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  1. Hbombdiggity71


    I dip my carrot sticks in the guac. If I make eggs, I usually dip my eggs in it too. I'm not a fan of eggs but love them when I eat them with guac.
  2. Hbombdiggity71

    Hubby had gastric bypass, I opted for this!

    Misvic, yes I have lost weight every time. I'm about 100 lbs over weight. I lost 22 lbs the first time, 8 lbs the 2nd, about another 20 during my whole100. I have since gained it all back so I'm hoping for similar success this round. I'm on day 12 and I've already noticed a huge difference in my clothes and the way I look in the mirror.
  3. Hbombdiggity71

    Hubby had gastric bypass, I opted for this!

    Hi, I think you made an excellent choice. I have a friend who has "tried" doing Whole30 but leaning more towards having gastric bypass. It's just not something I personally want to do to my body as there are so many potential complications and restrictions. I am on Day 11 and am feeling the Tiger Blood today. This my 4th official Whole30. I actually did a Whole100 in Jan 2015. Good luck to you. I hope you love the program. I sure do.
  4. Hbombdiggity71

    Restart Every Monday

    Thanks for the advice everyone. Right now I'm going to do the best I can and not beat myself up when I off road it. So basically that means eating compliant during the week and allowing myself a few indulgences on the weekends. My work out schedule demands that I eat well or else I will not be able to meet my goal of running my first 5k on June 13. I finished week 5 of C25k last night and feel really good about that accomplishment. The scale is still moving in the right direction and I just bought some new clothes that are several sizes smaller than what I have been wearing. Even though I'm not following W30 perfectly, I'm making progress and getting healthier. My endocrinologist cut my Type 2 diabetes meds in half yesterday so that's one step closer to getting off them completely. I go to my GP next week and am hoping to get off my blood pressure meds also.
  5. Hbombdiggity71

    Restart Every Monday

    MeadowLily, Yes I am completely compliant during the week. During the week it is easy for me. When I get to the weekend bad things just happen. The first week I went to a bridal shower that didn't have any compliant foods I could eat. I should have eaten before I went or taken my own snacks but I didn't and I cracked. That led to having a few cocktails later that evening because I had already fell off the wagon. The second weekend it started with a piece of cheese, then some french fries, then some beers with friends. It was more of a conscious decision the 2nd weekend but I just can't seem to stay committed this time. Every time in the past I've been able to honor my commitment regardless of the temptation. I'm back eating W30 now but know I am going to crack under the pressure again this weekend because it's a long holiday weekend and I have plans with friends to go out of town.
  6. Hbombdiggity71

    Restart Every Monday

    I successfully completed two Whole30s last year and a Whole100 from Jan 1 to Apr 10. I took about 3 weeks to eat some things I'd been missing and committed to another 30 days on May 4th. I cannot stay committed this time. I've had to restart every Monday for 2 weeks now. Any suggestions to help me stay on plan during really tempting times over the weekends?
  7. Hbombdiggity71

    Starting Whole 30 today - May 4th

    I'm starting my 4th W30 today. It's life changing. Congrats!
  8. Hbombdiggity71

    Doing Whole30 to kick Fibromyalgia's butt!!! Day 2!

    I have a friend who had fibro and would love for her to try W30. She is not open to the idea...yet. I'm going to keep working on her. I've had such great success I want everyone I know who has a bad relationship with food to try it. The friends and family that I have successfully introduced to W30 have thanked me for helping them change their lives. Be patient, it may take longer than 30 days to change your life. I've been at it for 6 months but it does get easier with every passing day.
  9. Hbombdiggity71

    The Whole30 has to work!

    It's wonderful to hear that you are healing yourself by eating Whole30. Congrats! I have lived all my adult life overweight and struggled with diets which were never successful or long term. Every diet I've ever been on they say it has to be a "change in lifestyle". Whole30 truly has changed my relationship with food. I need to have strict guidelines such as you can eat this but you can't eat that. Since August I've lost 50 lbs. I feel amazing. I've started running. I've learned how to cook amazing food that is completely W30 compliant. Now, when I eat something not Whole30 I feel anxious, sometimes sick. It's come to the point where I eat W30 about 90% of the time just so I can continue to feel fantastic. I am gearing up for another W30 starting Monday because I still need to lose another 50 lbs to be at my ultimate goal. Don't be afraid to extend your Whole30. I did a Whole100 Jan 1 to Apr 10 to really have the way of life "stick". It was way to easy to fall back into my old ways of eating after 30 days. I need a longer commitment and it really worked for me.
  10. Hbombdiggity71

    Starting today!

    Welcome. Whole30 will change your life...if you let it.
  11. Hbombdiggity71

    Doubts on my success with Whole30. Pls help!

    Don't be scared. It's 30 days. I made it through my first W30 with that thought in my head. It became easy to make it through and not have that sugar dragon calling out. I was a true sugar addict, I felt I had to have something sweet after every meal. Now, after 2 W30s and a W100 that started Jan 1, I have definitely taken control over that sugar dragon. I am feeling it start to creep back in the door though so I am aiming for another W30 starting May 4. Plus, I have a lot more weight to lose so I'm aiming to hit a goal by the middle of June.
  12. Hbombdiggity71

    Spring into May Whole 30!

    I'm going to start on the 4th. I did a Whole100 from Jan 1 to Apr 10. I've ate mostly on plan with a few off items here and there. I definitely notice a change in the way I feel when I eat off plan foods. I have a family party this Sunday so I'm going to start first thing Monday eating about 90% W30 until then. I've still got a long way to go to get a healthy relationship with food so I will probably be doing a W30 every other month or so. I've lost 50 lbs since last August only doing W30. I started running towards the end of my W100 which helped me drop some weight fast. I've never been a runner but I actually love it.
  13. Hbombdiggity71


    I had to google this. I am completely disgusted. I would not eat these even if they were compliant.
  14. Hbombdiggity71

    Starting April 7th

    That was how I got through my first 30 days...It's only 30 days. I've since done a 2nd 30 days and am currently on day 96 of a Whole 100. I'm doing a 100 days to really make this way of eating a habit/need. 30 days was great but I fell off the clean eating wagon way too quickly after reintroduction. Best of luck to you - 30 days is barely a blip on the radar screen of life.
  15. Hbombdiggity71

    How is this different for you?

    Being dairy free has been my biggest change. Not necessarily a challenge though. I used a lot of butter in cooking and on my food. I loaded everything with cheese and I usually had a big glass of milk with dinner every night. I miss it but I can live without it.