and sugar and hated it any other way. Over the years I've encountered situations where I "had" to drink my coffee black (such as backpacking in the wilderness) and as much as I hated it I realized I could do it. Now in W30-land I've become accustomed to it (although I do like coconut milk, so I've used that from time to time). Actually on this W30 I am avoiding coffee completely so drinking tea instead (with no "creamers" of any kind). To put it into perspective, imagine the horror of life without coffee. I gave it up temporarily to show myself I could live without it (of course I can't yet live without coffee OR tea, but one issue at a time....) Anyway my point is that now I can't imagine going back to cream/sugar. The thought of drinking my coffee so sweet and lightened just sounds gross and unnatural. Had I not, over the past six months, forced myself to start drinking my coffee differently I would never have reached this place. Also as I've seen people mention, the quality of the coffee really makes a difference when drinking it black. If you can spring for the good stuff (which you probably can if you're not spending the $ on creamer) then do that, and if you can even use a french press. Good coffee actually tastes really good and doesn't have the bitterness you are trying to mask with the creamer.
  8. TrayS

    Can I have Marijuana

    I agree, that if it's gonna give you uncontrollable munchies it's probably best to avoid it if you can. Otherwise, if you can put it in a W30-compliant food so that you don't have to smoke it, I would think that it would be fine if you are experiencing pain. Or - if post W30 - just because you feel like it (my personal opinion).
  9. TrayS

    Calories - do I really not count them???

    It's so freeing to not count calories!!!! I have always struggled with weight, and I had been a calorie counter my entire teen/adult life (I'm 31), and I was also a daily weigher. I, too, was very afraid to stop doing either of these things for fear that I'd be muffin-topping my pants before long. But, like so many others who have tried W30, I lost a few pounds instead of gaining, and continuing to very gradually slim down more. In addition I've now have learned to listen to and TRUST my body - it really does tell you when to stop eating, like Johnny M said above, when you aren't eating food with no brakes!!!! To experience this reality is nothing short of miraculous and enlightening.
  10. TrayS

    5 hour energy

    I remember using EDTA in my college environmental engineering lab. We used it in determining water hardness. It never occured to me that one might drink it voluntarily. Now I've been known to slug a 5HE here and there (before I was Whole-englightened), but pretty sure that knowing what's in it I will never drink it again.
  11. TrayS

    5 hour energy

    My interpretation is that one of the main points of undertaking W30 is that you clear your body of the stuff that makes you need the "fix".... now don't get me wrong, I like my coffee in the morning, so I understand the desire for caffeine. But understand that the more you drink it (especially at times other than the morning) you increase the likelihood of sleep disturbances, and reduce the opportunity for your hormones to self-regulate (and of course your hormonal balance or lack thereof is what is making you tired...) When I get tired at my desk in the afternoon (which doesn't happen as frequently nor severely these days) I've been drinking a cup of herbal tea, where in the past I would've hit the coffee again then twitched myself to an unrestful sleep come bedtime. I don't even think there's much, if any, caffiene in it, but something about hot liquid wakes me up.
  12. Butternut squash seems to work too.....
  13. Update: it's occurred to me over the past couple of days that my recent increase in sweet potato consumption may be improving this situation quite a bit. Just something to keep in mind. I am starting to believe that sweet potatoes are an all-around miraculous food.
  14. Another gallbladder-less person here, and I've been experiencing the same issue as Sarah. At first it surprised me as things are definitely different than they were pre-paleo/W30 (which overall I find better than what I had experienced as typical post-removal state of things, which was that one minute I'm minding my business and next thing I know I gotta go NOW). I certainly wouldn't mind finding a happy medium though. I'ts interesting that I would've expected fat-laden meals to go right through me, but that hasn't been the case. I seem to be going a lot less (volume wise) than pre-paleo/W30 too (sorry if TMI), perhaps that is because my body can actually use what I'm putting into it? Anyhow it's nice to see others have found solutions, perhaps I may try some digestive enzymes as well.
  15. I've heard that your body can produce a sweet smell, and taste in your mouth for that matter, when you are rapidly losing weight. Not sure the specifics (google away), but guessing it's more likely than a coma!