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  1. lipw1g

    Starting on March 1st. 2014

    No worries! I use to get migraines a LOT, but I figured out that my birth control was causing them (started at age 17, figured this out at age 23) - since then, I get them rarely... so maybe that is what it was! Excedrin does usually take the edge away, but we were out, so I grabbed the aspirin in liou of running out to the store I also dabbed on some peppermint essential oil, and the cooling effect was quite nice! The pain is all gone now and I'm enjoying day 4 much better now... thank you for the well wishes!
  2. lipw1g

    Starting on March 1st. 2014

    Oh, one more thing - my left ankle has cracked and popped for as long as I can remember... day in, day out. Since I've been eating so much coconut butter/oil, it hasn't been cracking! It's amazing!!
  3. lipw1g

    Starting on March 1st. 2014

    Afternoon! Well, it's day 4! Woo hoo! Days 1 and 2 were a breeze, lots of eggs, avocadoes, and crockpot meals were had - no desire to cheat! Day 3 I started to crave something SWEET (which is not normal for me - I'm more of a salty gal), so the husband made us a shake with homemade almond milk, frozen strawberries, a banana, and some coconut butter which seemed to hit the spot. Unfortunately, later that day I got a raging headache! It lasted on until bedtime, and around 10pm I had to dash out of bed to vomit! I don't know what caused this... but waking up on day 4, I still have the headache. After taking some powdered magnesium, the edge was gone, but it's still hanging in there. I should probably stop staring at the monitor now I'm so happy to read all of your stories!
  4. lipw1g

    Starting on March 1st. 2014

    I'm starting March 1st, too! Having the desire to change is the first step! Congrats... and keep us all posted on your progress! There are a few of us in another thread who are also starting March 1st, so let's hold each other accountable and always stay positive! GOOD LUCK!
  5. lipw1g

    Starting March 1!!

    NewRee, I think it's definitely a good idea to check in! Congrats Jacquie! Your feedback is definitely encouraging.
  6. lipw1g

    Starting March 1!!

    Wishing you luck! I'm starting on March 1st as well.