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    Hi all, just researching a Chipotle lunch for my next meal coming up in few on my Day #3. From their Special Diet information and ingredients pages, along with the carnitas, barbacoa seems to be OK: http://www.chipotle.com/en-us/menu/special_diet_information/special_diet_information.aspx It seems to states, the barbacoa is not cooked with soybean oil and its ingredients are: spicy, tender shredded beef, braised with chipotle chilies, garlic, oregano, cumin, and cloves. Anyone out there have any reason why this meat should be avoided at Chipotle? EDIT: Sorry! I only read the first page of this thread, missing page 2 and 3, when I started (new here) and now i see there is a lot of fine print on the Chipotle website that others have pointed out further along in the discussion. I guess I'll call the Chipotle's I'm thinking about going to to see if they use soybean oil... UPDATE: Just got off the phone with them. It looks like now Chipotle (at least the one near me) only uses rice bran oil (non-compliant) and sunflower oil (compliant for restaurants only). The carnitas is the only meat that only uses sunflower oil.