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  1. I have a moderate case of fibro, IBS and CFS. I started my whole30 in March. It took about 3 months for my system to start recovering. My IBS is almost completely gone, my migraines have been reduced substantially. My CFS has not been impacted at all by the changes, but we are now doing further testing to ensure my sleeping is adequate to address those issues. As for the body wide pain, I can say that certain foods return me to my problem state. I added sweeteners and sugars back into my diet and found that it sends me into an endless spiral. My advice to anyone trying this out, if your autoimmune issues are significant it may take more than 30 days to reset the system, and may take more than 1 slip up to recognize your triggers...
  2. tj2650

    Is it true? White potatoes are now allowed?

    If this is true, why the change? The restriction made sense to me as I know at least 2 people allergies to white potatoes.
  3. I'm fighting the hard fight today. Didn't buy any of my favorite fruits during shopping for this week. Man this is nasty!!!! No more Larabars for me EVER!!! Sugar craving go away!!!
  4. Ok good to know. Was doing so good..., was shocked the cravings started, especially since I don't normally (outside the Whole30) crave sweets or juice.
  5. Ok, I did not notice this in the timeline. But I am at day 22, and no I don't have a headache today, so I figure my blood sugar is fine... Yet I am craving orange juice, or apple juice or something sweet. I have done really well following the meal plan. Only change was I added Larabars over a few days because I was travelling. Did the Larabars cause this? Or is this normal??
  6. I need a collection of fast WITH LEFTOVERS recipes because I need to work late most of next week. I do not have a slow cooker! Thanks
  7. tj2650

    "Creamy" sauces??

    Cannot do nutritional yeast as it triggers my migraines. Thanks for the awesome ideas.
  8. tj2650

    "Creamy" sauces??

    My husband is frustrated by NO creamy sauces, does anyone know any compliant recipes for WHITE sauces that I could use??
  9. tj2650

    Anyone on Pinterest???

    What are the best Whole30 boards to follow? Looking for inspiration and the boards I have found to follow all have: Paleo baked goods Dairy - like cheeses And so many other things I cannot have right now. I want to stay grounded, so need non-temptation inspiration. Thanks
  10. tj2650

    Why are we not allowed Snacks

    I am finding even when I am nauseous... So long as I stick to the snack template of meat plus fat plus veggie where able, I am doing pretty good!!! Today I could not eat large meals in AM, so I split my meal and ate every 3 hours until I stabilized and now it has been 8.. so I think I am mastering it. TJ
  11. If you read the Whole30 timeline you will see this is a normal step in the Whole30 process. Just because it may have taken you a little longer to hit this step than defined in the timeline does not mean it is an abnormal step. Not looking forward to this part of the process myself.
  12. tj2650

    What can I premake in batches and be ok

    So far I seem to be going through the produce pretty quickly.
  13. tj2650

    Running out of steam Day 23

    Why are you not drinking water?
  14. Thanks for these suggestions. Some I cannot try until after my Whole30 as they have honey in them others have the coconut aminos but I did manage to pull something together so we shall see how it turns out. My recipe had: Garam masala Fresh garlic Olive oil Raspberry balsamic vinegar (not flavored, I checked label, just made with raspberries as well as grapes) Apple cider vinegar Lemon juice Salt Pepper Hope it tastes good.