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    Being a wife (18 years) and a mom (of a 9 year old girl), Walking is a new interest :) . Volunteering my time at my daughter's school. Bible Study with my girlfriends. Socializing with friends. Cooking Whole 30 meals with my husband - it's fun to be in the kitchen together!!
  1. Hi maggyk! Thanks for your concern. Actually, being frustrated or disappointed would only work against me. Negativity would only sabotage my efforts. There are things in life worth being frustrated over, but cheating on W30 is not one of them. I'm looking at this as not just 30 days, but an entire overhaul of my health....exercising, too...for the rest of my life. . So, I'm just keeping upbeat and moving forward. Thanks for recognizing and supporting my efforts for this next go round. You WILL hear good results! I'm curious as to your next step. Are you going Paleo next or are you going W45 or W60? Good luck to you in your next stage!
  2. Thanks DJ and Derval.... The good news is starting over means I got to get on the scale so I know where my starting point is from here. I'd lost 10 lbs in those W30 days. So, that's a good way to get Day One up and going again. Thanks to you both for your "addagirl" encouragement! I CAN do this! ~ Jodi
  3. Hi All.... Well, W30 and I were getting along so well for so long. I was almost through the month...Then, pressure, stress, and a hectic schedule hit and BOOM....I CHOSE to eat a little birthday cake here, a little candy there, and a chip or two when no one was looking. But, instead of wallowing in my poor decisions, I have done some self-reflection. I will ponder on these to stay focused as I RESTART W30. None of this is rocket science and not any any particular order.... 1. Get my exercise in because it keeps me motivated to eat properly. 2. Keep my refrigerator and pantry stocked. 3. Pack snacks so I don't get over-hungry and make poor decisions. 4. Get my water in. I even bought a beverage dispenser a few weeks ago. I planned to cut up oranges or lemons or limes daily to put in my water dispenser so I don't get bored. I need to do it!! 5. Expect that I will be tempted and prepare for it. Put a plan in place for when I want to make poor decisions: - Play with my daughter and/or the dog, - Read THIS Forum to keep inspired and get ideas - Work on my Bible Study - Talk with my hubby or friends - Catch up on Facebook or Pinterest 6. Keep the temptations off the kitchen counter where they are easy to get to, and I can see them. 7. Read my Whole30 Daily...EVERY morning to start my day and keep me focused!! I started out doing that and then strayed away. I now know how important this is for me!!! 8. Don't skip meals. 9. Remember how awesome I feel every day that I eat properly. 10. Learn how to work the grill myself so I don't have to rely on hubby to whip something up for me....I know...I'm spoiled. I have a sweet man backing me up! 11. Don't get LAZY!! 12. Don't QUIT!! So, in my humbled spirit, knowing that I almost made it....I am starting Day 1 over again in the morning. Don't be me and have to restart when you are soooooo close to the finish line!! I'd love to know what strategies you are using to keep yourself motivated. Cheers to a successful Round 2!!
  4. Whole Foods

    I love Whole Foods! I do all my shopping there. The employees there are super helpful. When I was stocking up for Day One of W30, one of the guys there helped me find a couple of items I couldn't locate myself. He even gave me two hugs! Now that's service. I mean, seriously, have you ever been hugged by your grocer?
  5. Whole 30'ing Your Pantry?

    Oh, Janine! I thought I was the only crazy one who alphabetizes my spices. I'm glad I'm not alone. Great minds think alike!! Plus, it's easy to identify what spices you need when they are in alpha order!
  6. Whole 30'ing Your Pantry?

    My husband and I are on Day 17 of our Whole 30 journey. We love it!! With the beginning of school, I am a bit behind....I am just now clearing out my pantry. Of course, I am leaving some fun popcorn and pasta for our daughter. But, it feels good to throw out our "old life" food....who needs cereal and crackers? I'm finding space in the pantry for wonderful things like coconut shavings, balsamic vinegar, etc. I love seeing all our W30 food displayed nicely. It lifts my spirits...though they are already high!! Have you cleaned out your pantry yet??
  7. Going Strong at Day 14!!

    Thanks, Everyone for the kind words of encouragement. I'm having so much fun! Misschriss- If you do the cooking, make W30 meals. You're family may not even realize its w30! I made w30 mashed "potatoes" (cauliflower) and my 9 year old daughter ate them up! If nothing else, I hope you are enjoying the various recipes.
  8. Hi All!! My husband and I committed to Whole 30 by starting with the purchase of a nice, big grill. We started Whole 30 the next day. We have thoroughly enjoyed the journey so far, and tomorrow is Day 14 for us! I've relied on great Whole 30 recipes, Whole Foods Market, and my Whole Daily30 to get us through. It's been the easiest diet change I've ever made, but it looks the hardest. Who knew that I'd be okay without bread or cake?? Let me say one thing about Whole Daily30....I love it!! I can't wait to wake up each morning and check my Inbox to see what words of encouragement will be there waiting for me. It gets me revved up, focused, and going each day. So, I totally think that it's worth the $15, or whatever it costs! Plan to spend 15 minutes when you wake up getting psyched for the day!! In addition to Whole 30, I agreed to walk...because I'm not in any condition to run....a marathon with a girlfriend in late October. I have over 325 miles to walk and 20 fitness classes to attend for my marathon training. I am blessed to have 23 girlfriends who have agreed to walk with me! So, I bought new tennis shoes, and I've broken them in. It's been fun so far...even if I've had to get my walks in at 4:00 a.m. some days. So, Whole 30 and this marathon are the craziest things I've ever done, to be sure!! But, I haven't ever felt better about what I am putting in my body or what I am doing for my body. I hope everyone is enjoying their journey as much as we are! Don't forget to get some exercise in there along with Whole 30 and Whole's a great combination! Cheers! Jodi