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  1. Miki, couldn't believe when I read you had lost your uncle also. I am so sorry. Hugs and prayers sent your way.
  2. Lily, I am so very sorry for your loss. I will be praying for comfort and peace for you and your family.
  3. As you can see my attempt to add a picture of my amazing breakfast didn't work - Lily, your wonderful skills of attachment are a true mystery to me
  4. I had the most amazing breakfast this morning- I got the recipe from THe Best Whole 30 Recipes The Incredible, Edible Egg- I made mine with broccoli, red bell pepper, onions, mushrooms, zuchinni Also for supper I had Butterflied Chicken with Roasted Veges - From the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner recipes They were both wonderful & easy
  5. Welcome to the mayhem, Disp! You have defiantly found the right place. Lots of caring, helpful folks here.
  6. Lily, I had forgotten that white potatoes are now allowed. Thanks for the reminder. I will probably still not eat too many but the extra choice is nice to have. Miki your Cali-Rice sounds amazing! I am really trying to branch out on this Whole 30 - I got in a rut last time fixing the same things all the time and burned myself out so I am I really on the hunt for tried and true recipes.
  7. CN- Your breakfast fritatas sound yummy? How do you make them? Higs- I am going to have to try Rutabaga- I love the word "delicious" and I am in-
  8. Chigger, I am no expert -heck I called butternut squash a root vege earlier today but what you are doing sounds good. If you have "It Starts with Food" They address this on page 196 - in the Meal Planning made easy chapter.If you don't have the book some of the others can probably help you find it on the web site - I can barely find the website much less navigate it but that's another issue Hope that helps- hang in there
  9. Angie, I really enjoy butternut squash - my favorite is roasted with other root vege(beets, sweet potato, parsnips) sometimes garlic, Add salt and some coconut oil roast at 425 for about an hour - omg is it good
  10. Sorry ya'll - not sure what i did - this computer stuff and I aren't the best of friends -(guess I didn't have to tell ya'll that) Guess I don't have the copy quote thing down yet - well I will just keep trying until I get it right!
  12. Hello all - Thought I would come along for the ride - I look forward to amazing!! So good to see so many old friends (Hi, Dave, Miki, Lily, Higs, CC, Laurie) and look forward to meeting many new - I ending up doing a whole 53 last summer, and have gradually worked my way out to eating junk, I allowed the holidays to completely send me over the edge - My body is begging for good food and my heart is begging for good supportive friends - So what better place to be than right here with the Dirty 30! Got my bone broth in the crock pot, compliant bacon thawing, and headed to the grocery store. Thanks, Ann for the great picture of brussels and bacon, yum -will be adding that to the menu this week. Thanks, GrannieD for the link to the mayo recipe - I will try my hand at it for the first time. Tomorrow is the big day!!! See you there, Sadie
  13. Sadie

    Dirty 30 "Best Group on W30"

    "This is getting kind of hard so maybe we should quit" Dave that struck a cord with me this morning. Yesterday after work I was exactly there. I was tired, exhausted really, my head was pounding, I was overwhelmed, emotional and discouraged - I decided to heck with it, and I pulled into the liquor store to get stuff to make me a margarita- I had had it. As I was pulling in I decided to call my daughter cry into my soon to be glass of all this is bigger than me margarita. YUM! About 45 minutes later I left the parking lot without having entered and headed to the book store instead and left with two wonderful resources in hand- came home fixed the best supper I know how to right now and decided that I would learn more and SEEK out the answers to what my body is trying to tell me. I have to saw I feel stronger this morning. Reminds me of a quote I read one time - "I'm not telling you it's going to be easy, I'm telling you it's going to be worth it." Think I'll post that on my mirror for a few days! Smiles to all - Sadie
  14. Sadie

    Dirty 30 "Best Group on W30"

    DEB - You have been on my mind so much the last few days - I can't imagine having to be around all that wonderful food and no trying any of it and the hours oh my, I poured into bed at 9 last night exhausted. I am so happy for your energy levels! Happy Holidays! CC- thanks for your wonderful W30 experience post - and congrats! on all your wonderful positives . Had to laugh at Rick's wine glass hunt - and I have to say I am a bit jeolous - every girl should have her on personal sous chef, what fun. My husband makes a mean Hamburger Helper and His "world famous chili" (his name for it) - but I haven't had either in years - I wish I could get him interested in just trying some of the wonderful food I have been eating. Lily - You are on a roll girl, WOW. Wonderful success story. I am so very happy for you. I would have loved to see the look on your doctors face- I wish more of them would get on board of healing us thru food. Rose, Dave - have really enjoyed ya'lls pictures. As for me - I put lemon in my roasted chicken the other night - won't be doing that again any time soon - my head felt like it would explode and yesterday was reminiscent of the exhaustion felt before W30 - feeling better today - so I guess I will be staying on the W30 train for a while longer, with my low histimine and auto-immune protacols. I was so hoping to get to add a few things, but I never had a day of being completely headache free so I guess I am rushing things. I know this is the beginning of the journey for me. I will continue to SEEK out ways to live a healthy, happy life. SO glad you are all still here - you are definitely my corner stone .
  15. Sadie

    9 June Start

    You guys are all rock stars , except for naked GIJoe- he doesn't have the look of a man that would have too much personality , probably a bit hard headed as well- Miki - I would walk on by -