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  1. Hols1

    Vegetarianism/Hypoglycemia/Mood Disorders

    I have found that If I have a lot of gluten it severely depresses me. I am gluten sensitive and also have a mood disorder. My first go round on the W30 was an eye opener. I felt amazing and had a ton of energy! i think you will love it!
  2. Hols1

    Starting mon 21 September. Anybody in?

    Today was my first day and my 3rd W30. Been way off the bandwagon so expect to experience some serious suck. Sigh, oh well on my way to improved health and less of me!
  3. Hols1

    Starting July 1st

    Starting today and ugh having such a stressful day at work. This isn't my first W30 rodeo so I'll hang in there! Good luck everyone!
  4. Exactly what I was going to say. He is going to get hit hard in detox so definitely take ladyshanny's advice and give him plenty of fat, salt, starchy vegs and lots of seasoning. You seriously will have a hard time overdoing it when you use good fats. Good luck!
  5. Hols1

    Day 1 and looking for a buddy!

    Just wanted to say congrats! Being able to be around big banquets and wedding food without wanting to dive in is a huge step. I think it shows just how powerful this way of eating is. Have a great fall and winter!
  6. Hols1

    Day 1 and looking for a buddy!

    Please don't give up hope and please don't be embarrassed. We have all had mis-steps, as well as full face plants into a box doughnuts. You are in very good company! And know that any time you want to step back in and give it another try( and I hope you will) we are here to help.
  7. Hols1

    October 1 Start Date

    Hi all! I too am starting another W30 today after a month off! I did my first one in August with great success but fell back into the candy dish and wine bottle (a little) in September. I didn't gain any weight back but my sugar dragon is back in force and I feel the need for some structure which this forum offers in spades! Looking forward to getting to know you all!
  8. Hols1

    October 1 Start Date

    Welcome and great first step! Keep in mind that your digestive issues may get worse before they get better. It's all part of the healing process so please don't be discouraged. Just keep on keepin' on and post your food logs on the site so that we can help troubleshoot. Best of luck!
  9. Hols1

    Sept 15th start date

    Go girls, you can do it!
  10. Hols1

    Detoxing Memories?

    Just wait till the food dreams start!
  11. Hols1

    September 3rd Newbie!

    Ladies, Good job and congrats on making it to Day 9! Keep in mind that withdrawal symptoms may continue for a few weeks or longer if you aren't 100% compliant. Ahem, Lara Bars are pure sugar bombs! I made the mistake of eating them a few times during the first couple of weeks and it definitely delayed my healing. Plan ahead and have a snack with you that includes, protein, veggies and a fat. A hunk of chicken, some snap peas and carrots and some nuts would be perfect. Go girls!
  12. Hols1

    Day 1--September 1

    How are you all doing? Be sure to post your meals so that we can help troubleshoot!
  13. Hols1

    September 3rd Newbie!

    It's been a few days since you all have posted here. How are you doing? Remember the forum is here to help!
  14. Hols1

    Started September 1st, but concerned.

    Hi Kemeki, I haven't seen you on here for a few days. How are you doing? Remember we are here to help!
  15. Hols1

    Day 1 and looking for a buddy!

    It's all part of learning how to live this new way of taking care of yourself. Good for you for starting over!