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  1. oGeorgiao

    Steak sauce

    Can't wait to try this! Thank you!
  2. Drat those Girl Scout cookies of yesterday! I'm starting today! Madhatter, I'm with you. Sounds like you have it all organized. Round two for me. Here we go. My sweet potato hash tastes unusually great today.
  3. Really love Chocolate chili! Last muffin this am.
  4. I like to come here and see familiar faces . . . just saying' this is a nice spot I've been compliant, except for my Flax for Life Muffin in the morning. Breakfast has always been a struggle for me. I'm making sweet potato hash right now. Need to get the muffins gone and restart:) No results on the colonoscopy, yet. I know that this is what my body needs, I need more retraining! Boot camp here I come!
  5. Well, I tried non gluten grains and non processed sugar, in the form of a cinnamon roll. I'm skeptical, I was looking for snack food. Chomped on some Macademia nuts. I think I need just whole30 for another 30 or the rest of my life. I have trouble with breakfast and I thought that would help. Lesson learned. Not ready yet. I think I need to post here before I get anymore hair-brained ideas! LOL
  6. checking in. Life has been so busy, I find myself eating the same things. I'm relying on sweet potatoes so much. They are easy and I don't have to think about them. After my colonoscopy, I went to Perkins. I remember now why my body needs this diet! My GI guy,thinks I might have celiac disease. He said he might ask me to reintroduce gluten to see how that goes. Hmmmm, He did tell me I looked beautiful inside and out! I'm waiting for the biopsy results. I'm so glad he and my regular health provider are supporting me in this Whole30! I'm blessed! I've been reading about celiac disease and it says that it may take 2 to 3 years for the small intestine to heal. Makes sense to me. Sounds like there are still some ups and downs,with us. I enjoy reading every ones' posts, especially the reintroducing ones. Sending out good choice vibes!
  7. Count me in, Madhatter! I didn't even know I made it to day 30! Whoo Hoo! This is what my body needs. I'm still having colitis symptoms, but so mild, I'm even thinking I need to add the autoimmune, as well.I promised my GI guy I would stay on it until my colonoscopy! I saw my reg. dr. and she told me, "I always knew you were going to be a health nut!" We have a great relationship! I'm having a hard time with breakfast. I've been having a sweet potato, with ghee and salt and pepper and 2 links of pork sausage. I fry the sausage on the weekend, so I just have to pop into the microwave. It's getting boring, but I like the convenience. I just had to look at the scale. I know it's not about the weight, but as an added benefit, I lost 13 lbs!! Who else is continuing?
  8. rach and running lawyer - hang in there. A lot of people don't see any positive results until the last days and some need to do more than 30 days. That's what I read in the emails, I get everyday. That was the message today, In fact, It took us years to get to get here and 30 might be short of the miracle about to happen. Stay strong! I so relate about not wanting to eat anything. I do get inspired coming here and reading what you all eat.
  9. madhatter - glad you're feeling better and that you, hopefully, have the minerals and coconut figured out. Less stress to you! runninglawyer - hope the good sleeping catches up to you, soon. I can relate! I also sleep with a beagle and a chihuahua/terrier mix and they snore!!! I would miss their warm little bodies, though. Even with the snoring, I'm doing much better, only waking about once or twice a night. okay, I'm going to not have an all day cook fest, this weekend. Frozen, canned and fresh veggies and thawed meat, this next week. Oh, I will make the Kalua pig. I need a day to clean my house! Since Feb. 1, I've cooked on one weekend day and did school work on the other. I need a break. Now that I'm feeling more comfortable with this, it should be easier. I have mayo, tarter sauce and ranch dressing made. I'm just worried about breakfast. What protein to go with my sweet tater? It will be another new adventure. Have a great day of good choices!
  10. I went to my GI doc today. He was astonished about my colitis improvement, since my CT scan. He asked a lot of questions and wrote everything down.He wrote down all the illnesses that were gone: psoriasis is gone, acne is gone, joint pain is gone (except my wrists from typing), bloating gone, gas gone, and cramps gone. The obvious colitis symptoms all gone! He said he was going to adopt it and that I'm taking his job away! I think he was more happy than I was! He said that he would bet my colitis is gone, too. Having a colenoscopy to make sure everything is okay. I can't wait, until next week, to see if the high cholesterol is gone too! Funny how I seem to enjoy doctor's appointments now @ Melissa T. I loved the chocolate chili, too! Glad to know the kalua pig is going to be yummy. I can't find any Hawaiian red salt, so I ordered some from Amazon. It will arrive Friday, just in time for my day of cooking! Almost forgot! My doctor asked me to stay on this diet until after my colenoscopy!
  11. http://nomnompaleo.com/post/10031990774/slow-cooker-kalua-pig yummy!
  12. Avocado Chicken Salad: 2 or 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts,1 avocado,1/4 chopped onion, juice of 1/2 a lime, 2 Tbsp cilantro,salt and pepper, to taste. Cook chicken breast until done, let cool, and then shred. Mix with all other ingredients.
  13. @ rachelb7 I so understand the not feeling like eating. I just don't seem hungry. I think I'm not eating enough veggies, so I, too, am going to add more sweet potato. Just think about how happy our insides are. I often ponder that when feeling discouraged, My insides are thanking me. Hope your tiger blood gets rid of your fatigue, soon! @running lawyer, thanks for the options for sweet taters! I love them with ghee and salt and pepper,but going to try some sunflowerseed butter and coconut oil soon. I am feeling so great, not fatigued at all, except for bedtime. I feel so much lighter inside and not bloated. Probably, too much info, but it is a night and day difference. I feel younger. I went curling for the first time in my life. I love sparkling water! On Wed, I'm going to ask my doctor if I can go off prilosec for the GERD and verapamil for the migraines. I won't rattle as I walk so much! This diet is what my body needs. I'll be doing this for the 60 for sure, if not longer. I'll be with you Esuzabeth and EJSmadhatter! We have to talk about shortening out names, though. Good choices everyone! We can do this! Motorcycle pants and beyond!