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  1. audream

    October 3rd start

    I started today 10/3!
  2. audream

    Start Monday!

    Hello all, Starting round 2 of whole30 tomorrow ( tuesday ) Best of luck
  3. audream

    Raw Sugar

    Sarah, I wondered the same thing. I find that certain people who comment on here are a little harsh. When someone asks a question, can there be a simple response, a kinder tone, some humor? This forum is supposed to be for support, right? Anyway, I heard from a nutritionist that if sugar enters your bloodstream too fast, thats when its harmful. So sugar in fruit is bound to other components, and your body has to sort of pick through all of those. As opposed to raw sugar, refined sugar, goes straight to the bloodstream. I also found this article.
  4. audream

    May 5th start

    Hello everyone, today is day 17 for me. Wasn't able to find any forums similar to this one when I first started, and then ran across the link for this one today. Best of luck to you all !
  5. audream

    So much for support...

    I couldn't get any co-workers to do it with me.. One fellow teacher claims to be doing it Sunday-Thursday..
  6. audream

    After 30 Days I'm a New Woman

    Congrats, I loved that you mentioned you don't need NEED snacks, sugar, even alcohol. This weekend I've said no to rice krispie treats, oreos, birthday cake, mexican hot chocolate cupcakes, and tonight at a table for 4, 3 people shared a slice of carrot cake and I had to say no thank you. It was hard but I made the commitment and I'm going to DO IT.
  7. audream

    I'm Committed (in more ways than one!)

    I'm on Day 12 and the timeline didn't really apply to me. I was feeling great pretty consistently. I am not craving fruits as much now. The hardest part for me so far was going to a wedding shower and not being able to eat some of the gorgeous cake that seemed to be making eyes at me from the center of the room the entire day! I was a little bummed because I felt like I was depriving myself and had a little mood swing that day, but made it through. Now I'm so proud I was able to overcome that, and kept my fidelity to whole30 foods!
  8. audream

    I'm Committed (in more ways than one!)

    You can do this! I started today 4/20 and feeling great