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  1. bpaynecos

    Itchy after alcohol reintro???

    Nope. Not Asian. I'm not sure of what the dressing had in it.... I'll call and ask (because I'd like to get to the bottom of this). It was a "hip" type place, where they use a lot of local, fresh ingredients. I'm guessing that they don't put in anything that's too nasty, but it's worth looking into. Interestingly I went to my naturopath today and she said wine naturally has histamines in them. On reading this article, it sounds like those shouldn't be the issue, and they suggest to test a sulfite allergy, to eat five dried apricots (which have more sulfites than wine would) and see how you react. http://www.drvino.com/2010/04/26/wine-sulfites-allergies-histamines-red-alcohol/ I'll give that a shot! Thanks all!
  2. Help! Did I fail my alcohol reintro? Last night was a friend's bday and other than red wine (kind of a lot of it), everything else was on Whole 30 guidelines (well, I ate the restaurant-made salad dressing that may have had sugar, but otherwise.....) Today I am experiencing itching all over. And now that I think about it, that feeling used to be the norm for me. Just now recognizing that I hadn't been itchy over the last 30 days. So, is it alcohol in general, red wine, tannins? Anyone with experience here? Thanks!
  3. bpaynecos

    Cauliflower rice skeptic...

    Here's the one and only recipe I used the cauliflower rice technique for. It was AWESOME! http://www.paleocupboard.com/cauliflower-fried-rice.html
  4. bpaynecos

    Feel like throwing up mid-workout

    This is great to know. I definitely have a sensitive stomach, always have. I'll stick to one hardboiled egg an hour before my workout. Thanks all!
  5. bpaynecos

    Feel like throwing up mid-workout

    Chris- do you mean I should delete the cashews, and then move meal time to one hour prior? Thanks!
  6. I am on day 16. I have struggled with workouts from the beginning, though it has gotten easier. But I still feel like I am going to throw up in the middle of the workout. My pre workout meal today was half a handful of cashews and half a hardboiled egg. I ate it 45 min before the beginning of my workout. Should I give more time? Eat it a full hour or more before? Help!
  7. bpaynecos

    Urge to jump on the scale, nervous not losing weight

    YES! Me too. But I wonder how much of binging during TOM is just habit? For me I bet it's quite a bit. Just like how it was definitely a habit to eat lunch then hit up the candy bowl of a coworker because I "needed" chocolate. Not true! I have been drinking mint tea when I have a twinge of a craving. I think it keeps me occupied. Maybe give that a shot (and please god, don't tell me mint tea is noncompliant!)
  8. bpaynecos

    Urge to jump on the scale, nervous not losing weight

    mettaturner- We should stay in touch since we're on the same day! PamH- I have a gross pooch leftover from having two kids. Ugh.... It's so discouraging having that darn thing hang over my pants (especially this a.m. when it was harder for me to zip them up!). I really hope this helps. I can't imagine that it won't, though, because I was really out of control eating and drinking too much (not drinking too much so that I'd be intoxicated, just that I made it a habit of having a glass or two nightly!). Thanks!
  9. bpaynecos

    Urge to jump on the scale, nervous not losing weight

    Thanks! Yes, my GI tract was a MESS 10 days ago. My naturopath actually tested my stool and found it was full of yeast. I have recurring vaginal yeast infections, so she thinks this is my issue. I haven't felt this good in a long time! I have not been counting calories in the last 10 days. Prior to going on this, I would count calories and eat snacks at 10 am, 2 pm, and then on the couch whilst watching tv. Oh! And drink two glasses of wine/beer every night. I haven't done that at all in 10 days. No cheats.... I have had a few snacks here at there. (A larabar, handful of cashews). I know I can limit this more, because I find myself doing this even when I'm not hungry. BUT.... Compared to what I was doing, this is a huge difference. And I feel good (this is the longest I've gone without a yeast infection in over a year! Sad, I know, but I am amazed). Thanks for the encouragement!
  10. All I want to do is jump on the scale to be sure that the changes I've made are worth it. I feel better, and I know that's what really matters. But I want to lose weight. (I have been struggling since my nearly two year old was born.) To make things worse, I am at that point, about 10 days in, where my pants are tighter. So now I really want to weigh myself to be sure my change in diet isn't actually making me gain weight! Words of encouragement?
  11. ^^^ Thanks, I'll look closer at them tonight, but I really want to do this without eating meat. I think I will benefit from taking inflamation-causing foods. I saw a recipe for zucchini spiralized carbonera (I'll be ommitting the bacon!). Such a different way to include eggs. http://paleopot.com/2013/09/paleo-spaghetti-alla-carbonara-zucchini-noodles/
  12. Definitely not canned tuna. Maybe on the others. Do you think it would be "ok" to give this a shot and then make that decision if I start to go bonkers on eggs?
  13. I started my Whole 30 on Sunday, then after popping a goldfish cracker in my mouth without thinking, started over on Monday..... So technically I am on day 4. I want to do this all the way through, but I am also not going to eat meat. I know that chapter 21 says that as a vegetarian I can eat lentils, etc., but I want to try to stay away from those, too. So, I am attempting to do this whole thing with just using Eggs as my protein source. Granted, it's only day 4, but I am feeling good. I may be willing to do a couple meals with some shrimp as protein... Do you think I can pull this off?