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  1. TalMay

    The crazy things people say

    went out with co-workers for a girls night during my whole30. I prepared myself for temptation (I was only on day 3) by packing some strawberries since we were going to a movie. As they all ate popcorn, someone looked over and noticed me eating a strawberry. She inquired, so I explained very enthusiastic about my goals and program commitment. Her response, "Oh no, I feel so bad that you have to eat strawberries".
  2. TalMay

    Day 20 and still bloated!!

    My bloating lasted until about day 18 . The change in eating habits through my cycle for a loop which seemed to lengthen my bloating due to hormonal issues as well as a causative action of the whole30. Hang in there. I wanted to throw in the towel cause I was starting to get frustrated but it did actually just turn itself around. I was also drinking massive amounts of water. Not sure if this helped or hindered the bloating, but that is one thing I noticed for about two weeks.