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    Basic recipe FAILS....

    Quick question… I'm about to make the mayo, but I thought only the Extra-Virgin Olive oil was acceptable according to the shopping list… am I missing something? Thanks! Best of luck to the person with the original post!
  2. Maybe I'm just missing it, but I don't see anything about seasoning. Are healthy salts allowed? Seasonings are fine? (obviously no sugar etc.)
  3. That's very helpful. Thanks for your response! I feel good about which plan to start, and am ready to give this a good start!
  4. Ok, thanks. So just to clarify, you would recommend NOT adding the pastured organic, full fat, fermented yogurt, kefir? Sorry to keep hounding.
  5. Yes, but which Whole30? The Vegetarian or Omnivore Plan? I see dairy (pastured organic, full fat, fermented yogurt, kefir) is approved in the BEST section on the plan/shopping list for vegetarians. Thanks!
  6. Excited to start the Whole30 tomorrow! But I have a question about which plan/shipping list I should follow (and customize). I am a Pescatarian who also eats animal products (eggs, butter, cheese, some fats from meat, and even chicken and beef bone broth). I simply don't eat the flesh of red meat or chicken. While I appreciate all good intentions, I already understand the pro's of being an omnivore, so I'm not interested in further encouragement to eat meat, but I'm not sure which plan I should follow and customize. And will it still BE effective if I combine plans? My concern with going pescatarian and sticking with the Omnivore plan, is, will I get enough protein? And my concern with going with the Vegetarian Plan is, will I miss out on some of the great assets to this plan? Would I be in the clear to go with the Omnivore Plan, but swap the meats with the dairy allowed in the Vegetarian Diet? Thanks in advance for your advice!