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  1. TessTurbo

    Strategies for cookouts?

    Bring a super-filling veg side -- slaw with homemade mayo, salad, etc. -- to go with a compliant main. Chicken? Hamburger with lettuce & tomato? And eat a little something before you go, so that you aren't 'starving' when all the trigger foods scream your name.
  2. TessTurbo

    Can I eat this?

    Made this yesterday, and just ate a scoop over shredded apple for lunch. Yum! Thank you for the recipe. In the interests of full disclosure, I'm post Whole30, post re-intro, and still figuring out which are FWOBs and which, when eaten sparingly, I really enjoy. Ordinarily, I'd have no trouble polishing off the whole recipe in one sitting, but a quarter of the recipe was quite filling with the apple, so I'm not tempted to go back for more.
  3. TessTurbo

    Lenten Whole40: Reintroduction

    I have more energy with compliant eating, but I do branch out from time to time. I haven't found anything that really sends my digestive system over the edge when eaten in moderation (as I've mentioned, I think my intestinal flora have been re-set) but I have found plenty of FWOB. Cookies & pizza leap to mind. And this morning, hash brown potatoes. I ate until they were GONE, long after the point at which I was satisfied. Clearly, not the healthiest approach, even with the most nutritious of foods. What I do notice a big sensitivity to, is the sugar crash. When I do eat pizza, potatoes, etc. I pretty much know I'm going to need a nap later, or else risk fall asleep at whatever I'm doing. On days when a nap isn't possible, I do what I can to avoid those foods. It's a BIG crash. I don't want to be that person everyone constantly has to cater to. ("Happy birthday, Mom; let's go where *I* can get a decent meal.") There are times when I'm willing to go with the flow. I go to awards dinners and fundraisers sometimes where quite frankly, I eat within reason from whatever's served. If I eat dessert at a dinner, I enjoy that one piece, and rest easy knowing the remainder won't be sitting on my own kitchen counter when I get home. I have relatives who are on some kind of all-plant, no-oils diet, and they'll say "oh, don't trouble yourselves; we'll just eat whatever." Then if there's nothing available by their rigid standards -- I'd roasted the veg; they don't eat the light spritz of oil -- they'll sit there with empty plates, which makes others at the table feel self-conscious. Usually, the host gets up and tries to make something special, despite their protests. ("No trouble at all; really.") Since completing Whole30, when I cook, I plan & cook in my own best interests 90% of the time. When others do, I never request anything special. When I'm out, more often than not I'll order a salad with chicken on top, but if that isn't available, I enjoy whatever IS, without guilt. That balance seems to be working well for me.
  4. TessTurbo

    My new favorite sweet potato dish

    I've done it and they turn out fine.
  5. TessTurbo

    What kind of bacon is okay?

    Pedersens makes a sugar-free bacon which is available at Whole Foods. U.S. Wellness Meats also has one that's popular here. Other than that, just try to make friends with other meats at breakfast. I've put homemade tomato/meat sauce on an onion, pepper & zucchini omelette; it seemed less like hamburger for breakfast and more like an Italian omelette.
  6. TessTurbo

    Lenten Whole40: Reintroduction

    This weekend I've been our at a two-day road-racing competition and have eaten a pile of non-compliant foods. The truth is, I haven't had an adverse reaction, unless you count feeling super-full for a while. I think I've cleaned up my intestinal flora. Minimal non-compliant foods don't seem to bother me. I was furious at breakfast this morning when I discovered I was out of sweet potatoes... My face rash flared up a week ago right in the middle of a week of fully compliant eating, and this weekend has been exacerbated by being outside in the wind. The rash feels like windburn on its best day; being out in the wind makes it worse. But I'm not complaining too loudly: I earned a pole position by 3 seconds in wet conditions, then went on to my first win in six seasons during a hailstorm. (What tires am I supposed to use for THAT, anyway?!) It was 52 degrees, pouring & hailing, and I drove like my life depended on it. A great weekend overall. Back to compliant eating this Monday...
  7. TessTurbo

    The anti-Whole30

    Vile. /end_rant
  8. TessTurbo

    Non-meat Post WO?

    I'm allergic to just about every seafood, (who's allergic to TUNA, anyway?!) and don't eat organs, wild game, or lamb, so like you, I feel like I'm eating a ton of meat. Beef, pork, eggs & chicken. Yes, it gets old, but I change up the sauce, and pretend it's something more different than it actually is. This morning I had an omelette with peppers, onions, zucchini...and topped with compliant spaghetti sauce. Tomorrow it'll be the same thing minus the zucchini...topped with salsa & avocados. Good luck!
  9. TessTurbo

    Battling opposing viewpoints

    Kale DOES this to me, as do many other dark leafy greens. Needless to say, I avoid them. Which is what I wanted to tell the relative who told me that green smoothies are the best breakfast one can eat, but I used the term "intestinal distress" instead, and the relative thought I mean 'embarrassing flatulence' instead. But the next time I hear about it, I'm going for the full Monty. I've observed that the more graphic and TMI I get, the more quickly it shuts down uninvited criticism. Using terms like "blotchy, red stinging rash," "unbearably painful, room-clearing gas," or "violent diarrhea" are usually enough to get people to lay off trying to get me to eat something I've politely declined.
  10. TessTurbo

    dumb insurance questionnaire :(

    Oh, yes, low-fat mega-muffins, Olestra-laden frankenchips, low-fat greasy spread on my low-fat pasta... Very healthy, officer...
  11. TessTurbo

    Lenten Whole40: Reintroduction

    My whole face is itchy & fire-engine red this morning. No clue why. Ate too many weird things Sunday to isolate a single cause. And to be honest, this is a DIFFERENT problem than usual. The normal rash burns & stings, but doesn't itch. This itches & almost looks like hives. Not raised. Just blotchy. But I didn't eat anything unusual MONDAY; I was back to Whole30 with a vengeance, so this is some kind of delayed reaction...
  12. TessTurbo

    Lenten Whole40: Reintroduction

    Today I went to a wedding shower brunch and ate bacon & swiss quiche. (Dairy, flour.) And salad dressing that contained who-knows-what kind of oil. Plus crème fraîche in the soup. Wouldn't be able to isolate any single offender. So I said heck with it, ate the dessert (sugar), too, and will get back on the wagon Monday. It hasn't been that hard to stick with, when I have control over what I cook at home or order in a restaurant. Had a fantastic citrus Cobb salad on Tuesday night while out. Left off the cheese and it was compliant. Didn't ask about the dressing but it didn't taste sweet, so the worst thing in it was probably non-compliant oil, but we've already established that in some restaurants, that can't be avoided, so just make the best choices you can around it. I feel pretty good after the quiche and dessert, all things considered. Full, but not foggy, headachey, or overly bloated. No wind, either. Plus my face hasn't flared up. I did notice that the quiche, while good, was quite salty, so if I retain water tomorrow, that's the most likely cause. Tomorrow's brunch won't be any easier, though for dinner, my mom is baking a sweet potato, made sure everything she's putting on her pork loin is something I can have, will dot the broccoli with ghee, and asked me to bring a fruit salad the way I can eat it. (I plan to experiment with dates & Meyer lemon for a glaze...will let you know how that turns out.) I'm convinced that my worst enemies will turn out to be additives or something under the radar. Maybe just something in Coke Zero. I used to drink far more of that than I should. Eliminating nothing but THAT for 30 days would've probably done wonders for my overall health. I also learned today that a congenital heart defect runs in my family. Most of the men died at 60; the only one who made it past 60 was recently discovered to have this defect that can only be a fluke or congenital. Thankfully, through some of the volunteer work and teaching I've done, my heart has been ultrasounded dozens of times by med students and physicians, as recently as February. The way the defect was described (imagine more of a bicuspid valve than a tricuspid valve) everyone would've scratched their heads and adjusted their ultrasound screen if that's what they'd seen on mine. But nobody did that, not even the professors of medicine, who aren't there to give free medical advice, but who might take someone aside if they've seen an obvious anomaly in a heart and say, I didn't get a great look, and I'm an internist, not a cardiologist, but you may want to have that looked at.
  13. TessTurbo

    Salad dressing recipes or brands?

    Well Fed's Awesome Sauce is similar to Russian or thousand island. Not at all acidic. Sorta labor intensive, but so great on salads that I usually double the recipe.
  14. TessTurbo

    Lenten Whole40 support thread

    I ate pizza yesterday. Surprisingly, no adverse digestive effects, except for severe water retention this morning. How much salt is in that sauce, anyway?! My plans for a productive day that included a big cookup are derailed: no power. We went from 73 degrees and gorgeous yesterday to a tremendous power-killing windstorm now, to rain later, followed by snow. This is Michigan; it happens. Anyway, I have only raw chicken, cold soup, no lettuce, frozen beef... Gotta figure something out for the day.
  15. TessTurbo

    bacon and sausage

    Pedersen's bacon is available at Whole Foods. It doesn't contain sugar.