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  1. @Jmb369 Oh, I hope alls well in your home again with your dog and husband. Family first is definitely something difficult to choose sometimes. Good for you keeping up with it all! It was truly a wonderful recharge vacation! We have so many hiking places that are about over an hour away. The problem is that they're over an hour drive away---some even 2 hours away. I know, it's a lazy thought. We actually took our bikes along a greenbelt yesterday and rode 5 miles along a really nice/hot/semi-shaded path with about a few hundred others. It wasn't too crowded. I'm looking in to getting a few things to put on my mountain bike so I can ride it more this summer. Whole30 has definitely helped me free myself from the bondage of gluten. Best wishes on your journey!
  2. I'm so glad to hear you're staying strong on day 28! Alcohol has been one of the items I haven't missed entirely. I miss the wineries, but not the ill feeling I get a little while after or even the next day. My body's probably had way to much gluten/sugar in it to really enjoy wine any more. I'm continuing another whole30 though. Best wishes on your reintroduction.
  3. @Jmb369 Thanks for your thoughts! It sounds like you were getting in an excellent night's rest! I wish I could say the same during my vacation. LOL We enjoyed our trip, but it was exhausting too. We did a LOT of hiking! It looks like this thread is officially done for. It was great to start with everyone...kept me going. And....I can honestly say, I hung in there with all things Whole30 while on vacation until about last Tuesday when I had cheese and sour cream. We had taco salads and cheese potatoes cooked over the open fire. From that point on, it was a dairy fest. I did notice that I lost 4 pounds (Even with being on vacation) and 11 inches. I also learned that gluten is not for me, and possibly even all grains. So, it's a win-win, even though I didn't complete a Whole30. Maybe more like a Whole20. I'm doing another Whole30 starting July 1st, but I'm also starting team training. I have my evaluation tomorrow with a personal trainer to help me with nutrition and other stats. I'm anxious to find out what the PT has to offer. Best wishes to all!
  4. @Jmb369 Glad to hear you're still here! Sleep and water are definitely the keys that have helped this time around for me too. Good for you! No matter what number of day it is for you, I'm glad you're still going strong! Life without gluten, corn, and grains has been difficult but amazing at the same time. Thanks for the link! I'll read through it. Energy, on the other hand, is still...meh. I get up in the morning and get things done, but naps are getting to be required in the afternoon. That might be because I've been sleep deprived and under a lot of stress over the past school year-----I was teaching AND finishing my masters degree. But the basic bloating, fatigue, and just feeling like crap all day long seems to be dissipating. I'm thinking it'll take 30 days to try to detox my body and brain, and then another 30 days to find my energy.
  5. day 17 It's a bit quiet here. I hope everyone's out enjoy the sunshine and busy with life. Am I the only one left here? Hmm....hope not.
  6. Day 15---HALF WAY There! The $20 table is officially curing and done from being refinished. My husband's going to widen the holes under the base to put in new adjustable pads so it will sit level. Food's going well. Water's going well. Exercise is going...well. I'm basically warn out at the end of the day from keeping busy. So sleep is going great too. I started feeling a little cramping in my legs yesterday and had a small pickle. Leg cramps left almost immediately. I'm currently making a shopping list of things to pack for our camping trip next week. I'm not completely nervous about going camping while on Whole30, I've done it before, but I've also had issues. I'm trying to pack food for fuel and keeping in mind that we'll get to hike, fish, and see beautiful scenery; so it's not all about the food, but more about just enjoying the time away from the busy/crazy life we lead. I hope everyone's enjoying their day! @Jmb369 Water is that essential part we all need....and I'm really good at not drinking enough. It's great to hear you started on the 12th! Glad you're still with us too! You've got this! This will be my 9th year teaching 3rd grade. No summer school teaching for me. I've spent the past 5 years taking classes during the summer. This is the first summer I don't have to take anything. And I'm loving it! @JTCarlson Yay on making a plan for getting your water in! I hear ya. It's the same for coffee for me during the school year. I cringe when I get to my classroom wondering what I did with my coffee. Water seems to help me this Whole30. I'm not so focused on food. I hope you get your water in today!
  7. Day 14 I'm still hanging in there with eating and drinking on plan. Right now it's mind over matter and the fact that it's taken me 14 days to wake up, get out of bed, and not feel like I need to go back to sleep. Fatigue feels like it's basically gone. I'm ready for bed by 9:00 but still, I'm not feeling like I'm walking around in a dazed and confused state of mind. My mood's shifting toward the happy side but I still overthink things. My stomach doesn't feel as bloated. I wear workout clothes all day long, even if I have to go to the store. I don't have a self-conscious issue when I'm not worried about what others think of me or what I look like in public. But, I do dress up for work. My 18s fit without sucking it in. I have size 16s pants for work ordered and on their way. I'm like a kid getting ready for back-to-school already, even though summer break just started. If I don't get the things I need now, I won't have time later. I've been drinking about 96 ounces of water a day. I'm aiming for a gallon, but my brain's not making it happen. I take my water bottle every where I go, pee just about every restroom I can find if we go any where, and drink as much as I can....and I still can't get in a gallon. I think once the weather heats up, maybe that'll happen. I'm probably just as hydrated enough as it is. No constipation here! The $20 table is looking AMAZING (If I do say so myself). So far I've spent almost $20 in supplies to refinish it. I just need two more coats of polyurethane and curing time to allow for the hardening to happen. I'm hoping the weather will warm up to help the process. @JTCarlson I haven't been "good" at refinishing much in my life, unless it's a cake, then I'm all about just finishing it. I've needed a hobby this summer, one that would keep me out of trouble. I'm not sure this one has... LOL Sounds like everyone's working on their goals and making plans. It's awesome to hear! I hope there's more of us still hanging in the June Whole30. I'm most positive I'll be extending into July without adding the foods I've been without.
  8. @SugarcubeOD No body died. Money changed hands. Coffee was my copilot. @jpags99 You've had a rough go at a Whole30 this time with so much to deal with. I'm glad to hear you have a plan and ready for your next Whole30. It's definitely a learning process, learning to listen to our bodies. @Jmb369 I'm impressed at your daughters yard sale abilities! We had similar weather this week----even hail! Weird spring weather we're having for sure. Day 11 The yard sale was a $300 success for selling junk. Our junk has a new home and we have fun money/gas money for vacation. Why does spending a whole day doing a yard sale feel worse than actual work? I'm sure it's just me. We're done for the year. This was the first day I've woken up without feeling like I can't wake up or survive the day. Today I bought a $20 used round kitchen table from a local yard sale (Yeah, I know...there goes my "fun money". But I have a hobby now.), that has an extension to expand into a lovely table. It needs some work (I have time and in need of a hobby), but the hardware (authentic metal wheel turns and locks underneath), and the details of the table are just impressive! It has really good wood "bones" and just needs a face lift. I'll start sanding on it and deciding to either just add a poly. coat or stain once I can see what it looks like. So I have a hobby for the week to try to keep my brain focused on "when's food". Cheers for the week ahead!
  9. I'm here! Day 9 Cravings have been horrible, but PMS has been even worse. The combination of the two hasn't been great. No fruit today and upped my protein and fat at each meal to try to keep from kill-all feels happening. I'm drinking water with sliced lemon and ginger to help with cramping and watching Netflix in between taking things out to the garage for our yard sale tomorrow. Whole30 + TOM = whattheheckwasithinkingugh! This too shall pass. Fake . Tomorrow's our yard sale. I have a "get off my lawn" attitude. I better just hide out today.
  10. Day 7 Went for a walk around the track this morning. I ended up walking up and down the bleachers on the odd number of laps, and ran the curves every time. So, is this a good NSV to count as...I have more energy now than I did before I started Whole30 with all the grains, sugar, and alcohol running through my system? We're going to have a yardsale this weekend to try to raise money for an up coming vacation, and get rid of a lot of junk. I plan on taking padding my grocery budget with some of those proceeds. We have a couple of farmer's markets in my area, but they are so overpriced it's not worth the effort. Off to the grocery store to pick up more vegetables for the rest of the week and weekend. @Jmb369 The scale is definitely a temptation. Getting past the idea that the scale doesn't define the worth or work we're putting in is challenging. The closest one one of those stores is over an hour away from where I live. It's interesting to hear what others have available in their country! @jpags99 That's a great NSV to have! I normally have a little acne around my chin line, and it's gone. Acne at 44. ugh. I hope everyone's doing well today!
  11. Day 6 I woke up tired because I went to bed at 1 after watching 4 episodes of Making of a Murderer with my husband. It's a good thing I had a nap yesterday. Dinner is a roast with onions and garlic with a salad and green beens. Hit the treadmill and got in my first work out for C25K running---slow as a turtle I am. I ended up staying on the treadmill for an hour watching tv. I think I'll take a short nap (watch 1 episode of MM), and then get started on my chores. I love summer breaks! I hope everyone's enjoying their day. I almost forgot....I made riced cauliflower yesterday with (bacon grease), garlic, and seasonings, and parsley. I had it for 2 meals....and I now need to buy more. It came in a frozen package and I can't remember the name, but it was awesome.
  12. Day 5.... Not so cranky today. Maybe because I'm finally able to sleep better? The head hunger monster's not so apparent, but I'm trying to keep busy too and I have some energy back. I went for a 2.5 mile walk this morning. My goal is to be able to get back into running. Some strange guy was walking towards, talking to himself. I figured I could probably sit on him but running away wasn't going to happen. He ended up being harmless. As I got closer, I realize he was carrying an extra large fountain drink in one hand and a hot dog in the other. I was hopeful that I could out run him. Dinner tonight will be grilled chicken thighs, chopped apples w/cinnamon, Romaine salad w/ tomatoes, peppers, and homemade dressing----my husband got out the immersion blender last night for whatever he was concocting and I'll play with it some more today. What's for dinner?? This cooking at home every day during the summer thing is foreign to me. @jpags99 Oh the joys of Florida "heat". I remember my skin looking amazing when I lived in PC, Florida in my early 20s. Now, in my 40s, living in the dry heat of Idaho, I look either on point or homeless. There's really no in between. @Georgina2 That looks amazing! I have cast iron as well. They're used quite often. Glad you're getting your rest! I hope you can take an outside break in the sunshine today.
  13. Glad it wasn't so bad for you today! It'll probably come in waves. Thanks. I really need energy now to get things done---we have a storm coming in and my garden hasn't been touched since last fall. It's just mentally too much work. Sounds like a great idea to wait a week or so. Definitely celebrate each day completed. Happy Dance must matter where we are or what we're wearing.
  14. I'm told it will pass. But, I dunno, maybe crankiness will drive us to the end. It's because we have dry-heat compared to your "lovely" Humid-hot in Florida. And, I hate cooking. It's easier to have soup and salad. LOL
  15. You're welcome. It's what we all need. Keep going. You got this!