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  1. lmnett

    Sweating WAY more

    I'm about 9 days into my second W30 and haven't had any sweat changes yet. But I did the first time around! More sweat, more night sweats and really stinky sweat!
  2. lmnett

    August 4 Start Group

    I started my second Whole30 on 8/4 too! I'm 42 and live in Wisconsin. I'm in the middle of training for my third marathon and just returned from a killer vacation in Yellowstone - what better time to get clean! I'm looking forward to the "clean" feeling and the additional energy (I'll need it), but am cautious of that sugar dragon as I've been hitting the sweets hard over the last month. I think it's easier the second time as you know what your in for (good and bad).
  3. lmnett

    Starting my SECOND W30 on August 4th!

    Yes! I'll be starting my second Whole 30 on August 4 too! I'm training for a marathon, and it's time to get the nutrition in line with the physical training. I'm on vacation the last week of July, and will be looking to "start fresh" when I return. Can't wait, as I had great success the first time around. Can't say that I'm excited about the addition of potatoes. Never ate them much in the past, and have fallen in love with sweet potatoes.
  4. I'm at day 12, and used dates during my long run (16mi) this weekend. They were like heaven and I couldn't help but smile every time I had one (probably because I wasn't used to the sweetness!). In the past I've also used dried apricots which travel well and don't bother the stomach.
  5. lmnett

    Starting February 21st - First Whole 30

    I'm starting on the 21st (today!) as well. My first time with Whole30. I'm in a little different place. Maybe about 8 years ago, I took control of my life and began exercising regularly. Since then, my eating habits and weight have cycled back and forth, but the exercise has always been there to help me stay on track. After finishing my first marathon last year, I've had a little trouble focusing and my eating habits and food choices have been terrible. And it's beginning to affect my running - the extra 15 pounds is hard on my joints, and I have little energy to put into the workouts. Time to get refocused, and I think this 30 day plan will really help. I'm hoping it will also help break a cycle that has led to increase migraines over the last three months. I wish you and me both luck!