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  1. daisydaisy

    Whole30 Success While Pregnant

    Congratulations! I was wondering as I have been going through this whole30 how do-able it would be if pregnant, and how much hassle one might get from concerned relatives etc that you're dieting whilst pregnant, so good for you! I think it must really help to have some kind of focus like the whole30 to stop the daily ben and jerry's - there will alway be an excuse if you're pregnant!! Even though I don't have a 3 year old or a child on the way, I've still been looking for ways to make the cooking process as quick and painless as possible, and have totally fallen in love with my slow cooker (crockpot in the US). So much so that I've actually packed it amongst an otherwise small collection of stuff I'm taking to Perth when we move there next month (from the uk)! It turns out most recipes are easily adaptable - if you have the well fed cookbook, the cinnamon beef stew can be done in the slow cooker which reduces the faff and time spent cooking, and paleomg lists a few simple crockpot recipes http://paleomg.com/category/crockpot/, and basically just experiment! I guess the trick will be to buy one that's as big as humanly possible to be able to cook up in large batches! Mine should easily be big enough to cook for 4, but somehow there never seems to be much left over... Good luck!
  2. daisydaisy

    Feeling down about a restart

    It totally is worth it - but one/two/three/however many 'restarts' doesn't really matter as this isn't a one-time-only thing. Yes sure it's a pain, and it feels like a real shame when you try so hard for a couple of weeks to then have to restart, but just think of it as a continuation (albeit with a blip in the middle) of a much bigger picture, where you gradually get healthier and healthier! Use the forum as much as you need, it is full of support and people at different stages with different issues, I've been amazed by the level of support from everyone. Good luck!
  3. daisydaisy


    You absolutely can do this. Also, think how bloody proud of yourself you'll be if you see it through for 30 days. Try herbal teas - some can taste quite sweet (if you like liquorice), without hammering yourself on the coffee front, and obviously avoid the need for creamer. Perhaps break it down for yourself in stages - rather than thinking of 30 days, aim for 15, and then you might surprise yourself after day 15 and find the cravings have weakened... Good luck!
  4. Welcome and good luck! Although all of the 'rules' with the whole30 can seem stressful worrying about what you can/can't eat, in the long run it has really helped me to relax about counting calories/exercising to "burn off" the treats etc, safe in the knowledge that I am just eating well, and that the only things that are going down my gullet are good foods that can only be nourishing my body in one way or another. What a nice change! I was fairly 'paleo' for 7 months before this whole30 but the slip-ups were getting out of control and were at times way worse than I'd ever been eating pre-paleo, so this has been in many ways a month of peace on the food choice front. No willpower required as there's no "just a little bit" of this that or the other - it's a simple "no". Yes there will be challenges along the way in the form of friends/colleagues etc asking difficult questions - or being downright rude or deliberately undermining your efforts, but stay strong, as you will be rewarded and will feel so much better mentally as well as physically. It's exciting!
  5. daisydaisy

    I want to give up

    Please don't give up! You won't regret sticking with it - and it totally is doable! I had the same grumpy patches as you, but have faith that they will pass. Perhaps try some herbal tea - either 'fruity' blends, or liquorice (if you like it) that has quite a sweet taste without any actual sugar. But also, I'd echo what Audrie says - do something to distract yourself from thinking about food. It is so so easy to become a bit obsessed, which can intensify the cravings, but if you force yourself to go outside or occupy your mind doing something more positive, even though you know you're tricking yourself, it still sort of works! The fact you have someone doing it with you should help rather than hinder - support each other, and encourage each other to keep going, rather than using it as an opportunity to talk endlessly about how much you miss certain foods etc which will only make the process seem more difficult! I'm sure you can both do this together, so good luck.
  6. daisydaisy

    Beef Jerky

    Waitrose sell beef jerky (billtong) that has nothing but salt and spices added, can't remember the brand I'm afraid - but having just come back from south africa I have realised how relatively expensive it is! It is good for an on the go snack though that keeps fit ages.
  7. daisydaisy

    Late to the August whole30 party!

    Can't believe I'm now on day 26... nuts! I really really struggled whilst working away in South Africa for a couple of weeks - not from cravings or anything to do with my own willpower, but rather really struggled to ensure my food was 'whole30 friendly'. Pretty sure therefore that there was some unintended consumption of wheat or dairy, and almost certainly sunflower oils etc that food was cooked in, but there was absolutely nothing I could do about that, so just hoping that it was in such small amounts (I always made my own lunch, so at least one meal in three was good!) and am continuing onto a whole45 so fingers crossed will still continue to reap the benefits, before drinking a celebratory glass of wine! Also got ill whilst I was working away, so currently trying to eat as much as possible to improve my health asap, but one thing I can say for sure about the whole30 - even when feeling ill, I still have way more energy and positivity than I was used to having previously, so still definitely worth persevering... May jump on the scales at day 30 (I know I shouldn't but can't resist), but will continue the whole30 stringency for a bit longer - and will definitely continue blogging as I've found it really helps. Hope everyone else is having a great experience/has had a fantastic whole30! I'm so disappointed that I had a couple of weeks in the middle where I couldn't always eat as well as I'd like - but it certainly has made me so appreciative of my own whole30 cooking - so much tastier!!
  8. daisydaisy

    Whole 30 - Peace!

    What a great story, congratulations! I love that this whole experience has helped you find that inner 'calm' and confidence in yourself. I have been feeling the same, but hadn't really attributed it to diet - but think you're right, as I had previously been aware that 'bad' food certainly made me feel like crap, in particularly it had a strong mental impact and I'd start feeling quite down - but now feel 'light' and free, with so much more positivity. Good luck with the future!
  9. daisydaisy

    Newbie - Making My Introductions

    Hello, congrats on finishing the 30 days! Have you compared any before/after results? I've been off the radar for a while as have been working away in South Africa. I managed to keep a blog, but couldn't get onto the forum. I'm still 'on' the whole30, and tried to do my utmost to eat as cleanly as possible, but sadly it is so so hard when eating at the hotel every day etc. I always made the best decisions, made a DIY salad every day, was a total pain in the arse to dine with given my long list of tweaks to the menus etc, but there's still no knowing for sure that the food you're given is dairy/wheat free etc... so with that in mind, I'm going to keep going past day 30 (I'm on day 24 today, can't believe it) to try and flush out the 2 weeks of working abroad. All I know is that it was very stressful not being able to cook my own meals and know exactly what I was eating... this whole thing has made very particular about what I eat, and I got quite upset not being able to eat awesome meals that I'd gotten quite good at making! On the way home yesterday stopped off at Tescos and was genuinely so excited to be able to buy whatever veg and meat I wanted and cook up, and rushed home to make a great meal. The long haul flights/lack of sleep etc meant that I caught a bug whilst working away, and as I was eating my first meal at home, it was as if I could feel my body thanking me! Even though I think I managed to stay pretty much whole30 'compliant', I certainly wasn't eating as well or as much good food as I would otherwise cook for myself, so am prolonging the whole30 into a whole45, when I'm having a leaving party and alcohol will pretty much be a definite must! Anyway, looking forward to hearing your 30 day summary!
  10. daisydaisy

    Late to the August whole30 party!

    You must have finished your 40 days by now (?) so congratulations! Hope you're reaping the benefits! I've been enjoying the success stories from yesterday/today, very motivating... 12 days in and feeling good, it's getting so much easier, but feels like I've been doing this for AGES now!
  11. daisydaisy

    Suzy's Whole30

    Great story, congratulations! Good luck with the future!
  12. daisydaisy

    Success! (Results plus Home Makeover Edition)

    LOVE this idea of constantly building on improving your health step by step. What a great story, congratulations!
  13. daisydaisy

    Day 31

    Congratulations, what a great story! I know a big 'issue' some people have with paleo is the additional expense for eating better reared meat, decent oils and fats, etc - but if you do tend to splurge on the extras like eating out then it can actually end up being a reduction in cost. I found that pre-whole30 despite trying to eat better meat and veg I was still buying the expensive treats (organic icecream etc... it's still icecream!), but also by cutting out drinking on nights out with friends has drastically cut my costs - no taxi home required (I drive into town) and soda water is free! Never thought in a million years eating whole30-style could actually be cheaper!! Good luck for the future!
  14. daisydaisy

    Holy moly, didn't expect these results!!

    Brilliant news, congratulations on the whole30 successes, baby included! Whatever contributes to the feeling of generally feeling awesome (whether it's weight loss/clear skin/better mood) is a definite WIN! Thanks for the motivation (I'm on day 12), and good luck with the next 9 months + of eating well!
  15. daisydaisy

    Whole30 Before and After

    Fantastic! I'm on Day 12 so still a way to go, but it has been great to read the end of August success stories. I'm starting to feel inexplicably 'happier', even when on a night out which everyone else drinking loads, so I know what you mean. It's hard to explain but is a totally great thing... good luck with continuing your healthy journey!