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  1. almondjoyless

    Help labeling my sensitivity (sensitivities)?

    I sure hope not. Sensitivity to nightshades, FODMAPS, AND fructose looks a whole lot like "no more fruits and vegetables."
  2. Hi all, R3D4 here. I've discovered a list of foods that I am definitely sensitive to (gas/GI upset), but I can't figure out what, if anything, they have in common. It seems like they each belong to a different major category. Any help you could offer would be appreciated! -Bell peppers (nightshade - but tomatoes seem fine) -Apples (fructose? I know I'm extremely sensitive to aspartame and other artificial sugars, so maybe?) -Lactose (another vote in the "fructose" category, but it's fine in small doses as long as I haven't just finished a Whole30) -Cabbage and onion (FODMAPs - but soy seems fine) Any insights? I'm trying to draw a Venn diagram that accounts for all this, ideally the smallest diagram possible because this thing is tough enough to stick with even *with* my delicious, delicious onions. Thanks folks.
  3. almondjoyless

    What can I do with hearts of palm?

    Thanks Shannon. I had tried googling and didn't have a lot of luck, so I thought I'd poke my head in here. The dip looks interesting; I'll check it out.
  4. I bought a jar and have been eyeing it warily. I like them in salads, sort of, but is there anything beyond "chopped up at room temperature"?
  5. almondjoyless

    What to order at a Sushi restaurant?
  6. almondjoyless

    How does the moderator system work?

    The more you know. Thanks!
  7. almondjoyless

    How does the moderator system work?

    Do you guys rotate days or weeks? Are you each in charge of a particular sub-forum? Do you just browse and respond when you feel compelled? Just curious!
  8. almondjoyless

    Cheat 'coupons'??

    I like it, especially if you think there's a chance you'll go seriously off the tracks once "forbidden" foods are back on the table. I've found that many of my Whole30 diet changes stuck (if you are what you eat, I'm now 80% sweet potato) but I'd probably go off-roading less frequently if I knew there were a limited number of times I could do it.
  9. almondjoyless

    The anti-Whole30

    Bear in mind that science is the reason we know about things like vitamins and minerals. I think the public has too little faith in science and the scientific method, not too much. (See, for example, the anti-vaccine movement.) If there was more funding available for nutrition research, we could make decisions based on actual evidence, rather than anecdotes and our intrinsic but highly fallible biases (for example, confirmation bias).
  10. almondjoyless

    The anti-Whole30

    "Well, that's just, like, your opinion, man." I kid (mostly), but I haven't seen any real data suggesting that this is the case. In this (admittedly hypothetical) example, nutrition is covered. It's quite different from subsisting on fast food; it's taking care of bodily necessities in a different way. Food itself isn't a priority for some people. If they can do right by their bodies without the time investment, why wouldn't they be as "real" (whatever that means), happy, and healthy as anyone else?
  11. almondjoyless

    The anti-Whole30

    I LOVE food. But sometimes I'm in a hurry and just can't be bothered (except then I'm hungry and cranky, so I am bothered). If this (or something like it) was tested up, down, and sideways and was proven safe and a complete source of nutrition (and I'm highly skeptical), I could see myself using it on occasion.
  12. almondjoyless

    The anti-Whole30

    Came across this article in the Atlantic today: If there was a beverage that was scientifically shown to provide all necessary nutrition without any negative long-term effects, would you drink it?
  13. almondjoyless

    acceptable sugar

    Yes, naturally occurring sugars are allowed. If everything on the ingredients list is compliant, the food is compliant. (Unless it's Paleo-fied dessert, in which case don't do that.)
  14. almondjoyless


    If you haven't, check out Overcoming Binge Eating by Chris Fairburn. He's a professor at Oxford and widely considered one of the world's leading experts on eating disorder treatment.
  15. almondjoyless


    So sorry to hear you're struggling so badly. Some CBT-based advice, if you're interested: Take your binge foods out of the house. Leave credit cards at home so you aren't tempted to buy binge food while out and about. Plan some fun, eating-incompatible distractions for times when you're particularly vulnerable. Make sure you eat enough at each meal to keep you satisfied, and if you start to get too hungry, eat a mini-meal or satisfying snack. Last, honestly consider whether you might have a case of