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  1. Thank you both! I just want to have a good line of defense! If I can make it through this particular weekend, I know I can make it the whole way through!
  2. Jo Nevares

    Started this morning in good ole Marfa, TX 8/25

    Good for you! That is so awesome that you had will power! I have to exercise my will power this weekend since I will be havin lots of company for a town festival! Wish me luck! Body changes: less bloating in the abdomen, thinner face, clearer eyes (not much red veinage, if that makes sense)! Something weird...I keep having a weird taste in my mouth...metallic...and I can't seem to quench my thirst even though I have drank nearly a gallon of water today! Stay strong!
  3. So I have family coming in for the weekend. We won't be here for every meal, but I presume at least breakfast and some snack times. What should I have on hand for them so they will see the beauty of my new lifestyle eating!? I want them to be comfortable, but I also don't want any foods in my house that might trigger my cravings! Yikes! I will be on days 5,6,7 when they arrive. Can anyone suggest some cool breakfast options? I figure I will at least have eggs, fruit, and bacon (the bacon I have has sugar so it has been in the freezer, but my guests can have it)! They are carb chip coffee cake lovers ;/
  4. Jo Nevares

    Started this morning in good ole Marfa, TX 8/25

    You too, curly! We can do it!
  5. Hello all...I have been following many components of the Palelo lifestyle for quite some time (~6 months). However, some of my Crossfit friends swear by this Whole30 plan and its results. I thought I could give it a shot since I am always up for a challenge. Since March, I have lost about 30 pounds while working out 4-5 times a week and abstaining from most non-Paleo foods, but have plateaued in recent weeks. I am 31, 5'7", and weigh about 150, but don't foresee myself getting too much lighter or thinner due to muscle mass, etc. I really just want to be super strict for a little while to see how my body responds. I have to admit that sometimes I have a glass of wine or vodka cocktail while I am out meeting new folks in Marfa (I just relocated here from Austin this summer). My choice to take on the Paleo lifestyle wasn't decided solely on my own..I have to credit my sister who introduced this way of life to me years ago (I finally started listening this year) after she discovered that she had Celiac Disease (which I probably do, too, or at least an intolerance to gluten). I also have to credit my dear friends and coaches at Crossfit Austin as a big component in getting me on the right track physically and emotionally prepared to make this lifestyle change. I had been overweight and yo-yo'd up and down for much of my teen-adult life. I ate out of emotion and seemed to never know when I was full or what my body needed to stay satisfied. I decided early on before learning about Paleo that I should avoid dairy because ice cream and cheese were big craving-triggers for me. I remember not too long ago while living in Austin I would order a large pizza and eat it ALL by myself, then run to the convenience store to buy a pint of ice cream....I ate that all, was a never ending cycle. However, since March I haven't had too many craving attacks...I will be honest and say I gave in a few times, even in recent weeks (oh, no, not to pizza or anything containing gluten, but maybe a little sundae at DQ), so I figured this would be the best time to get Whole30 started. If anyone has quick ideas for a teacher on the go, please feel free to post what you think might help. I will thoroughly read every email and tip sent by Melissa and Dallas, but if there are any extra measures I can take to be more successful, let me know! I WANT TO DECLARE THIS AS MY COMMITMENT! Cheers, and I greatly appreciate this opportunity.