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  1. Gamma Rambo

    My new favorite sweet potato dish

    That sounds AMAZING. I am going to try that instead of my standby baked sweet potato for Meal 1 tomorrow!
  2. Gamma Rambo

    Cauliflower rice skeptic...

    I cannot WAIT to try this! I have always followed her stovetop directions before, and been really happy with the results:
  3. Gamma Rambo

    First Whole30 - starting March 2

    Hey Tammy, that is AWESOME! One of my main reasons for undertaking this quest is the hope that the reduction in systemic inflammation will reduce my chronic joint pain (some from old injuries, some from fibromyalgia). And I do think it's working, at least my old rotator cuff tear doesn't cry out so loudly when I raise my arm above my head anymore. I really hope this is real live inflammation reduction and not just wishful thinking ... so far it seems good!
  4. Gamma Rambo

    First Whole30 - starting March 2

    So far so good. Hubby was sick this morning, upset stomach and "bathroom troubles," so he couldn't eat his breakfast. It must be pretty bad if a sweet potato made him feel nauseated. He just e-mailed me that he is feeling better now, though, and should be able to eat his lunch with no problems. I am SOOO tired. My metabolism is whining like a spoiled three year old "I don't WANT to get energy out of fat and protein, that's HARD! Can't I please just have one little cappucino to give myself a little 'jumpstart' <whimper, stomp, hold my breath> c'mon PLEEEEEEZZE!?!?!?" And it's a super-slow day at work, too, so the temptation to just nap under my desk is strong. Think it's time to take a nice cold walk around the block
  5. Gamma Rambo

    First Whole30 - starting March 2

    Hey, Tammy. My name is Gamma and I'm a snack-addict (Greek Chorus: "Hi, Gamma.") Yeah, I'm totally with you. All day yesterday and all morning today I am sitting at my desk with this odd "I should be eating" feeling that is definitely not hunger. I just usually (oh, who am I kidding, always) have an open bowl of mixed nuts, or a sliced apple, or something right by my keyboard that I mindlessly nibble on throughout the day. I feel like I did when I quit smoking - whenever I am not actively typing, I am not sure what to do with my hands!
  6. Gamma Rambo

    First Whole30 - starting March 2

    So far so good, Bo and I have very mild sugar hangover symptoms but not as bad as I expected (knocks on wood). I did lose my temper a little yesterday with my assistant - a coworker was selling donuts for a fundraiser and stuck her head in my office to let me know. I was about to get away with the simple "nod and smile" but the corporal felt like he had to pipe in with a smarmy "oh, she doesn't eat anything good." The donut dealer nervous-giggled and looked confused, so I explained that I prefer not to eat processed foods. Confusion remained. She asked "is that like ... gluten free?" I reverted to the nod and smile. But then the Cpl. and his cohort went and bought their boxes o' stuff, and kid felt compelled to put three of them on a plate and come waltzing into my office to wave them under my nose and spout nonsense like "Come on, it won't hurt you, don't make me force feed you, stop being silly, don't make this harder than it has to be...." I snapped. No, I mean literally - I snapped my fingers at him and said (in my rare but fun "cranky old lady" voice) ... "Okay, that is enough! What I do or do not choose to eat is hereby officially no longer your business. OUT!!!" He left me alone for a few hours, and when he poked his head into my office again I was eating sardines. He started to open his mouth for commentary, and then his little lightbulb glowed and he shook his head and walked away. Hurray, he can be taught!!!
  7. Gamma Rambo

    First Whole30 - starting March 2

    Hey, everybody! My husband and I started yesterday as well (first time), nice to know we are not alone. I actually read this whole thread yesterday, but I couldn't remember my log-in information so I couldn't reply. Yesterday went great, I pre-cooked a lot of ground meat and made olive oil mayo and tuna salad. Getting up early this morning to make breakfast was rough, but we managed. But now it is 9 a.m. and I am already eyeing my lunch. I don't think this is real hunger, though, I think it is an urge to boredom-eat. I usually snack at my desk almost all day. I'm going to try to hold off until 11.
  8. Gamma Rambo

    Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    I just found this thread while getting acquainted with the forums - I haven't started my W30 yet, but I did start a few days ago logging my joint pain, fatigue, and other symptoms every day so that when I do jump off the W30 deep end I can see exactly what changes. I have struggled with fibro and CFS symptoms since I was in my early 20s but wasn't diagnosed until I was 42 (I'm 47 now). At one point I was on so many meds and so brain-fogged that I had to have my husband watch me take my pills to make sure I wasn't accidentally taking my sleep meds in the morning (and then trying to drive my car when the Ambien kicked in. It happened once. I survived by the grace of God, but it was terrifying). About a year ago I purged almost all of the artificial flavors/colors/preservatives out of my diet and started eating whole real foods incl. mostly organic and local veggies and pastured meat and eggs. I have had massive improvements just from that and am off all the meds, but I am still in at least moderate pain every day, struggle with sleep more nights than not, and have a few days a month where my think just forgets how to brain. I thought that was as good as it would ever get without going down the crazymed path again - but now I am excited to find out if maybe I can improve even further by identifying what exactly causes all the inflammation I obviously still have in my body.