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  1. tucky09

    Starting September 1 - Who's with me?

    Hi all.. end of day 3 here in au. Just finished a huge plate of roast chicken and veg. Delish. So far so so good today, yesterday however i feel i skipped the first stages of the timeline and went straight to 'kill all the things!!' My poor husband copped it.
  2. tucky09

    Starting September 1 - Who's with me?

    Hi all.. Well i'm off and running this morning on day 1. First meal of eggs, baby spinach and avo done and dusted. I have had a couple of false starts with the whole30 (not even making it a week in) feeling positive that this one will be a success! Renee
  3. tucky09

    Any other Australians?

    Well done Aussies! It's great reading about everyone's progress.. I'm in Melbourne... About to kick off on Monday 3rd (after a couple of false starts!!) I'm hoping getting active on the forum is going to be the missing link to help me get through. Renee
  4. tucky09

    March 3

    I'm planning on doing the bulk of my shopping tomorrow (Saturday) I haven't put too much thought into meals yet, just planning on getting lots of meat and veg and working from there. Sunday is my sister's bday celebrations so birthday cake and wine might be my final fling before Monday! What's everyone else got planned for their final weekend??
  5. tucky09

    March 3

    Hi everyone! I'm planning on starting whole30 on the 3rd of March also. Would be great to have some support/friends along the way. A facebook group sounds like a great idea! Cheers, Renee