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  1. This week I've made spicy tuna cakes (massive success) and crab patties (need refining). Both gorgeous. Thanks nom nom paleo. i have the app. I'm working through it before moving on to other people's recipes. I've made her mayo (yum!!) and I am going to have such fun with that and sweet potato chips. One of my favourite foods is hot chips with mayo. And I can still have that... if I make my own mayo. Happiness is mine! I am due to visit clients for supper. They've asked what I want to eat. I've said steak and sweet potato chips. They are repeat clients, so I think that they'll deliver. I'm enjoying Whole30 more than I thought that I would (though I am missing my red wine). Tonight, I could do with the red wine because my twins are both unwell with high temperatures. So, it's fizzy water with lime by the bucketful!
  2. Mars

    Cauliflower rice skeptic...

    Hmmm.... I cannot begin to describe how much I dislike cauliflower. Just the thought of it! However, if you are all caulirice converts, I will give it a go (and I will hold you all responsible if it's as awful as I'm expecting, but by the same token, I will sing your praises if it is not).
  3. SharynF.. do you have a recipe for your tomato sauce please? I love BBQ wings and ribs, and would love to make the BBQ sauce so that I can stay compliant with my wings. I'm making nom nom paleo's magic mushroom seasoning tomorrow. I forgot the chili flakes. Oops!
  4. Well I survived my biggest test to date. On Friday, my eldest son ordered a Thai takeout. I love that food. However, when it arrived my stomach started gurgling like crazy and then he opened the boxes and I felt ill. So that's a good sign. I was able to tuck into my chicken wings and sweet potato chips without wishing I was sharing his meal. I've bought anchovies to add salt as I don't think I can increase my budget to coconut amnios etc. Glad to see a BBQ sauce recipe as I was thinking about that today (what with the glorious sun shining down). Will go and read that linked thread for alternatives. I know what you mean about the American/English translations. I googled Cilantro and laughed when I discovered they mean Coriander. My gorgeous Exeter friend is the one who introduced me to the paleo way. It's been her lifestyle for the longest time. I'm just late to the party. lol Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!
  5. Mars

    Paleo baby-led weaning

    Semolina, mine did the same but now that the youngest are ten, they have suddenly widened their choices. My older ones all now eat a fabulous range of food and lots of lovely spices. BLW was a saviour for me and my twins.
  6. Mars

    Tummy troubles...

    so glad to read this. My paleo friend said it was probably just my body processing the change, so I'm not panicking.
  7. Welcome. I'm nowhere near any of you, but I'm marking my spot because I find it hard to source some of the ingredients, you know like amnio coconut and the fish sauce. I love cooking and have just discovered the nom nom paleo app, which is brilliant as it has a fabulous 30 meal planner. I'm not following it slavishly, but it is very inspiring. I adore cookbooks, so that works for me. I'm in London, btw, with a friend down in Exeter. Does that mean I can join? lol
  8. Mars

    CALLING ALL UK Whole30/Post-Whole30-ers!

    I do hope some of you pop back, cos the tips have been great. And I'm a newbie in need of UK tips!