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  1. I gave in...

    Funny, I read the post and thought "that's me"! but it's no.... after further examination I gave in and did it deliberately. I was frustrated. I was ready to give up. I was not feeling the support I needed from my friends and family and my finally got my positive feedback from a freaking piece of electronic equipment. Yep, I searched around the house (because I specifically asked that it be hidden) and found the freaking scale. thank GAWD I got some positive feedback from it with decrease of numbers, but learning what I have I realized that the scale is not the end all. It went back in its hiding space until later
  2. I feel like you are speaking to every feeling and emoting I have been feeling for the past 16 days, I'm so tired of people telling me jow great the great they feel, how clothes are fitting better and you can just cook everything one day. i don't know what to believe anymore. I just want to weight my self and see if ther is any movement at all. maybe its all just emotions ami I need my sleep.. Ill check in tomorroe if I haven't caved already
  3. Day 11 and I have been fully compliant. I started working out on day 9 and things seemed to be going great, however I have completely lost my appetite. I could barely get an egg down this AM, a handfull of almonds for lunch, and a small hamburger with mushrooms for dinner. Is this just a passing phase? Is this just all my body needs because I have more weight to lose? Just confused and want to make sure I'm not doing something wrong and not realizing it. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. Going to Los Angeles next week...

    You will be fine. I have not gone out to eat since starting whole 30, but there are tons of 'paleo' style restaurants around. Paleo and crossfit are super trendy in LA right now so lots of places are adding good, clean food to their menus. Yelp is also a great resource. There is a Ralphs, but you can grab lots of basics and ready to go at other grocery stores in the area like Fresh and Easy, Trader Joes, and Sprouts. If I remember right, there was also a piece on the whole 9 blog about eating on the go. Don't be afraid to be specific when ordering. The wait staff here are used to LA clientele being picky with orders. Best of luck!!
  5. Starting Sept. 1 Whole 30 -- buddies?

    I swear that trick works! I had been visualizing it but this far into the game I know i needed more. I have it saved as a photo on my phone, iPad, printed out at work and hung on the fridge at home....just in case. I am such an emotional eater I really am trying to get to that place where when I am sad and frustrated or whatever, if I really need to I will grab raw broccoli (my least favorite veggie) and it only takes one bite to realize I need to deal with the emotion a different way.
  6. Day 5 - HALT this

    So I did it. Made it to day 9. I even had the dreams of food I am choosing not to eat. My sister was chasing after me with chocolate chip cookies, (but the good ones I make, not the ones she makes, bleh) and she kept saying they were approved and I should just eat them. It was like a horrible B horror flick. Anywho....I wake up from my Sunday nap and realized it was long past my normal lunch time, so no wonder my body was telling me I was hungry! The fact that I was able to say no to food in my dreams gave me a huge boost. (Silly, right? but I'll take it.) I got going on making some meals for the start of the week and had a delicious lunch. I'm not saying I expect everything to be ponies, rainbows, and unicorns, from here on out, (although that would be AWESOME!) but it may have just been the first of many second winds I needed. I hope anyone who is part of the program or even contemplating it, knows just how important theses forums are. Thanks you all again for helping me stay focused and on track.
  7. Starting Sept. 1 Whole 30 -- buddies?

    Weekends are the worst for me! My man friend is eating Baskin Robbins right now. Even when he is dieting, weekends are for cheat days. So far the forums are the only thing that have saved me so far...so thank you everyone. If you know it or not, you all on this forum, (and painting my nails every other day,) have kept me on the straight and narrow. Stay strong everyone, this is our choice. Today I chose to stay on plan. Same as yesterday and tomorrow.
  8. Starting Sept. 1 Whole 30 -- buddies?

    You are not alone at all...I wasn't really eating TOO different. I was gluten and dairy free already. Let's just say our bodies are fashionably late to the cranky party.
  9. Day 5 - HALT this

    So I am warning you all ahead of time I just need to vent it and get it all out. There will be nothing motivational unless you are joining me at my pity party and bringing paleo approved snacks. It started off this AM. I have been scale free for all 5 days now, but me <insert sarcasm font>being the patient girl I am, reading the book and other forum posts, I expected to put on my work pants today and them to be loose and baggy from all of the weight loss or puffiness gone or whatever the devil inflammation has been hanging out for the past 32 years. It should all be gone now, right? I mean I have been doing this 100% for 5 WHOLE DAYS, HELLO! Fine, then of course I have a horrible day at work. No I'm not a Dr and no, no one died, so it wasn't really the worst day ever, it just felt like those books we read when we were kids about the 'horrible, no good, very bad day'. So I think, Jamie, you are prepared for this! You have delicious meats and veggies (ok delicious meats) ready to eat and it's the first night of football. Who needs beer and pizza, "not this paleo gal'. Right up until the man friend walked in with a bag of $&@$ Baskin Robbins and a carne asada cassadilla straight off the taco truck. There is no HALT'ing that will make this all go away. Stress sucks and comfort foods is named that for a reason. So tonight, instead, I post. And give him the evil eye whenever he walks by, but 25 more days of this and none of us may make it.