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  1. almondjoyless

    Help labeling my sensitivity (sensitivities)?

    I sure hope not. Sensitivity to nightshades, FODMAPS, AND fructose looks a whole lot like "no more fruits and vegetables."
  2. Hi all, R3D4 here. I've discovered a list of foods that I am definitely sensitive to (gas/GI upset), but I can't figure out what, if anything, they have in common. It seems like they each belong to a different major category. Any help you could offer would be appreciated! -Bell peppers (nightshade - but tomatoes seem fine) -Apples (fructose? I know I'm extremely sensitive to aspartame and other artificial sugars, so maybe?) -Lactose (another vote in the "fructose" category, but it's fine in small doses as long as I haven't just finished a Whole30) -Cabbage and onion (FODMAPs - but soy seems fine) Any insights? I'm trying to draw a Venn diagram that accounts for all this, ideally the smallest diagram possible because this thing is tough enough to stick with even *with* my delicious, delicious onions. Thanks folks.
  3. almondjoyless

    Soy Sauce Slip: Start Over?

    My understanding is that if it was an accident, you don't need to start over. Maybe a moderator can correct me on this.