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  1. I find that if I'm not getting enough of my good Whole30 type foods, I am opening myself up to all the other stuff. When I am truly eating to the point of being satiated, I don't tend to crave or even want the sugary stuff. Maybe get back to your template and make sure you're still incorporating all your good Whole30 stuff that you love? This is coming from a place of positivity (nourishing your body) rather than negativity (i.e. punishing yourself for "slipping").
  2. hockeymom

    Eating during a military exercise

    What about baby food pouches? Those would keep shelf stable like MREs and they are inexpensive.
  3. hockeymom

    April 7th is the big day!

    Awesome!!! Today is actually Day 32 for me! I did cave and weigh myself yesterday and was thrilled and shocked that I had lost 6 lbs! But really, it's not even that. I feel awesome without all that stuff, I think the gluten and the dairy were REALLY weighing me down and giving me trouble (digestive, skin, headaches, etc not to mention crappy mood swings!). Congratulations Inlander, and all who made it to Day 30, what an awesome accomplishment!!!
  4. hockeymom

    Freezer Containers/Techniques

    If I'm storing things in ziploc bags in the freezer, I try to always double bag them which helps protect against freezer burn. I put 1lb ground meat in a 1-quart freezer bag, then put several of those inside a gallon freezer bag, seal and freeze. I am going to look into the foodsaver mentioned above though, never heard of it!!
  5. hockeymom

    Anyone grow their own vegetables?

    Lots of great ideas here, thanks everyone!
  6. hockeymom

    Is this going to be expensive?

    Agree with Missmary, when you take away all the junk food and drinks, etc. I really don't think this has to be expensive. Without any packaged foods, snacks, grains, cereals, fancy almond milks, etc. (not to mention expensive happy hours) I haven't felt any pinch at all in my food budget. Good luck to you, I would encourage you to pick a day and start. You will not regret it!!
  7. hockeymom

    April 7th is the big day!

    I gotta say, I am a little nervous about adding stuff back in. From what I understand, gluten may cause a lot of stomach pain at first. I don't think I'm going to rush to add any one thing, I feel great without all of it. The only thing I can think about adding right now is ice cream. Actually, I've been thinking about that since Day 1. LOL
  8. hockeymom

    April 7th is the big day!

    Yep, definitely experiencing lots of other positives, so I'm not too hung up on the weight part. Someone just told me a little while ago "you've really lost weight, I can tell!" so maybe I'm just not noticing the subtle changes. I am normally about 145 at my (maintainable) fittest, and I was about 159 when I started this, so about 10-15 lbs would be my ideal loss. And I agree, seems like a lot of people need to go beyond 30 days, which I am planning to do. I LOVE the way I am eating and sleeping and my skin has never looked so clear. Congrats Inlander, how exciting that you're back in your old jeans!
  9. hockeymom

    April 7th is the big day!

    Day 26, wow where has the time gone!?!?! I only wish I was seeing more physical changes. My body does not appear to have changed other than maybe a little water weight gone. How are the rest of you doing?
  10. I use homemade mayo with some shredded chicken, chopped egg or tuna, and put that on top of my salad in lieu of dressing. I have become a big fan of this!
  11. hockeymom

    April 7th is the big day!

    Today is DAY 22! I can hardly believe it, I feel like we're in the home stretch. Last night I had my first "cheat" dream. I was at this great whole/fresh/organic foods type restaurant and they had all these weird concoctions (like granny smith apples sliced and sprinkled with dry ranch dressing packets--????) and of all things I dug into a big bowl of this bland, weird ice cream and then I was like "Oh no, I have to start over on day 22!?!?!" Incidentally, the one thing I can't wait to have at the end of this is a big bowl of ice cream from our local dairy farm. But I'm with you guys, this is definitely the start of something great for me. The amount of time shopping/prepping is a lot, but the resulting meals are so delicious and I feel so good without most of these ingredients! The one other thing I am really looking forward to is not having hives (metaphorically speaking) every time someone suggests eating out. I can scrutinize the menu and request special things, but I don't have to miss out completely. That will be nice.
  12. hockeymom

    My mother was wrong...

    Awesome post!!!! Very inspiring!!!!!!
  13. hockeymom

    I love fruit and nuts... HELP

    I keep my lunch at my desk in a great big insulated lunchbag with a cold pack. Like the others, I pack a great big salad with a tiny container of dressing inside and a hard cooked egg. I also made paleo mayo, and with some of the chicken that I roast on Sunday, the mayo and some spices I make up a chicken salad - tops a green salad instead of dressing. Or tuna would be just as good. I also made up a huge batch of W30 compliant chili (ground beef, fire-roasted organic tomatoes, sauteed peppers and onions, adobo) on Sunday so I could heat lunches for my thermos during the week. If you heat it up super hot before you put it in the thermos, it will stay very warm! I will slice and cook up some compliant chicken sausage in a skillet with some sliced carrots and broccoli and make a big stir-fry. It tastes great without even needing anything else - that could go in a thermos too.
  14. hockeymom

    Super Emotional

    Breakfast continues to be a struggle for me as well. I think years of eating sweet, sugary breakfasts has left me without a taste for savory foods first thing in the morning. However I have found that sweet potato hash seasoned with adobo (along with fried eggs, avocado, etc) is very appealing at breakfast time. This is my go-to veggie on mornings that I just can't stomach any others.
  15. hockeymom

    My year old wardrobe

    Awesome Dave!!!! What a great feeling.