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  1. AnnofIreland

    slimming down for rowing

    Thanks Hcross and Megan! I think adding greens is just a great idea anyway in my diet but I after a long amount of thought and contemplation I think my body is just fine here around 140. If a drop happens naturally, that's fine, but I don't see my future on the front of a Wheaties Box **shudder** anytime soon for rowing. I am passionate about the sport but I fear that this drive could take that passion too far. I think I'm just going to keep my focus on the art, the practice and the fun of rowing. Honestly, thanks for all the input.
  2. AnnofIreland

    slimming down for rowing

    Hey Laura, That would be good to give a little insight on my part! There are rowing weight classes, like in boxing/wrestling etc. To be a competitive force my coach believes that being in the lower weight class would be my best option.
  3. AnnofIreland

    slimming down for rowing

    Hello there forum, I've been doing the whole30 for 29 days and I'm loving the changes to performance, strength, speed and overall mood. One benefit I haven't really noticed is the slimming that some do. I have a strong figure with good "firm" legs. I'm by no means skinny but I've been toying with the idea of slimming down to about 125 from my current 140+. Current Diet: B: two or three eggs, approved bacon 1 slice (only occasionally) and avocado or grilled zuc L: B.A.S. with clams and perhaps a chicken drumstick or thigh with skin on (baked with coconut oil) D: Chicken thigh and drumstick with veg OR 12 oz steak OR lamb meatballs approx 4-6 oz I do have a total addiction to coconut butter and I may have two or three tablespoons throughout the day. Has anyone had experience with too much coconut butter? I chose not to eat fruit on most days, the sugars tend to set off a reaction and make me feel ill the next day and I often want to eat too much once I start. I row two days a week, crossfit 1 day a week, run one day a week, and do yoga once or twice a week. I also have an active job that keeps me on my feet all day, walking. I'd love any input from all you active, good fooders out there!
  4. AnnofIreland

    Well Fed's chocolate chili

    My favorite part is the avocado. It's such a great, cooling addition.
  5. AnnofIreland

    How long does coconut milk last?

    I've used both Thai and Native Forest brand. Neither of them seems to last past 4-5 days. It will smell and taste BAD once it's turned. That's another great reason to eat real tells you when it's too far gone.
  6. AnnofIreland

    Austin Restaurants?

    Fusaroftw: On behalf of my husband and myself, thank you.
  7. AnnofIreland

    Austin Restaurants?

    Kome for Sushi! See my review on the food and travel forum.
  8. AnnofIreland

    PMS and Carbohydrate Cravings

    Some pureed sweet potato after my sushi dinner tonight hit the spot. I couldn't ever really FEED the beast during the beginning of menstruation. Now a few spoon-fulls of sweet potatoes shuts my desire for sweets down! I have never had this experience so it's refreshing to see the desire...realize it's been sated..and move on. Thanks for the information Melissa! What a great piece of knowledge to add to my repertoire.
  9. AnnofIreland

    Nutritional yeast?

    Sounds like something that might be great on or in eggs. I don't care for a lot of cheese but maybe the hint of cheesieness would be nice.
  10. AnnofIreland

    Whole Daily was fantastic!

    I think the whole30 e-mails really keep me going! I love the e-mail in the morning, they really get me going and it's a great read to get the brain moving too!
  11. AnnofIreland

    Holy moly, didn't expect these results!!

    How lovely! On top of a great whole30 you have a bun in the oven! So much congratulations!
  12. AnnofIreland

    Wow! I did it, no cheats, no cravings, so happy:)

    Congrats! Don't worry about BMI, it's just set up for the insurance companies! You feel better, you look better and your relationship is healthy with food and THAT lets to have time to spend on the relationship with your family.
  13. AnnofIreland

    Just wow! :)

    Congrats! I've been telling all of my customers about it! It's like being an evangelical for good food!
  14. AnnofIreland

    the kind of coconut oil that doesn't smell/taste?

    Perhaps you can try the Nature's Way variety. I find it has less of a coconut flavor than the NOW brand or Artisana. Also Dr. Bronner's has a good coconut oil (two of which are unrefined) that come from different processes, I believe, and they both have a different taste. All of the oils that I just mentioned are unrefined. Hope this helps!