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    Question about kombucha

    I've noticed a slight, okay a big, buzzing effect from it. I'm a lightweight hands down, so I get a little woozy feeling from Kombucha. My favorite is the Cranberry or Gingerberry from GT. I can drink an entire bottle to myself in one sitting, which is fine I guess but it does give me a little tummy bloat. Wash it down with some water I guess.
  2. Rachael Taylor

    Sugar Free Gum

    Well. That BBC video did the trick. I don't chew gum that often, and of course not since starting Whole30, but it was mostly just out of being too lazy. I never had a pack around. I'd make a terrible chain smoker. I can't believe I ever actually swallowed the stuff. I know I did at some point in my life, several times. YUCK.