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  1. veromama

    Day 20 and still bloated!!

    Thanks! Wow, quite a list there are a lot of things I recognize from what you write and I'm working on them. The last 2 days I filled a large lemonade jar with water and a slice of lemon and put it on the table. This way I don't forget drinking. And I'm really trying to make meals as relaxed as possible, paying attention to chewing properly. This is a hard one and I won't solve it until the weekend. But I am aware of it and there's already progress. I had another terrible night and it already started before I hit the bed. I slept 3x half an hour before it all got better around 5:30am. Luckily baby slept very well and only woke to nurse 2x. I had excruciating pain and it came and went. At some point I started to panick and wanted to wake my husband, because I couldn't even find a position to ease it. I had very bad diarrhea and also had to throw up. This was really strange and thick. I was constantly thinking what changed. Than I realized it: the past days I suddenly increased my fish intake. And quite dramatically. I think my body couldn't handle the big change. So today no fish and so far I feel good. The strange thing is that even though I barely slept for 2 days, I feel good during the day and my mood is great. I'm patient with the kids and do every kind of things. Also my milk supply is just great, no drop. Another good thing: without eggs, nuts, onions and bananas, it's going great. No bloating, barely any gas. I think I will wait still a couple of days to make sure the nightly stomach disstress is gone, than I will try to add back eggs. Wish me luck
  2. veromama

    Day 20 and still bloated!!

    I had the most horrible night! I woke up with heavy stomach pain. It was so bad that even my back hurt. It was in my stomach area, but a little bit to my left. My belly was also very full, so I tried to give myself a massage. Than the diarrhea started. After two hours of mysery (and feeding my baby in between) it finally got better. I fell asleep for half an hour only to wake up with even more pain. Again diarrhea and also nausea (didn't throw up though). By the time it was over it was already morning and baby got awake. The rest is still sleeping so I have some time to recover. I had the same pain (but without the diarrhea) a week ago also after we ate out for lunch. But than it came within an hour after eating. We did eat dinner at my father-in-law's but they had the soup where they didn't use any stock powder and I had only the salad besides my own food. Could it be my gall bladder protesting? I am a little bit fed up to be honest. It's such a rollercoaster ride and I am already sleep deprived. I felt so great yesterday... Grrrr....
  3. veromama

    Day 20 and still bloated!!

    Thank you both for the suggestions and input. I really appreciate all the help here as I am doing this alone. I am now 2 days without eggs and nuts. I woke up feeling amazing! I had the feeling that I could take over the world and I did a lot of things! I got a small problem with some gas starting in the afternoon and it turned into a full bloated feeling by the evening. Here's what I ate today: M1: tuna on a bed of salad greens, red pepper, tomatoes, olives, cucumber. Dressing was evoo, ground black pepper and lemon juice M2: we ate out and the only compliant food I found was grilled peppers, zuccini and eggplant. I took an orange-banana shake as well. Not ideal, I know. M3: grilled chicken with roasted sweet potatoes in coconut oil M4: mixed veggie soup, grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, big salad, 1 apple and 1 banana (i went a little overboard with the fruits today) I realized that I was not clear about the fat in my meals before. Sorry about that. When I have a salad, I always use evoo and lemon juice combo for dressing. And I roast my veggies in coconut oil. But looking back, I might need to add some more fat actually. I think my milk supply is okay, but I think I'm losing weight as well.
  4. veromama

    Day 20 and still bloated!!

    Thanks! I didn't see a pattern until now with tomatoes and peppers. I will pay attention. I made ground beef in "red coconut milk" and a salad with greens, tomatoes and peppers, but this time no onions. And I am not bloated any more. I think I will avoid bananas, apples, onions, eggs and nuts for now and see what happens. If it's not helping, I will cut out raw veggies and nightsades too. If it is helping, I will try adding them in one by one. Good luck to you too on your search. It can be overwhelming sometimes...
  5. veromama

    Day 20 and still bloated!!

    Thanks for the extra tip. I try to add now also some cooked/roasted veggies to every meal. Even though I have a feeling that salad is not doing anything bad. I have found one culprit: cashews. I couldn't help myself and had a handful two days ago before going for my evening ritual. Within an hour the mild bloating that I already had, increased quite a lot. Other things I suspect at the moment: bananas, onions and eggs. But here's what I ate yesterday: M1&2: can of tuna on a bed of green leafy veggies, red bell pepper, lots of olives and olive oil. Also 1 apple after meal 2 Than mayhem struck, so my 3rd meal was kind of scattered. I grabbed what I could: small portion of home-made beef jerky, 1 hb egg, banana, large boiled beetroot M4: roasted pumpkin, ground beef stew with tomatoes, small salad I drank more than usual and it seems to help already a lot! I got bloated in the afternoon, that's why I suspect bananas and/or eggs. I also realized that I was really stressed out from the fact that I am not able to sit down and enjoy every meal in a normal fashion. And I felt the pressure that the 30 days are almost over and I haven't addressed that problem yet. With this realization came quite some calm. Also I used to be the girl who ate anything and everything, never an issue. Now I'm becoming the "problematic one". But I started to see it as an exercise in not caring about what others think. I guess that whole load of stress was also not helping my stomach.... Today I started the day a little bloated, but it went away very quickly. M1: leftover meat and pumpkin from yesterday with a boiled beetroot and olives M2&3: chicken breast, salad and a small beetroot. In this salad I put a spring onion and now I'm bloated again. But I also ate half a banana after meal2 (don't ask why...) M4 is going to be beef, carrots and I will se what else
  6. veromama

    Day 20 and still bloated!!

    Thank you all for the reactions! Some stuff to think about... Not drinking enough might be adding to my misery. Lately I realize quite often in the evening that I barely drank that day.I need to remind myself to drink more. About the coconut oil: I have been using it already for more than 6 months and I didn't constantly get bloated in that time. But again, now I'm using more than before, so I won't rule it out. Good idea about the logging, this way I can also keep track of things myself. A little more info about my eating before I get into my menu for the day: the meals I mention are barely ever eaten in one sitting. With two small kids I often have to grab a bite here and than continue a little later. I am also trying to train myself to eat slower and chew better, I picked up some bad habits on that after my oldest was born. So here's what I ate today: M1: half a garlic&spinache omelet (2 eggs) tomato, raw baby carrots and a good handful of olives M2: the other half of the omelet (so 2 more eggs) half red bell pepper and roasted sweet potatoes, 1 apple M3: leftover duck with sweet potatoes M4: (dinner at friends) pork, chicken breast, roasted carrots, red pepper, strawberries and an apple I eat 4 meals and sometimes also a mini meal, because I am also breastfeeding. Today I added some extra starchy veggies because in the beginning of the week I ate too light and my milk was getting a little less. Today bloating started at the end of the morning until dinner. Now it's a little less, but far from being gone.
  7. Here's the short story: I am currently ending my day 20. I still end up bloated in the evenings and I am just out of ideas as for where it comes from. First I suspected bananas, so I cut them out for some days. It did go better, because I didn't get so gassy during the day, but still got it in the evening. So I thought it might be the enormous amount of salad that I'm consuming lately, that my stomach is having difficulty breaking down all those greens and raw veggies. Today no salad, but still I am bloated. I did eat apples in the afternoon and one dried apricot that I baked with my duck for dinner, but until now every time I had a stomach issue, apples were doing good for me and I don't remember having issues with apricots. So it still might be something else... I only eat a little amount of nuts, not even every day and just a handful in the evening, that also doesn't sound like my problem, but I really don't know any more... So... I know it's hard to 'diagnose' it this way, but I'm curious about your 2 cents on this. Do I need to do a stricter form of whole30? Anyone experiencing so much bloating so far in the program that resolved by itself?