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  1. **Ann**

    Jicama fail

    I'm not a fan of jicama either.
  2. **Ann**

    Pre/Post-Workout Meal Suggestions?

    Are carrots an ok post wo carb?
  3. **Ann**

    Crock pot cooking. Anyone doing it?

    I have discovered, other than meatballs and soups, I really don't like crock pot dishes. With that said, chilis,soups, meatballs in sauce are things I used my crockpot for. I make a super easy chicken soup- chicken broth, 2 rotisserie chicken breasts broken up into bite size pieces, a bunch of frozen sliced carrots and chopped celery. Season to taste. When the carrots are tender, I know its brewed long enough. Quick, easy, love it. My beef stew is similar, but I haven't gotten the seasonings to perfection yet. bite size pieces of top round, braised, beef broth, chopped rhutabagas and sliced carrots, sliced mushrooms, garlic and diced onions, some balsamic vinegar or coconut aminos, and season to taste. pretty good, but I prefer the chicken soup. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I can't seem to get a whole chicken to come out as flavorful or moist and juicy in the crock as when I roast it in the oven myself or buy a rotisserie chicken. I'm just a fan of cooking my meats in the crock--prefer oven or stove top.
  4. so would a hardboiled egg and a handful of carrots be an ok one? I'm just trying to think of something that requires no cooking for the post w/o snack.
  5. Is a larabar ok as a post workout snack? I'm not doing a W30 right now, but I work out at 5:30am and don't eat before, but have had a larabar right afterwards while walking to the shower. Is that a bad post w/o snack?
  6. I don't think larabars are that good to have me go off the rails, lol. I'm not going to try the RX bars if they are better than larabars.
  7. **Ann**

    Fast (<30 minute) Whoke30 Goto recipes

    I am NOT a weekend cooker. I have too long of days during the week that the thought of cooking up meals on the weekend has zero appeal, feels like work, and takes any fun out of cooking for me. I can only prepare fresh meals, and yes, I have a long day between job, commute, and kiddos. I tend to keep it repetitive and easy for the week, where cooking the meal doesn't take too much time. Yesterday, I made beef stew in a crock pot--that's the closest to weekend cooking I get. That will last me as lunch and breakfast for a few days this week. I have hard boiled eggs or egg salad as my other breakfast/meal 1. For lunch, its always a combo of tuna or egg salad with a side of big green salad and a homemade vinaigrette (which takes seconds to whip together). For dinners, its ground meat or chicken, with seasonings, fat and a steamed veggie. I get more fancy on the weekends.
  8. **Ann**

    "Creamy" sauces??

    you could probably skip the nutrional yeast and maybe up the seasonings to help cover the cauliflower taste. I just made cauliflower "cous cous" (mine was too small to be called "rice") and it was very easy to cover the cauli taste with seasonings, so I don't think it would be too hard to do in the faux-fredo recipe.
  9. **Ann**

    Replacements for potatoes?

    Jicama is not a favorite of mine. I tried making home fries out of it, and the taste of it was just wrong. I also tried to make "fries" out of it from everyday paleo, and it was not good at all. Its not a vegetable I buy anymore. I gave it a shot, but if I bought it I think it would go to waste because I have no desire to use it.
  10. **Ann**

    Cauliflower rice skeptic...

    that fried rice link above looks fantastic. I bookmarked it to try.
  11. I can have avocado, and I've made avocado "mayo" before, but it doesn't work in all dishes. I'm still on the fence if I will do an AIP protocol next, or if I will wait until after my next endo apt to see how my bloodwork and anti-bodies are doing and decide from there. If I'm not symptomatic, it may not be necessary. Thanks for the responses.
  12. Ok, I am dx Hashi's, and when I was dx over the summer, my antibodies were "off the charts" apparently. I am not and was not symptomatic of hypothyroidism. An enlarged thyroid noticed by my PCP during a routine visit triggered testing that ultimately discovered my Hashi's (and I learned of a strong family history of Graves or hashi's). No other AI diseases have been noted in my family history. I'm on Day 29 of my first W30, and I did a regular one, and I feel good. However, I'm not tired or lack energy, so to speak, but I never experienced "tiger blood". I'm considering doing an autoimmune protocol starting this monday. Not classically W30, but looking at the food list, doesn't eating AIP inherently become W30 Anyway, I use homemade mayo alot in my recipes. Has anyone found a good AIP mayo substitute. I know Paleo mom uses egg yolks in hers, but her site recommends starting the AIP completely egg free, then test yolks. So, for the coming trial, I was hoping to find the impossible--a seed oil, seed, nut, and eggfree AIP Paleo mayo that tastes good. Also, is there a limit on vinegars on AIP? I cannot tell by the ISWF AIP shopping list if there are certain vinegars ok or to be avoided, like balsamic, white vinegar, or apple cider. Thanks. I did search the forum, and unless my search skills suck, I didn't exactly find what I was looking for.
  13. **Ann**

    Ideas for BBQ Sides?

    Cole slaw and egg salad as already suggested. I've also made a "no potato" salad before using cauli as the potato. It was pretty good. here is the link to the recipe from everyday paleo. http://everydaypaleo.com/everyday-paleo-no-potato-salad/
  14. **Ann**

    Silk pure almond milk

    I don't use almond milk on my W30. However, I have used almond milk as an ingredient replacement in recipes that called for coconut milk. In certain dishes the subtle coconut flavor it identifiable by me and doesn't fit, whereas my palate can always accept a mild nutty flavor to a dish, so almond milk works for me.
  15. ITA on the sustainability of lifestyle. My husband and I had a terribly work-packed lifestyle, with 3 small kids, and it really wore us down. Not to mention, we didn't love that our kids had really long days at daycare or had to use the aftercare program at school. So we bit the bullet and my husband became a stay at home dad. I still have very long days as an attorney. But, we are slowly making changes so that can be adjusted as well. its not always possible to make changes to long working lifestyles quickly. but now that you realize its not sustainable, take baby steps to produce it. Its so not worth it. It really isn't.