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  1. karo1500

    Acid Reflux developed on Whole30

    Each time I'm eating whole30 style I develop some symptoms of GERD. In my case it is also not heartburn but persistent cough during eating and irritated throat, sometimes dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)and the feeling like a have food stuck in my esophagus. I did a lot of research trying to understand what it is and found out it could possibly be difficulty with digestion in the stomach. I introduced HCL and pepsin and digestive enzymes and strong probiotics and the problem seemed to decrease a lot. Your story looks like completely different calibre than mine but I'm just sharing it with you. Hope you can find an explanation for your symptoms.
  2. karo1500

    Type 1 Diabetes

    I actually agree with all what you have said. I follow very low carb Whole 30 (something what mods will probably immediately oppose to..). Generally I try to stick to the rules of looking after sugars according to the guidelines of dr R. Bernstein. So the treatment of the lows is according to the rule that 1gr of carbohydrate raises your blood sugar by 5mg/% (American scale). It's hard to predict exactly how much sugar is in fruits so therefore I sometimes prefer glucose tablets.
  3. karo1500

    Type 1 Diabetes

    As Shannon said I don't worry about wether soemthing to treat the low is compliant or not. If it is -great, if it isn't that's good enough either. Last time I was at work, I mixed up insulin and took too much (being more insulin sensitive on Whole 30 made it even worse than normally it would). I ran out of dextro tabs, fruit packets and was still low so ate strawberry jam which except sugar didn't have any nasty ingredients in it. I wouldn't go as far as eating chocolate though At least I think so lol
  4. karo1500

    Type 1 Diabetes

    I find baby food pureed fruits perfect (they are much quciker to be absorbed than eating a whole apple). One packet of pureed apples is 9.8gr carbs which would be what I would take for the low. Maybe other fruits like mashed banana or pears would have a bit more carbs per packet. When I am at home there is always honey there in the jar so if I'm low I would have two small spoons of it.